Tips for successful Murad Acne Complex course?

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This morning I took my first dose of Murad Acne Complex, can't say it was easy getting to this point. I know I still have a long way to go to clear skin. Any words of wisdom?What are your tips and tricks to a successful course? I took my pill with a scoop of peanut butter because I didn't have time for a real breakfast, and applied moisturizer with SPF and bought Carmex to keep my lips from getting dry. Anything other things you guys think will make this whole experience easier?ThanksXoxO..

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Your question was: Tips for successful Murad Acne Complex course?.

Don't listen to this guy above me. For the short time that i've been on the Tane boards, he floods them with his negativity. I was the same as you. It took me years of reading and convincing myself to take this stuff. I now have a lot of scarring from letting my acne continue. Im through my first month now.

You will need it. Get a high SPF sunscreen if you go out in the sun. I have SPF 85. Drink a lot of water and take your pill with fish oil capsules. the Tane will absorbe better..

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Apply aquaphor a million times a day. lotion your face & body up as needed. drink a lot of water & take Murad Acne Complex with a meal, or something at least. good luck!..

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Yes dont worry. I was expecting all these big side effects to come hit me and nothing happened at all apart dry lips and skins.just make sure you always have a chap stick with you at all times. I had one in nearly every room..

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Brace yourself for the initial breakout, which can be severe. don't expect any improvement for at least two months. try to eat well and exercise. do not consume any alcohol. if you experience serious side effects, stop treatment...

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When your initial breakout hits.. don't worry cuz Murad Acne Complex never leaves your acne WORSE than before once your done the course it either improves it (90%) or doesnt have any effect (10%) so... the initial breakout really is nothing if you get one.if your really concerned about it though, just remember that at least 100 other ppl have worse initial breakouts than you ... including me, I'm on my 40th day now and I'm STILL breaking out...GL dude! (Oh and remember to apply nasal gel or neosporin or vaseline inside your nose if you start nose bleeding)..

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I didn't even get an initial breakout.My side effects were not too bad:dry lipsdry skin (nothing dramatic; plus it was worse because it was in winter)thirst for 1 - 2 weeks, around a month it itlower back pain when I lay down quicklyknee pain (not pain so much as irritation. Two months later I still have to stretch my legs if I'm sitting for a while. But it hasn't prevented me from exercising or anything)Some good advice: don't pick anything dramatically. I would say don't pick anything at all, but we all know that's pretty much impossible. If you're picking at something and it's not going anywhere, leave it. Or else the skin around it will break easily and you'll get a scab around what was just a big zit, making it worse and it will take longer to heal...

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All of these replys are great... except the first one... WATER WATER WATER!!! And yes the almighty chapstick!!! Good Idea to have one in every room!!!LOL!!! Lotion for your hands and face too.Omega 3's in fish oils are good... Apparently to take your Murad Acne Complex with fatty foods helps absorption as well. The oils will help your liver as well. Im 36 and never had the big breakout 3 months in sofar... Its all been good!!! Good luck, you can doooooo it!!!..

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