Tips for quitting smoking while on Medifast

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Hi All -.

I have been smoking on and off since my teenage years. Stopped for a long time but started again once I fell in love with another smoker. It's been about two out of the four years we have been together that I have been smoking again.

Enough is enough! Tomorrow I will be six weeks into MF. I am down almost 25lbs but more importantly I feel I have learned some tools from reading the Beck book and just hanging out here that I can apply on stopping this awful habit that will prevent me from obtaining true optimal health. I am so ready. I've enlisted a few other smokers in my quest that also are ready to quit. The date we have picked is December 25th. Another MF'er will be joining us as well soon after the new year.

By 12/25 I will be going cold turkey and reporting my progress in my blogs. So instead of just saying that I am 100% OP expect to also see me reporting 100% smoke free.

Some of the strategies that I will be applying:.

*Logging my progress along with logging my meals.

*Blogging my progress.

*Cheering others on and checking in on them.

*Reading my list of 40 reasons why I want to get healthy and adding an additional list of reasons more specific to smoking. I will carrying and post these everywhere as a reminder of the benefits of not smoking..

*Increasing my water intake everytime I feel the need to take a puff and adding the Medifast calorie burn infusers to offset any slowing of my metabolism.

*Getting my car a good detail cleaning to get the smoke smell out of it.

*Banning my other half from smoking around me or in the house.

*Advancing my cardio workouts and also getting in more spontaneous exercise if/when I get a craving to smoke..

*Not going out on smoker breaks with coworkers/encouraging walks with the other folks in my office trying to quit..

*Giving myself credit for every choice I make not to smoke.

*Idenitfying any sabotaging thoughts related to smoking.

*Identifying triggers.

*Recognizing ways to setup my environment for success and when I can't control my environment finding ways to deal with it (walk away, keeping my hands busy, doing other activities).

I am so excited to give myself this gift and looking foward to all the benefits that go along with finally saying goodbye to smoking forever. Being on Medifast has given me great stregnth and control over food. Now it is time to apply what I've learned here so when I say I am working towards true optimal health it really means something!.

If you are smoking, on Medifast, and working towards a goal of not just losing weight but becoming of healthy mind and body I encourage you to join us.. NOW! Don't make excuses that you are going to focus on your weight first because really what we are doing here isn't so much about weight as it is about getting healthy for the long term. Right? Why not leverage all these skills we are learning while they are fresh in our heads? Why not take advantage of this support community of so many positive people that can cheer us on in our efforts towards optimal health?.

If anyone else has tips or ideas that have worked for them as an ex-smoker please share them. Tell me what made you quit and what keeps you from going back. What is your list of reasons?.

I have this posted in my blog as well so forgive the duplicate message but I want to make sure I reach as many people as possible that may want to join us.

We can do this... together!..

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Good for you! You WILL do this! I did it over two years ago, and have never looked back! I didn't gain weight when I quit (I expected to ). For the first few weeks, every time I craved a smoke, I drank ice water.

My favorite tool was It is a great site full of support. It will also track your progress..

When I quit, I was spending about $50 a week on smokes. The day I quit, I vowed to put that money away for six months. After six months, I had over $1500 in the bank, and I took a fabulous 4 day vacation to Vegas with it!.

Right after I quit, a good friend was diagonosed with lung cancer. I swore to her I would never smoke again. She died this past May at the age of 49. I will NEVER smoke again...

Comment #1

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend..

Thanks for the tips. What a great idea to put that cash away for a reward. I can use it for my new wardrobe when I hit goal...

Comment #2

My cousin smoked VERY heavily and was able to quit using the e-cigarette type product with the replaceable cartridges - he used progressively smaller and smaller amounts of nicotine until now he uses flavors only without any nicotine. He keeps the e-cig and uses it because it gives him the pleasure of "smoking" without the nicotine itself. It looks very convincing and he can use it in situations where his peers are still smoking (at parties, while drinking, social settings with smoking friends, etc..). He swears by it..

I'm sorry I don't have any personal experiences to relate, but I am cheering you on and wishing you the very best! I'm glad I started and stopped smoking all in the same couple of months in 10th grade. I guess it was lucky that I was an outcast, because I quickly figured out that for me at least smoking did not improve my popularity. If I had been more popular I would have been a smoker for certain sure..

What a great gift to yourself!..

Comment #3

GOOD FOR YOU! And it is so cool you are inviting others to join you! Who may just be saving a life! You are right..this journey isn't just about losing weight but about becoming the healthiest we can be. Watching my sister die of lung cancer at the age of 54 was horrible. My heart is doing a little happy dance in her memory because you have made this awesome decision!..

Comment #4

I got the ecig from and it is amazing! Funny, but I just posted on the board about it and then scrolled down and saw your post.

This ecig is affordable and effective. I really like it...

Comment #5

I too am trying to quit. A few ladies at work have had success with I ordered one and it has worked better than I thought it would. I have cut my "real" smoking in half! The funniest thing is that you can smoke indoors and it does actually blow "smoke" which is actually just water vapor, but some of my co-workers don't know that. The look on their faces is priceless... but the thought that I might actually quit for good is even better!..

Comment #6

Good for you. My dad died of lung cancer at 59.

I have had several friends and coworkers have great success with the new drug, Chantix. It takes away the cravings and makes smoking much less pleasurable..

Good luck!..

Comment #7

Im also quitting during the Christmas Break. I will be away from work and with family for a week so stress levels will be low...

Comment #8

Chantix may have some side effects for some people. I know my SIL has used it twice with no problems but she did go back to smoking anyway. So did my dad. With the e-cig, there is no side effects. I like that...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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