Tips for Medifast pancakes

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Hi Everybody!! I am loving the pancakes!! Has anyone cooked a few packets in advance and then placed them in the freezer for later use?....Thanks!!..

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I use the original pancake pkt for make ahead waffles that I can refrigerate or freeze. I picked up an 8" round toatmaster waffle iron for $5 at a flea market that makes 2 servings using 2 pkts and just under 1/2 cup of water. Look for a waffle iron with the smaller more numerous indents - the larger ones press out the batter too much and tend to overcook. My daughter likes the chocolate chip but it doesn't make as good a waffle. So I mix 1 pkt of choc. chip with one pkt of original and one pkt of splenda to make hers. She uses a dollop of spray whipped topping instead of SF syrup and loves them for breakfast...

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I LOVE my choc chip waffles! I use 1/4 c water (instead of 1/2 c) and make one big waffle in my waffle iron (probably a 6 inch circle)..

I use 1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese and fold it in half and eat it. You can make and freeze ahead of time and I like the crunchy texture better than the pancakes. It's my new fave. I make it every day. I've tried it with SF syrup too, but the LC cheese is my favorite way...

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I've been wondering this myself, so today I made some pancakes in the morning, and microwaved them for lunch.. not quite as good as fresh, but still pretty darn good...

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Thanks for the review Traveljunkie. I was wondering how the taste would be...

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Make the pancakes as a muffin. You can freeze them too. Very Good..

Chocolate- Chocolate Chip Muffin....

This morning I wanted something different. I took Chocolate Chip Pancake,.

Added 1 tablespoon of WF Chocolate syrup, 2 Tablespoon of water and.

Microwaved it for 1 minute. It was light and fluffy. Very Good You can use only water also...

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I made the batter last night and cooked it into one pancake (not 3 small ones). I put it in the fridge and this morning put it in the toaster over. Awesome! I think if you put it in the freezer you can have the same results, but I assume they'll keep in the fridge for a bit (for instance, make 7 pancakes on the weekend, eat one, refrigerate the other 6, then you have pancakes for a week with no more effort than a PopTart)...

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