Tips for Keeping Kosher on Medifast ?

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Would love to start a support group for each other here...

Let me know.

All the best,.


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Hi Jack Sprat,.

I would love to exchange best practices when it comes to the holidays& shabbos.

Also did you know that The pretzels are parve ingredients????.

Lets be in touch.


Comment #1

The Dr. was funny - my mom & I are doing this together and we went for our appointment together - when he told us that he sends a variety pack to his patients so they can initially sample everything - I asked if he knew if there was any pork or shellfish and told him that we could not have pork or shellfish in our home - so - like most people - he asked if we had allergies - now usually, I just say yes and that is the end of that, but I forgot it was a DR I was talking to and he got all uppity that I had not disclosed allergies to him - so just as I was explaining to him that we are Jewish and don't eat pork or shellfish my mother blurts out that I can just give whatever I don't want to her. Turns out, he must also be Jewish because he said "Oh I am sure the Rabbi would NOT be happy with you if he heard that!" LOL!..

Comment #2

Hi Shari,.

I have been on Medifast for 7 weeks, and am kosher/observant. I did not know that about the pretzels actually, thanks! I was just searching on the boards to see if there were any special groups and found your link. With regards to experience with holidays, I was invited for a meal on Shavuos and had to bring my own tuna because it was dairy, pasta, carbs etc! Not too bad though, I had salad too.

Good luck and be well!..

Comment #3

Yesterday the school had a special event at 12:30 with the kids - last week of school - so lots of special things this week. We are not allowed to bring anything not kosher into the school. So, I was very glad I was able to bring my Medifast pretzels with me as my meal/snack. Since it was after the kids lunch time - they served cookies & pretzels anyway as snack. So it kind of fit right in!..

Comment #4

I'm in....just got my food today. Tomorrow is day one!!! JackSpratsWife.....the "allergy" thing made me smile!!!..

Comment #5

I was surprised that one of the other moms at school commented that I looked like I had lost some weight. I mean - 12 pounds? - I didn't think at my size it would be noticed - like a drop in the bucket...

Comment #6

Shavua Tov to all. I just had my second Shabbos on Medifast and it does present problems but not insurmountabe. My Friday night seudah and Shabbos lunch seudah are my L&G's. Eating meat for Shabbos lunch is a bit difficult since very few of the Medifast meals are parve. So on my first Shabbos I made one of the oatmeals on Friday, stuck it in the fridge, and warmed it up on Sat.afternoon. I wait 5 hours and it passed pretty quickly so I had a regular parve Medifast meal.

Well, I'm hoping to keep at this because I lost 10 pounds my first week and I can't wait for my Monday. Would like to hear more about other people's experiences...

Comment #7

I have been avoiding the Friday night challah and wine/grape juice since joining MF. We recently recvd invitation to a Rabbi's house for shabbat. Wondering if it will offend them if I refrain? I could probably have a small nibble of challah and just a lick of the wine. What would you do?..

Comment #8

I am sure the Rabbi would understand. I would avoid ALL nibbles and licks at ALL costs. This Medifast plan is wonderful but you need to be 100% committed and accountable to succeed. What means more to you at this time, the nibble or the weight loss? Why risk it...

Comment #9

Caryn, your weight loss start and goal are so similar! You look amazing.

The nibble is meaningless to me - what means more to me is NOT offending the host & hostess - especially since he is a Rabbi and I know the wife will probably bake fresh challah and I would hate to offend her or him since this is our first meeting and they are showing hospitality. I know they will probably understand - I always do when people have special dietary needs.

I just worry over everything - you know how Jewish guilt is!..

Comment #10

Lol, Do I Ever! I am the Queen of JG. Good luck whatever you decide...

Comment #11

I have been doing essentially the same thing at home - I asked one of my boys do make kiddush and motzi and I had a sip/nibble as you did. If I were at anyone else's house I would do the same. If you feel you must explain yourself then do so although I don't think that's really necessary. In my case, I feel that the Torah's commandment to safeguard our bodies and be physically healthy overrides the "kazayis" requirement. (that's my personal opinion and not a halachic one)..

Best of luck !..

Comment #12

Well, this is going to be true in any social situation, whether a Shabbos meal at the Rabbi's or a backyard barbecue at your relative's house or a wedding. In all cases, a gracious host would understand completely and not be offended. Begone with the "JG" !!..

Comment #13

Agree 100%. And by the way, your photos are amazing! WOW!..

Comment #14

Shavua TOv!.

WOW, So sorry, had not checked this recently & All of a sudden sooo many messages!.


I am an Ima of 6, & finally lost all my extra baby pounds & then some...

I went from a size 14-16 to a size 6-8, and get to wear my teenage daughters clothing..

Many pp from my shul have noticed and have joined..Most of them have lost or are losing...

I am soo happy to hook up with other kosher MediFasters.. & would love to start a separate blog or yahoo group....

I felt like I was the only one out here...

Since next week is The 9 days, how do you all plan on dealing with not having any meat meals for dinner next week?.

I hope to serve different types of fish a few nights, vegetable quiche one night with a combo of egg whites & egg beaters, scallions etc, and then a shepherds pie with vegetarian meat one night.

JackSprat. You wont offend the Rabbi..just take a nibble but I am sure if you would explain it ahead of time to them they would appreciate it..My daughter & I make fresh challah every week here, so now theres more leftovers because we arent eating it all up anymore...

Cb How's it goin so far?.

GottIm, If you I have an email from the OU Rabbi/Medifast liason that the both pretzels have only PARVE ingredients!!!!!!.

This is a big thing..Because it can be your meal replacement Shabbos afternoon till you can eat a dairy meal replacement...

Also instead of having reheated oatmeal, you could have taken the (Apple Cinammon-the only parve oatmeal) and made it into a mezonos muffin using a medifast recipe...

I have googled & found many recipes this way....

I first started doing this last summer before they came out with the pretzels I always made fish lunch for myself for Shabbos lunch..With the heat n all, I certainly didnt mind having fish.or (I'd have a veggie burger if I didnt have time to make anything for myself..).

As far as Challah etc. I have a sip of wine or water down the grape juice..

& I only eat a Kazayis of Challah. Hlaf piece etc.

At this point, if invited out, most people ask me what would I eat, because they know my name is synonmous with healthy eating..

I'm fine with the salad & a protein, but if they serve green beans I'm fine too...

My husband has also done the program & lost weight even with eating the challah, wine etc.

I know someone who eats one less meal replacement on Shabbos because of the challah...

So since the big Convention this weekend, they announced that the new products of the year will be pancakes which are not kosher..But there will also be ice cream which I havent heard if it's kosher or not yet..So I'm hoping..

I also would love to gather a group of kosher medifasters to put more pressure on Medifast R&D to come up with more kosher options...Who's with me?.

How are you all doing the program? Via a weight loss center? direct from or other?.

Curious here..Also where is everyone located?.

I am in CA...

All the best.

Lookin fwd to hearing from y ou all soon,.


Comment #15

Hi Shari nice to chat with you and our our other Kosher MOT's!.

I'm not a real big meat-eater, I have been cutting down on meat, including Shabbos, even before MF, because I have both high cholesterol and high triglycerides. (especially red meat). The biggest difficulty is competing with my wife for the kitchen on Fridays! I have always liked to cook so now I'm making a lot more of my own meals. This past Shabbos I made baked tofu for Fri.night and baked tilapia for Shabbos lunch. So the nine days won't be much of a problem. Fish, tofu, veggie-burgers (I LOVE!), I will def miss the pasta though!.

BTW the Blueberry oatmeal is pareve too. Good thing because it's probably my favorite Medifast food. I made a weird "vanilla brownie" for dessert, weird because the recipe said to use a vanilla shake and I grabbed a packet of vanilla pudding by mistake. Ha! But it actuall wasn't too bad.

I was at my Dr. for a checkup in May and there was a poster on his wall advertising that there would be a Medifast seminar given in their office. So I discussed it with him and he said they checked out the program , it's healthy and effective, etc... I went to the seminar and then thought long and hard about whether I would actually be able to so it. So I went for it - I laid out what I thought a normal day's eating would be like - and then ordered the stuff accordingly. Direct from MF..

I live in Fair Lawn, NJ - have lived here for 25+ years and raised three great kids.

If anyone in this thread is also on Facebook, I think that is a much easier way to connect with each other. We could easily create a "kosher medifasters" group and have our own discussion boards, etc. Let me know !.


Comment #16


The Medifast Pancakes Original is kosher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I'm so psyched! & excited...There is another flavor that has chocolate chips that says non kosher, but still, you can have the plain with a Walden Farms or other sugar free syrup!!!!!!!.

The ice cream says non kosher .;(..

Comment #17

Hi Mike,.

Yes I make a tofu stir fry with lotsa veggies too, only difference is that we ALL eat it...

Even my 2 high school boarders! They like it too! Okay except for my 7yr old...

Makes it a lot easier if we all can eat the same food...

I would make tofu for Fri night, but I really look forward to having my chicken soup & Chicken for my Friday night meal, and leave the tofu for weeknights...

I have started a facebook group already, but didnt write the name Medifast down with it, since I'm not sure if we have to ask permission to use their name etc, since they already have their own Medifast Facebook Group. I can check with compliance tomorrow on that..since they're very picky when it comes to using their name on something...

You're right about the Blueberry, & I think I knew about the Blueberry & see it on the OU PDF, but didn't even think to mention it, since most pp don't like it at all. Glad to hear that someone doesMaybe I should try it again...

Does your Doctor's office offer you any coaching?.

Chodesh Tov,.


Comment #18

Hi - I keep kosher too, but maybe more like JackSpratsWife. I'm glad at least one of the new foods is certified. I didn't get any responses when I was getting through Shavuot without eating any of the cheesecake and blintzes that were being offered contantly - and I even did some of the food prep (a blintze souffle) for the Tikkun Leyl refreshments! Nice to know these are some other kosher MFers out there!..

Comment #19

Some of you are more experienced - Do you know what the guidelines are for fasting while on MF? I am seeing my doctor who put me on Medifast this Friday and he is also Jewish, so he may also have some insight. Since this is a medical program, I am uncertain if I should stay on just liquids for the day (avoid the foods - just shakes)? I know I can ask the nutrition board, but thought I would ask you, first since some of you have been doing this long enough. I don't want to fall into starvation mode and fall out of ketosis. This means a LOT to me! What have you guys done to keep the Medifast ketosis state going? Do you know if there is any risk to falling out of ketosis for 1 fasting day?..

Comment #20

Btw - I saw a mention to an OU/Medifast liason a little way back on this thread. I wrote just to Medifast in general ("contact us" on their website) asking about plans to get other new products certified. What's the contact info for the OU liason? I would happily write to that person as well!.

[b]caryng[b] - your before and after pictures are truly inspiring!..

Comment #21

JackSprats Wife.

I have fasted for Tisha Bav last year, Yom Kippur, & any of the other fasts...

& I have already contacted Nutrition Support on this...

& I just finished sending out emails to all my clients too...

(I'm a Health Coach etc).

You should definitely have a few more meal replacements, and/or more Protein Erev Tisha B'av, & definitely MORE WATER..

& Then Post Tisha B'AV, the same.. you should also have more protein & or meal replacements & PLENTY OF WATER to make up for the lack of eating during the daytime.

I dont think I got out of ketosis from this. If anything I think my weight loss increased...

Last Yom Kippur, I did a Mock Shokshuka with the Medifast tomato soup, tomatoes & egg whites, egg beaters,eggs etc. & this was light & filling at the same time...

Louise, I can give you the OU Liason's contact info, however they don't seem to be so interested in Medifast getting more kosher products.. They just get the list of ingredients from Medifast & tell them if it's kosher or not...

We need to let Medifast Corporate-R&D..know, we need more kosher products!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

BTW was just wondering if it made it easier if we just make up our own blog outside of this board or a yahoo or google group between us & anyone else we could introduce it too..

This way I can email you the OU PDF's saying exactly whats kosher etc.

I used to belong to a Jewish Weight Watchers group etc.

What do y'all think?.

I would love to unite all Kosher Medifasters!.

All the best,.



Comment #22

It is so nice to see all these MOT friends here. Yesterday was my one year Anniversary since I started Medifast. I have made it through every holiday ONCE!!! We really should start a Jewish group in the teams and special groups sections!!..

Comment #23

When I was looking for support on Shavuot I wrote in the Clubhouse section, but didn't get any response. Frankly, I did not think to look in the Special Conditions section because I thought that was about special medical needs. Loseweightima sent me a PM because she saw my post on a general thread about the pancakes being kosher - glad to be here and Thank You Shari...

Comment #24

I tend to think the club house is more appropriate for a Jewish Medifast group & there is already a thread I was following which some of you have posted to:.

I think Kosher Medifast group is best located under special conditions..


Comment #25

Just a section of the many Medifast forums - towards the bottom I think. Looks like kind of a special interest or special group of people with similar interests or goals kind of thing...

Comment #26

"If anyone in this thread is also on Facebook, I think that is a much easier way to connect with each other. We could easily create a "kosher medifasters" group and have our own discussion boards, etc. Let me know ! ".

Mike..regarding a Facebook Kosher Medifasters Group... I contacted the Medifast Facebook Group & someone from the Corporate PR emailed me I'm in the process of getting a trademark request form for me to complete. So it should be all ethical, legal & better that we have their permission...


Comment #27

I am not on Facebook (and have no plans to be). I would enjoy having a Jewish thread on the boards and I also think that the Clubhouse is the place. I would like to see a Jewish interest thread that starts fresh every month. Anyone else?..

Comment #28

So have determined with Medifast that the chocolate chips are the offending ingredient in the choc chip pancakes and the brownies. They told me the comments have been passed along and to watch the website for any changes. Not too optimistic, but one can hope...

Comment #29

Like most places - I don't know that we have enough Jews to make a minyan much less a Clubhouse group & start a new thread every month - LOL! BUT - I totally agree - If a more experienced Jewish Medifast could take the reins and start a thread every month - I hate scrolling through hundreds of posts & pages to get the info. I need.

Would love to know what could possibly be in the chocolate chips that makes them NOT kosher enough to approve...

Comment #30

I hate to say this, but I have not really told any one beyond my family & BFF that I am doing MF. I would be very embarassed for my friends, acquaintances, distant family or business associates to find out about my weight. FB is very unreliable for privacy. I only signed on because our family is so spread out all over the globe and we share pix and family news. BUT so many people have FOUND me - old school mates, parents of my daughters friends, neighbors... I would find it very uncomfortable.

There is a certain degree of anonymity. I don't know any one here on the Medifast boards... or if I do - well, obviously they are here for the same reason I am, so nothing to be embarassed about (other than my real weight which I would just die of mortification if any one I actually KNEW should find out....of course!)..

Comment #31

Good points,I agree that the Medifast boards are a safe haven. You gave me an idea for our thread name - how about: Do we have a minyan yet?..

Comment #32

I can't imagine why it would be any different than fasting when NOT on MF.

I don't think one day of fasting would have much of an effect on metabolism (starving effect), or ketosis (no carbs anyway) or anything else..

I agree, again just like always, eat a little more the day before and a little more after. I rarely eat that much after Tisha B'av anyway because it ends so late and I have lots of problems when I eat late meals.

So all in all, not much of an issue, IMO...

Comment #33

LouiseK, I would tend to think that I would agree with you & will ask the Medifast OU Rabbi Liason with regards to this..We need to exert more pressure on him since he's all we've got from the OU side for now..

His email is: or Rabbi Zvi Goodman.

For now as far as Kashrut is concerned..on the Medifast side maybe we can also email: Sean Hunt.

I had been in touch with him at one time when the Calorie Burner Cappucinos did not bear an OU on their boxes. & only had it on their packets...

He is Rabbi Goodmans inside contact at Medifast..

I also have the email (somewhere) for the woman from Corporate R&D there to contact (which I got from Dr. Anderson, the Medical Director for Medifast & Co Founder for Take Shape for Life).. and my husband, a Rabbi who has done the program explained to them about the laws of Kashrut etc & he asked if they could come up with more kosher products & ones that are non-dairy too!.

We also voiced our opinion to Dr. Anderson with regards to this when we met him here a few months ago.. & he said to get in touch with R&D on this issue...

JackSpratswife: I can understand what youre saying, It is very safe & private here, but just wanted to say that there is a way to make a group secret & private & only open to certain pp on Facebook too..& then we wouldnt need to scroll through like we have to here...

When you refer to this below, do you mean someone who's experienced in Medifast or discussion threads? or both? Do you mean just starting a new topic every so often?.

If a more experienced Jewish Medifast could take the reins and start a thread every month - I hate scrolling through hundreds of posts & pages to get the info. I need...

Comment #34

I noticed a few groups restart every month - which makes it SO MUCH easier to dialogue and keep up. Even after a few days or half way into the month you have to scroll through so many pages. Some threads have HUNDREDS of pages. So, I think a group name in the Clubhouse is a great idea and maybe restarting a new version every few months. I think we would have to decide when it gets too cumbersome to scroll through to keep up...

Comment #35

I just found this thread. The other jewish Medifast thread is only active around holidays..

Ima, if you subscribe to this thread, you don't have to scroll to see if it's been updated - you'll get an email that lets you know someone has responded. You click thread tools and then subscribe to thread. That's all..

I was quite relieved to see that at least the plain pancakes were kosher. Haven't got them yet but maybe in 2 weeks when I place an order I'll add some...

Comment #36



Thats funny I had just found that same button that says "Subscribe to thread".

I am also eagerly awaiting pancakes!!!!.

Also in case anyone didn't know..the Pretzels..both the Cinammon & Honey Mustard have no dairy ingredients & are only Pareve ingredients...

Comment #37

Hi Everyone!.

Question for y'all. Is is necessary to have challah on shabbos? Does this apply to shalashudis too?.

Also: I currently work at the OU, so if you guys think it would be beneficial I can see if I can get a meeting with Rabbi Goodman to discuss what sway he has on new Medifast products..


Oh ya.. yay for pancakes!..

Comment #38

So, nu? Anyone have any ideas to name our thread when we move to the Clubhouse board? Some think that "Do we have minyan yet?" may cast too narrow a net..

Thank you...

Comment #39

Hi SneakySteph!.


That is amazing News!!.

Your prescence can make a big difference to get more Medifast products to become kosher or make more Parve Products!!!!.

I've spoken with him a few times. Rabbi G. says they send him the list of ingredients & he tells them kosher or not kosher. We need him to tell them if there is an alternative ingredient that can be substituted to make a non kosher product kosher..See if you can influence him at all..

I eat a Kazayis challah to be yotzay -half piece...

I know someone who eats a whole piece, & then foregoes one of her meal replacements for this, but since they say that your body can get out of the fat burning mode with just one piece of bread, I would think that this isn't the best idea. Still she is losing lbs!.

I also know of a Rabbi's wife who doesn't eat Challah & may feel that she's Yotzay with the wine...

While there is plenty of good & even mystical reasons to have challah at Shalushudos, it's in the same category as when you are at the Friday night table or Shabbos lunch...

As I'm sure each of us have a different set of circumstances the decision may be different based upon your personal situation (ie if you have a medical condition that warrants losing weight asap etc).

Really the best thing for you to do is consult with your Rabbi...

Hope this helps,.


~Dream ~Believe, ~Achieve!..

Comment #40

I LOVE having a cute name - like "MediFast Minyan" - BUT - think our name should be as obvious as possible (not too many people may know a minyan from a coffee talk). So, we would want to think about the focus of our group.

Having a kashrut thread is ideal for staying up to date under the special needs groups and then under clubhouse having a thread open to all Jewish members is ideal.

For me as a new member - when I do a search I use a single key words such as "kosher" or "Jewish". We want to be found. So, using a simple name "Kosher Info. & Updates" for the one thread and "Jewish & MF" on the Clubhouse may make us easier to find...

Comment #41

My preference I think is for one thread for all of it but this thread is already here and it looks like it is catching on. The only reason I want to move it to the Clubhouse is because I never would have looked on this general board as it is for people with special health conditions. I only found it because loseweightima sent me a PM after seeing a post of mine on another board. Not sure what we should do but maybe for that reason we should have a Clubhouse thread also, as JackSpratsWife suggests. just don't know kknow if we can keep two going!.

Losewightima - I like your new picture.

Traveljunkie - I agree with loseweightima. It would be great to have an inside connection. From the reviews I have been reading I don't really care much about the Soft Serve, but others may. My own first interest would be about the chocolate chips. Would [i]love[i] to see the choc chip pancakes and the brownies get certified..

On that note, my order just came and I am about to try the pancakes for breakfast. I hope they are at least as good as the oatmeal ones I usually make...

Comment #42

I'm fine with just keeping this thread going, too. We do have a small group!..

Comment #43

I'm having trouble with my reply and I wrote a whole long thing and now it's gone.

Basically, I think one thread is enough. People are always lurking and if they feel comfortable enough to join in, they will..

LouiseK, let us know how the pancakes are. I could never make good oatmeal pancakes and gave up on those and oatmeal muffins. I now make these 'cookies' (which are more like muffin tops) and I have them most days as a meal. It take 2 packs oatmeal and 2 vanilla shakes so it makes 4 meals but it is by far the best Medifast recipe I have come across...

Comment #44

Thanks Louise, please do tell us how the pancakes are???? I'm so dying to have one already...

I'm hopin to get mine next week. I'm on the West Coast & it takes us about a week to get stuff out here, only waiting on their new distribution center to start distributing, but they said they wont be sending out any bars from there cuz they'll melt ..haha...

Just got an email back from the Rabbi at the OU asking him what ingredient renders the brownies non kosher & he said Ask Medifast!.. I emailed that guy too..See what I mean? They're not very helpful!!!!!!! Hopefully our "Travel Junkie" inside contact can put pressure on Rabbi G there.. Maybe give him a bar? ...

In the meantime I will try to get the email of the R&D gal at Medifast & we should all write letters to her to apply internal pressure on the kosher front....

Lets try to get as many Jewish pp here as we can for this cause!!.

We could even just make up a form letter they can forward....

Does anyone else think that this is a good idea here??.

Maybe the name Medifast Minyan would be good for a Jewish mens group? : ) What do you think?.

I like the name Kosher Medifasters that someone came up with before.. or Kosher & Medifasting.. Kosher & Healthy.

Its funny how all of a sudden more & more pp are joining this thread.....

Can't wait to have my chicken tonight, even though it's been enjoyable having meatless options all week...

Shabbat Shalom to all...


Comment #45

Okay - I thought the pancakes were pretty good. They don't have that "special" taste the oatmeal pancakes have. Tomorrow I'm going to try making one big pancake instead of 3 small ones and see how that goes..

Grace - I also make something with shakes and oatmeal. I don't make it as often now that there are more grab-and-go foods available but here's my banana cake if you want to want to try something different:.

Banana Cake.

2 banana shakes.

2 maple & brown sugar oatmeal.

1-1/2 tsp baking powder.

1 tsp vanilla (if you have banana extract could replace some of the vanilla with that).

1/2 C water.

1/4 C egg beaters.

1/4 C SF DaVinci caramel syrup.

Some cinnamon.

I mix all the dry ingredients together then add everything else..

Bake in sprayed 8" square pan in 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes..

Let cool. Cut into 4 squares. For a change in texture, can be toasted...

Comment #46

LouiseK, your recipe sounds very similar to mine. I bake mine on a cookie sheet lined with baking parchment and instead of sf syrup, I use 4 tbl splenda and 1 cup of water. I make 12 'cookies' so 3 are a meal. I scoop them with a cookie scoop so they are more or less the same size. I'll try your recipe next week..

Glad to hear that the pancakes don't have the special aftertaste. That is an issue with many of the foods. I couldn't eat the COT as first and still can't eat it straight. I make it into 'bread' with eggbeaters. and then split it and toast it with some shredded cheese. Good option for during the 9 days...

Comment #47

I think a group for all Jewish MFers weather Kosher or not would be a great thing...

Comment #48

Marni, I tend to agree with you but kosher mfers have different issues from the rest of the crowd just as vegetarian mfers do. We're limited in what types of OP foods and even Medifast foods we can eat so the nature of the thread will probably be along the lines of getting help and support within kosher guidelines. Everyone is welcome to join in but by referring to it as a kosher thread, it might help a kosher newbie find extra support..

By the way, you look fantastic! I guess you're done with transition now and just on maintenance. You are a poster girl for success...

Comment #49

I made one large pancake and I also tried 3 small ones. All good, but not as fluffy as the picture on the box. I have seen this comment from others and will experiment with slightly less water. I will also try someone's idea about nuking to make a muffin - the thread I read about that was with the pancakes that have the "forbidden" choc chips, but it sounds like an interesting idea with the plain mix also. Will report back. (oh dear - just had a fleeting fantasy about adding, ahem, raisins)..

I am very anxious to keep this thread going because I love having a group with these common interersts and we can also just schmooze. I have been enjoying everyone's comments - I just don't think we should be on a special health conditions board!.

Whatever and wherever, I see that the word "minyan" can't be part of the thread title. This word does not connote a group of men to me and I see it would not imply a mixed group to others. My synagogoue is egalitarian - I often chant the haftarah, have read torah several times, etc. This weekend I am studying Eicha - will be chanting chapter 4..

I would be happy to participate in any kind of campaign to get more Medifast food certified..

Shevua Tov...

Comment #50

Shavua Tov,.

Sorry when I started this Thread, I actually posted it in more than 1 location but this is the only one that took off...

It might pay to move it so to speak to the Clubhouse as you say..

We can certainly start anytime anyone wants to, but lets all keep up since we have something good goin here!!!!!.

LouiseK do you think that if adding some baking powder to the pancakes it would make them fluffier? I experimented with the peach oatmeal & baking powder, egg whites sweetner & it tasted like a pancake too! & was fluffy!!.

(BTW way back when I was like 18yrs old, I took part of a womens minyan & got Hagbah!. Ouch my arm still hurts from that..It was on Simchas Torah time the scroll was mostly rolled onto one side & I had someone helping me etc.

Totally off the subject I made a great spinach mushroom salad as part of lunch today...

& my family last night wasnt used to eating sliced turkey & asked if I could weigh the portions before Shabbos!! So they wouldnt eat too much!!! HAHA....

(Have some older kids trying out the program etc)..

Comment #51

BTW I'd hate to see us having to split up, but I'd be happy to start the kosher thread as this was my original posting..

If anyone wants to do a General Jewish thread then so be it.....

Comment #52

Ima, why don't you post the link to the thread that's in the Clubhouse?..

Comment #53


I just saw this thread and am excited to be here! I've been on Medifast for 2 and a half years and have kept off 25 pounds of the 35 pounds that I originally lost. I have deviated from sticking to the plan strictly over the last 6 months and am trying to get myself to get all the way on the program again. Just reading all of your posts and seeing your inspirational pictures has been very motivating for me..

I too have been eating only dairy food for the nine days and am preparing to fast on Tuesday. I'm excited to find kindred spirits here and hope to participate ino our new and unique community!..

Comment #54

Welcome Sae!.

You don't need to eat dairy foods only. You can eat vegetarian meat options, vegetable quiche, fish etc...

One thing for sure for everyone to know...

I used to think that eating carbs was the best thing to do before a fast..& I found out (from Nutrition Support) that eating more protein is better!!!!!!!!!!.

Eat a more protein tha nyou normally would tomorrow before the Fast commences...

It can be meal replacements or solid protein...

Eat more before & after the Fast!.

You need to make up for the protein you aren't going to go on Tuesday...

BUt don't overdo it either!.

& Make sure you get plenty of water as well...

Best wishes for an easy & meaningful Fast....

Comment #55

If anyone is interested in starting a new Thread: Kosher Medifasters in the Clubhouse..Here is a link to it...

Maybe we can discuss best strategies for pre & post Tisha Bav......



Comment #56

For those of you who are fasting,.

What did you have for the meal before the Seudah Mafseket?.

I made a vegetable quiche with egg whites & scallions, a tuna casserole with the tofu noodles, stiry fry with the Ives chicken strips & a salad...

& Drank a ton of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I hope I receive my pancakes so that I can break my fast on them!!!!!!!..

Comment #57

Got my shipment today in time to break the fast with the PANCAKES...doin the pancake dance here with syrup..They were Delish! Much better than trying to make em out of the oatmeal. Added some xtra baking Powder to make em fluffier & a dash of cinammon...

& Before I ate today, the scale says I lost like 2.8lbs!!!!!!!(in like a week & 2days).

I thought I ate sooo much last night before the fast. Well I wrote what I ate last post...& I had the gallon of water right next to me, & nearly downed it last night...

So who knows if it's from eatin more of the RIGHT proteins, & drinking a lot of water or fasting today?.

Has anyone else experienced more of a weight loss due to the Fast here????.

~Doin the pancake dance~.



Comment #58

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!YEs JackSpratsWife.


I love seeing the scale go to #s I've never seen before!!!.

Its such a sense of accomplishment isnt it????????????.


Comment #59

I guess it happened in honor of the holiday, LOL!.

10% - for me now - is like a dream come true. Dieting is such a yo-yo emotionally when you are weighing yourself. It is so much easier to rely on how clothes fit and energy levels. The scale is so depressing... yet now I am kind of obsessed with fighting it! I have to beat it!..

Comment #60

Hi everyone,.

I am glad to see that this thread here and it is so supportive, just want to remind you of the "Re Jewish MFers out there" thread.. would love more company!.

Fabulous job JackSpratsWife!.

I'm constantly trying to do the diet to the best of my ability and always when there are questions I do more vegetarian and fish.

I agree that the scale can be very depressing.. so many times I'll judge my progress by how my rings, and clothes fit. It's nice to shrink out of things!..

Comment #61

Congrats !.

The water does help.. and yes the protein is a great facilitator..

Comment #62

Didnt see that thread..when I was lookin initially...

We tried to do another one but this one has seemed to have taken off....

Where do you live Amy?.


Comment #63

Hi Shari,.

I am in the east, from Boston area, now living in NH, but we will be moving to So. Maine with my father, (mom died last year, and my sons are starting on their own lives, apartments, colleges, careers...he needs more assistance now. Where are you from?.

I had lost 64 pounds in 6 months, when my mother passed on I started the old cylcle of unhealty eating and gained back alot. I had weeks of being 100% and then slipping down the wrong path..back to weeks of totally on program.. and I need to start again or as the song goes .. gain control again...

Comment #64

Hi Amy,.

You will gain control again!!.

I got off the wagon for a bit & gained bout 6-7lbs but I started feeling sluggish, my clothes started getting tight, & I said to myself. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!.

So after that I tried getting back on & kept messin up, but I finally got the willpower to say no to the cake in the freezer!!!!!.

So since that time I've lost 13.2. So I've lost with a Vengeance..

Altogether with back n forth, I've lost close to 50lbs! Down from a size 14-16 to a size 6-8!.

I think I weighed this much when I was 16!.

You will get back on track. Just make it your focus! That you will not accept anything else less for yourself because you deserve the best & to get healthy again.....

I am originally from NY-Queens, but am the Smart NYer that moved to Sunny CA about 20yrs ago! ( at least my husband convinced me to then, now I cant imagine I lived there?).

My community has noticed my weight loss & every week I get comments, & more pp sign up to do it, even the skeptics.

I feel like our family has made major changes in the way we eat & we're now known as the Healthy Family in our hood.....

You will overcome it & make it happen!!!!!!!.


Comment #65

Saw this & thought it cute to repost...

Do we have any Jewish/Kosher ones?.

Commonly Used Acronyms.

By Medifast Message Board.

Posters and Bloggers.

Acronym/Phrase -Meaning.

TOM - Time of the Month (for a female).

DH - Dear/Darn Husband.

DW - Dear/Darn Wife.

DS - Dear/Darn Son.

DD - Dear/Darn Daughter.

SIL - Sister-in-Law.

BIL -Brother-in-Law.

MIL - Mother-in-Law.

FIL - Father-in-Law.

SW - Starting Weight.

CW - Current Weight.

GW - Goal Weight.

Twoterville - Being in the 200s weight range.

Onderland - Being in the 100s weight range.

NS - Nutrition Support.

SF -Sugar Free.

FF - Fat Free.

LF - Low Fat.

LC - Laughing Cow Cheese.

WF - Walden Farms.

PB2 - Powdered Peanut Butter.

ROFLOLPIMP - Rolling on Floor, Laughing out Loud, Peeing in my Pants.

FWIW - For What Its Worth.

JK - Just Kidding.

WYSISWYG - What You See Is What You Get.

BRB - Be Right Back.

BTW - By the Way.

TTFN - Ta Ta for Now.

ETA - Edited to Add.

TOS - Terms of Service.

PPL - People.

MFD - Medifast Dash (to the bathroom).

ITA - I totally Agree.

IMHO - In My Honest Opnion.

RTD - Ready to Drink.

MB - Magic Bullet Blender.

BLT - Bites, Licks, & Tastes.

OP - On-Program, Off-Program (depends on context).

MT -Mommy Tax - Similar to BLT's, however, it is only performed on unknowing children who have not yet started their meal, or are about to finish a meal and their is food on their plate's.

WTH - What the h3ll.

WWIT - What was I thinking?.

WI - Weigh-In.

TMI - Too Much Information.

IYKWIM - If you know what I mean.

NTTAWWT - Not that there's anything wrong with that.

COT - Medifast Cream of Tomato Soup.

COC - Medifast Cream of Chicken Soup.

COB - Medifast Cream of Broccoli Soup.

NSV - Non-Scale Victory.

TSFL - the company, Take Shape for Life that offers health coaches and an alternate means of ordering Medifast food and things.

Please let me know if any are incorrect or if I'm missing any! I try to update it when new ones pop up!..

Comment #66

I'm a kosher medifaster and would love to connect with others...

Comment #67

We had fish and vegetables and then later just the hardboiled egg (ashes) and a very small piece of Challah. The fast was easier than usual..

Comment #68

Hi xsyarn! I live in Capital Region NYS. Welcome aboard!..

Comment #69

Yikes just realized that Rosh Hashana is just around the corner.Just got my first invitation....

How is everyone planning their way around the honey cake & rugelach?..

Comment #70

I'm going to pass on Honey cake and Rugelach - What about making some meringue cookies with Spenda and cinnamon??? (or Medifast cinnamon pretzels?) - how about some kind of Iced coffee type drink to sip while everyone is eating dessert?..

Comment #71

Xsyarn: I LOVE IT, great idea! Havent crushed any pretzels or experimented with them yet..although I might have made them into a crust for a cheesecake for Shavuot?.

Wonder if we can make something out of the oatmeal as well with the sugar free caramel syrup..

You can definitely make an iced coffee with non dairy creamer/soy milk & add some sugar free kahlua or caramel syrup, which would definitely be of help...

Comment #72

I'm going to take the cinnamon pretzels down to Fla. with me, just in case I crave sweets...

Comment #73

The best I got was sugar free sugar - LOL! I got brown sugar cinnamon SF syrup and also maple/pancake SF syrup. Have not found kosher SF honey yet - but let us all know if you do! There are quite a few sites for sugar free honey - but can't tell if they are kosher without more research and my busy season is starting after Labor Day. Gearing up now - so if any one has time to research - keep us all posted...

Comment #74

I saw some SF honey on Amazon. The product is called Honey Tree Sugarfree Imitation Honey. I zoomed in on the picture and could see the OU on the label. It is made with xylitol...

Comment #75

On second look, the offering on Amazon seems to be only by the case. Individual bottles are offered on and at Walmart though...

Comment #76

Hello all-.

I too am a Kosher medifaster...I am concerned about the HH, when eating at other people's homes, but I will just have coffee as dessert...Here's my question, though....I started Medifast last Sunday and I am wondering if a k'zaiyit (olive) size of challah will do me in....what do all of you do...Please let me know what works for all of you (before Shabbat, if possible)....Thank you and Shana Tova in advance (YIKES, it's still the middle of August and we are only 4 weeks away!) Michelle..

Comment #77

Cantor Mich,.

Welcome !.

I usually approximately a half piece of Challah to be Yozay. BUt I do know someone else who's been losing, who eats a whole piece of Challah & foregoes one of her Medifast meal replacements because of this..

I would disagree with her idea because as Nutrition Support says even 1 piece of bread can get you out of the fat burning stage...

If youre industrious, you may try to make an oatmeal bread out of the oatmeal...maybe add some soy flour or a lil whole wheat. It is probably better to do this than eat a regular piece of Challah...

In the meantime I think that most of us eat a portion of Challah?.

Right everybody?.

For Rosh Hashana, best to stay away from the honey etc.

You can also make the oatmeal into a muffin to help you deal with dessert..or someone mentioned making meringues with a SF alternative sweetner?..

Comment #78

Yikes isnt xylitol bad for you?? Still maybe just a drop isnt so bad ??..

Comment #79

I eat the challah and slow my weight loss; I'll take the participation for shabbos over it. Just me...

Comment #80

I also eat a piece of challah and a couple sips of wine for Shabbos - I don't know if it takes me out of ketosis or not, but I still think I'm within my carb limit for the day and probably my calorie limit for the day. I don't know if I would be losing faster if I didn't do it or not. I don't mind losing it a drop slower as long as I keep losing it. We only have protein and vegets for the meals with a little healthy fat in the salad...

Comment #81

Eventually I will try to reduce the size of the piece of challah I eat. I also only eat 2 or 3 medifast meals on Shabbos because I do not weigh my food...

Comment #82

Challah is a really big trigger food for me. The soft doughy goodness all slathered in rich creamy butter or dipped in honey - I can eat an entire challah on my own. I know I should not, but carbs - for some weird reason - white flour & sugar straight carbs like that - just don't signal me I am full and make me more hungry. I had to give it up for the duration of MF. See if I can get my self back under control. I use a Medifast bun as a substitute or some SF/LC bread. Those wont trigger a binge like real challah...

Comment #83

I'm considering buying whole wheat and bran matzo for the HH instead of eating Challah or making my own high fiber challah rolls in one oz size - that might work too. One of my concerns is eating other's food during the holidays. The shul succah where we go for the HH and succos is having catered meals in the succah - I'm going to try to ask for only protein and vegets, because I'm afraid if they put side dishes on the plate (starch), I'll want to nibble...

Comment #84

I totally hear ya on the challah issue..We can all certainly really get carried away with challah & honey & am sure we've all done so in the past...

When I was a student in Israel for the year, we would totally gouge out the fresh Angel bakery breads...This was & is a normal occurrence that the girls do when theyre there...

Have you come up with any good bread/oatmeal alternative recipe that tastes halfway decent? If it has oatmeal maybe you can make Hamotzei on it..Maybe some soy flour, it cant hurt too much?.

Weight Watchers bread has only 90 calories & 14carbs for 2 slices..Wonder if we can manage making that from scratch too?....

I plan on making some vegetable soups..& hoping to have that in place of challah & honey...

My family loves cream of broccoli soup..& if I put a drop of non fat non dairy creamer in it, it's not so off..& still delicious, & appreciated by all...

We can also take a nice long walk on Rosh Hashana for Tashlich! )))).


Has anyone found that fasting helps accelerate weight loss?.

Between Tisha B"Av, Yom Kippur and this past week having gum surgery & not being able to eat for most of the day & then only liquid or soft food, I found it really helped me shed another 2lbs each time!..

Comment #85

Glad I found this thread, will defiantly need some support during Tishrai...

Comment #86


Don't we all.

I have a recipe for stuffed cabbage where I grate cauliflower instead of using rice...& I also use ground chicken instead of meat sometimes....

Comment #87

That sounds like a great idea - stuffed cabbage is a treat, won't feel like dieting...

Comment #88

SF Honey cake:.

Okay so I tried mixing in the sugar free honey into the apple cinammon cereal, added some baking powder, egg whites, drop of artificial sweetner & some sugar free Honey...

It needs a considerable amount of honey in order to taste anything near honey cake ish and at 50 calories a tablespoon, 17carbs, & I checked regular honey is 60 calories, 17carbs but also 16 sugars, SugAR BEING THE DIFFERENCE.

I imagine that if you have this, I would skip the snack that day since you have extra calories here..or eat half of a serving..this made 2 cupcake/muffin size, so maybe save it for once a day, because of the extra calories/carbs involved...

Still better than eating the real honey cake, & this will definitely help me away from it!.

I didnt measure anything exactly sorry.....

Comment #89

Sooooo ... you r going to share that rolled meat recipe w/ cauliflower?.

I LUV using ground cauliflower and have loads of shredded recipe ready.

Pre-measured CF in my freezer...

Comment #90

Not really my own recipe.

Just grated cauliflower & parboiled it a drop, mixed it with ground chicken breast, added salt, pepper, garlic etc, egg beater or egg white...

I cooked cabbage, and inserted the chicken mixture onto the cabbage & rolled it like stuffed cabbage...

You can make it any flavor you want, italian style or sweet n sour with some lemon juice, & sweetner....

I made a regular batch of stuffed cabbage with meat & rice for those who may not like what I made(having 20pp over fst day lunch) so 2 batches should suffice everyones taste buds....

Comment #91

Hello again from the token male! Happy Holidays everyone!..

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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