Tips for having discipline while on Medifast

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In my 2nd week after 9 lbs down last week. Several times this week I've found myself thinking that I'm doing so well I could probably have a bite of (insert whatever yummy thing nearby). Like when my neighbor brought me homemade Christmas cookies (forgive me, but I accepted them, then threw in my garbage canshe dropped them to me late evening & I was afraid to keep them around until morning to pass on to friends). Cue the "Jaws" theme heretemptation is swimming at me! So far I've beaten it, but I'm amazed at how I try to rationalize/fool myself. Determined to be disciplinedit's definitely hard, though. How do you all handle it? Tips, suggestions, ideas?..

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Today is my first day on medifast. I haven't been on a serious diet in years but the one thing I remember is taking a bite of something that wasn't on the diet and then feeling let down with myself and the food. The food didn't taste as good as what I thought it was going to. So I kept that in mind the next time I was tempted...

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My mother-in-law gave me advice that has stuck with me. I asked her how she quit smoking once and for all. She said that she decided to do it NO MATTER WHAT. That was her mantra. No Matter What. There will always be excuses.

You have to choose to stay On Plan No Matter What..

You only have to do it for TODAY. Just today. That is what I do. I vow to stay on plan no matter what for today. This is just a short phase in my life. The 5&1 plan is the weight loss phase.

You can't. It's not part of the plan. So on Thanksgiving, I stayed OP. On my birthday, I didn't have a bite of cake. On Halloween I didn't have a bite of candy.

I choose to. Choice.

Remember your choice. You chose to commit to this plan to get the weight off. You are in control of that choice. Every day you chose to stay on plan no matter what. Think of how great you feel when you choose to stay on plan! I get so proud of myself after resisting temptation!.

Giving in to temptation is what got us here in the first place. Not being able to say no to friends, family, ourselves is what led to our problem. We have to change those behaviors..

You did GREAT by chucking them in the trash! Next time pour a cup of water over them too LOL. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!.


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I used a couple of tricks until I learned how to 'self' talk myself into good choices..

Family leftovers that I didn't plan on serving again (you know, the half a cup of something not worth saving but just enough to take a quick spoonful and get myself into trouble leftovers) I pick up the bottle of dish washing liquid and give the food a squirt before even lifting it off the table.Foods that I wanted to pass on to someone (I hate waste and throw away mentality) I locked in the trunk of my car, even to go so far as to put a cooler and ice out there for things that needed refrigeration.Reminded myself over and over that I've had <insert food here> before, I can have it again any time I want, but what I really want right now is to get rid of this fat that makes me unhappy day in and day out, where as that bite will only make me happy for an instant..

Mainly what I do now is put some time and distance between the temptation then talk myself out of it. It takes some practice, I won't lie! My more extreme measures noted above helped me until I could do it.

*-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

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Good job Changing4the better! That's how it's done. One decision, one act at a time.

Bugg66 - Welcome to the program!..

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You have been doing SO WELL! I know you can get past these challenges. The more the weight drops off, the more powerful you will feel about those temptations..

I can't tell you how many times in the past 5 weeks I have caught myself "mentally" reaching for something. Not because I even want it, but because it's a habit so deeply ingrained in me. The fries on my kids plates at a restaurant, the leftovers on their plates after dinner. I always grabbed for that stuff! Now, I don't reach for it physically, because I catch myself before I actually do. But, so many times the mental urge has been there..

What Frecklemama said is what I do. I tell myself it's one day, even less than that if need's ONE Medifast meal. One leads to two, then three & before I know it I've made it through the whole day!.

I know that even allowing myself ONE off plan meal, or sweet treat may kick me out of the "fat-burning state". It could take 3, 4, 5 days to get back. It could be a full week, or longer, before I am back to where I was before the ONE off plan treat. Why would I want to sabotage my weight loss goals like that? For me, I tell myself that going off plan will essentially be like "starting all over" again. Do I want to start over? NO! It's just not worth it..

Congrats on ditching the cookies! We will make it through the holidays! I'm right here with you..

Comment #5

Frecklemama, I just wanted to say thanks for that. I really like that NO MATTER WHAT mantra..

I'm trying to think of each bite that I have of off-plan foods as adding on another day to my time in 5-1. Not failure. Not cheating. It's delaying my own success...

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Good job with the cookies. Remember, it gets easier to say no every time you do it. At some point it just becomes what you do and it's not even that hard.

If I'm having a day where I feel kind of weak or bored with MF, I pull out the pair of shorts I was wearing back in June and realize how far I've come and how worth it it all is. It's a way better feeling than any cookie and always buys me a few more weeks of enthusiasm...

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Oh I am completely in the same boat. I will be doing very well OP and then suddenly, a thought will pop into my brain "i want french fries" or something like that....and then I am off and on a binge. Frecklemania, your plan sounds really brilliant. I CAN"T GO OFF THE PROGRAM is a wonderful mantra. I can't, I won't. I am so tired of being overweight.

I am 5'7" and weight 196. I need to lose 50 pounds. Sadly, I have been ordering Medifast food since July and never ever stuck to it. I binge on the bars. Does anyone else actually binge on Medifast food? It is too expensive to binge on and it makes me sick to think that I do that.

Goodluck everyone.


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You really should be proud of yourself for throwing out those cookies! You're already "changing4better"! We are faced with endless choices to make every day. You chose YOU and to stay the course you've set in motion. When I'm faced with temptation, I immediately visualize myself at my goal weight and I think about how good THAT feels. Nothing tastes as good as that. NOTHING. It's the best appetite suppressor I know of.

"NO MATTER WHAT" - I love this. I think that's what I'm going to say to myself every day when I get up in the morning. Thanks for sharing, frecklemama...

Comment #9

You CAN have those things, but do you CHOOSE to have them? You are the one with the power over what you decide to put into your body, just as you know the consequences of it..

Potato products are my big weakness. I want them every day. But I want to be thin more. I'm really tired of the constant wish to be thin, and I just want to get it done already! So, I ask myself if I'd rather have chips, fries or whatever or if I'd rather have a new wardrobe. I CAN have one or the other, but I can't have both at the same time. Once I get off the diet, I may have some of the one (we'll see), but not so much that it'll make it so I can no longer have the other...

Comment #10

What I've found helps me a lot is keeping a small notebook. Whenever I have an urge or a craving, I write down the food and the date. This is a reminder to myself that I can have the food eventually (if I choose to have it again) so I'm not denying myself the food or calling it forbidden, I'm just postponing eating it until transition, maintenance or forever!.

The urge or craving goes away - it is not constant..

Right now - fresh pineapple is probably going to be my first fruit added back in!.

Best wishes for your successful Medifast journey!..

Comment #11

You guys rock! Thanks so much for all the practical tips and encouragementyou have no idea how much that helps me. THANK YOU!..

Comment #12

I hear you. I was brought up to believe that lying and throwing food away were both wrong.

But I guess we could also say that not taking care of ourselves is also bad.

My mom made four crustless sugar free pumpkin pie rammekins for me for thanksgiving. She was so proud to do something that was following my diet. Except pumpkin is not on program. So...I ate ONE on thanksgiving. And I must confess the other three hit the garbage when I got home. Seemed like the best compromise...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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