Tips for eating out during Medifast plan?

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Today is 8 weeks for me, over 25 pounds gone, and I've avoided eating out the whole time. But I have to take my dad out to dinner on Sunday for his 79th birthday. I'd like suggestions on places to go. I was thinking Outback since they have the nice lean tenderloin and veggies. Any other thoughts including menu choices? I'm in S. Denverso we have most chains available here.


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I'm a big fan of the Petite Sirloin at Ruby Tuesdays. I get that with steamed broccoli (no butter) and mashed cauliflower...

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I go to Outback all the time. I always get the chicken on the barbie with steamed vegis and no oil/butter. I think they call it Light Style. I think they do a beef version, as well. Sometimes I throw in an extra side of steamed green beans because the restaurant version of anything never has enough vegis..

It's pretty close to the perfect restaurant L&G. Have fun and don't worry too much...

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I liked Outback as well. I got a plain steak and steamed green beans and broccoli..

You can eat almost anywhere. Order a grilled/steamed/baked piece of beef/chicken/fish. Order it "no oil, no butter, no sauce, dry spices okay." Then ask them what they can steam for you, and do the same "no oil, butter, sauce" routine, if they have any OP veggies. Or, order a salad with the OP veggies they have listed on the menu in other salads. Don't bother trying to find a salad and asking for things to be taken off - just view the menu as a list of ingredients they have in the kitchen and pick out the ones you want. It's way easier than trying to be sure you said "no cheese/croutons/sunflower seeds/whatever else." Get dressing on the side if you need it, or just eat it plain - I've come to love my salads this way..

Enjoy - you'll do great!!!..

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I do well at Denny's and Ruby's Diner, but I dunno if those places are nice enough for a bday!.

Some times I ask for a cup of hot water for tea and add my oatmeal and just eat that, or a glass of ice water and make myself a shake. Maybe I'll order a side salad with it...

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You guys rock! Thank you! and thanks for the encouragement!..

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We also do Golden Corral a lot, it's a steak buffet, but we get the steak and then get a good salad and they have broccolli, and cauliflower on the bar as well.

They also have mushrooms, and peppers and onions.... cooked...

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This probably violates the Medifast 2-3 hour rulebut I eat a Medifast meal immediately before leaving.

Works like a charm for me...

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One of the best meals I've eaten out since starting Medifast was at a Mexican place..

I ordered spicy grilled shrimp and instead of rice or beans I asked for a double.

Order of shredded lettuce. I added a touch of poco de gallo. It was awesome!..

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Applebee's has a great sirloin steak dinner. In fact we're headed there this evening. I get the vegetables (it's usually broccoli) and instead of potatoes, I ask for a green salad which I think there is a small add on charge for. The steak is 7 ounces, so I take some home for the next day.The steak is tender and I find it better than the expensive steak we had at a fancy restaurant for our anniversary.

Go online and look at the menu of the places you are considering. Try to decide exactly what you are going to have (that is on plan of course) before you go and then ask the waitstaff LOTS of questions about how it is prepared. You can manage it with the planning ahead you are doing. Have fun!..

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