Tips for drinking all that water during Medifast?

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How do you manage to get all that COLD water down! I am going through my first winter and I am cold! I am even colder when I drink my water, which is a lot! any tips/tricks will help!.

In the summer I added ice tot he water, now I just drink it from the fridge, I cant drink room temp water, it makes me gag! Can I drink teas and count that as water intake? Help!!..

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You just have to drink it. I am in Texas... so not as cold here as most places right now. I drink most of my water right now at room temp. You can do warm non cafiinated teas... but that's a whole lotta tea...

And making it there at this point... but I have to push myself. My first 33oz is always done before breakfast and the next one by lunch time.... and then I slow down and drink the next 33oz through until dinner and sometimes fill it up once inbetween there... just work on it...

Good luck!..

Comment #1

I can not drink it When the weather turns off cold like this I drink my water at room temperature or tap temperature at the coolest Even in the summer I can't drink it iced. My core temp will drop to much and it is just miserable. I drink all 7 qts at room temperature...

Comment #2

Tea does not count as your water. You just have to suck it up (pun intended hehe). I just love water. Winter or not, I've always just loved a big glass of ice cold water. I know it's tough when you're cold...

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I just do it. I've been freezing. I have a space heater in my office and that helps...

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Some people say (although I suspect that it's not really true) that drinking iced water makes your body burn a calorie or two to warm it to body temperature. Soooooo, maybe it helps our efforts!!.

I drink almost everything at room temperature, except coffee and hot tea. But my herbal teas and water that I drink at work are at room temp...

Comment #5

Not a lady, but going to respond any way.

As gross as this sounds, I heat my water!.

Keeps me warm and helps me get all my water in easily...

Comment #6

I was also going to suggest hot water. I don't personally care for it, but I've seen it suggested on other diets to have a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon (although on Medifast you'd skip the lemon or find out how to count it as a condiment)...

Comment #7

I know what you mean! I'm not a fan of room temp water nor am I a fan of ice cold water in the winter months. So what I do is I have my ice cold water and let it sit for about 10-20minutes, so it's not quite as cold but not quite room temp either - just right and inbetween. It works for me! Good luck!.



Comment #8

I am heating my tap water in the microwave, holding the hot mug helps me stay warmer too. I am also taking hot water in my travel coffee cups to get it in the car for drive time drinking. Just one cup of cold knocks me into freezing mode and my raynauds is out of control right now so I got to stay warm. Right now wearing boots with toasty toes foot warmers, two sweaters, long winter coat and two scarves. Working from home this morning and the temp in my kitchen is 68, got a class this afternoon and I will have to go out in the cold. There are not enough parkas in the world to keep me warm in this weather!..

Comment #9

Why in the world do herbal tea not count as water? It has no caffeine so it's not a diuretic like coffee or black tea...

Comment #10

I can not drink cold water. I hate it. Nevertheless I am still freezing all the time with all of the water I'm drinking. If it's really bad I will drink some of my water warm sometimes with a little lemon but mostly I just layer the clothes on and wear wool socks...

Comment #11

I would think it would depend on what the herbs are and what effect they may have on appetite since herbs are not inert. Personally I count my green tea with ginger as part of my water but then I always drink more than the recommended amount of water so it probably doesn't matter...

Comment #12

I drink water at room temp. to avoid the chills. I use a straw and it is amazing that in one breath that straw helps me get about 8 oz. down. I drink a glass of water before each meal. I also use a straw to drink anything which might not be my fave taste.

Try the straw, it could help with your water 'obligations'. Oh, and btw, I slosh when I walk! Violet..

Comment #13

I'm with everyone...I can't drink it cold when it's cold outside....I've been microwaving for 45 secs to take the chill off of it.....then down it goes!..

Comment #14

I heat a mug of water in the microwave and drink it hot. I'm cold most of the time and this helps. Seems I can drink more this way too...

Comment #15

I can't drink my water hot. It upsets my stomach. Lately I've been struggling with cold water making me colder, too. However, I just do it. About every hour or so, I go to the faucet, fill a cup that is about 12 ounces of water, and just down it...

Comment #16

I didn't used to like water at room temperature, but I found that I drink a lot of it that way now. I started drinking water years ago, after passing a kidney stone. Believe me, that's pain you don't want..

I keep a bottle at my desk at work and a big glass or bottle in the room with me at home. Start out cold, if that's the way you like to drink it, and don't drink it all at once. Keep drinking on it until it is too "room temperature" to keep drinking. Then, refill it with cold water. Eventually, you get used to the temperature. Now, I just generally like water...

Comment #17

I am in New England and it is and gets very cold here. I let my water sit out and drink it as I go along. I was never a fan of room temp water either but it is the only way to get the water in. Maybe if you try taking small sips until you get acclimated to drinking it room temp. It is amazing how our bodies can adapt to things we didn't think we could do...

Comment #18

I agree with others....the water has to be room temp or only a little bit cooler to get it all down. If I drank it cold, I'd be even more freezing than I already am!! I would never get it down straight cold out of the frig or with ice. The only time I drink it with ice is at a restaurant, but then I usually order ice tea...

Comment #19

Thanks ladies and gent!!!.

I guess the final word is to just get used to it and "suck it up!" I guess with losing some insulation on my body I am feeling this winter more than before!.

Thanks for all the tips and advice!..

Comment #20

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