Tips and/or advice from people who have had success with the Medifast Diet.?

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Question I have... Tips and/or advice from people who have had success with the Medifast Diet.? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I just got back from an 8 day cruise earlier this week. Before leaving I was really worried I would be able to to stick to Medifast and avoid all the goodies freely available on a cruise..

With lots of great advice and support from wonderful people here on the boards I was able to have a great time and not derail all the success I have had with MF..

I got back last Sunday night but purposely did not weigh in till this morning (4 days later) to allow my body time to readjust a bit and lose some water weight I might have accumulated eating what I know were high sodium foods..

But this morning I am down 3.5lbs from what I weighed before I left on vacation so I am very happy :-).

For anyone going on a cruise or any vacation I thought I'd share what I did..

I planned ahead to do the 4-2 plan as best I could. I avoided any and all desserts even while my husband ate them right in front of me, at first he didn't because I think he didn't want to tempt me, but I knew he wanted them so I told him to go for it and I handled it fine..

I ate 2 regular meals a day and basically stuck to eating low carb foods. I eyeballed enough protein and vegetables at each meal, avoiding anything breaded or otherwise carby looking..

I tried to choose lower fat foods as often as I could but I am sure I ate more fat than I should. That's the one thing I didn't really stress over though. It was enough to just worry about avoiding all the desserts and other carb-filled stuff..

I wasn't perfect - some days I only ate 3 Medifast meals along with the 2 low-carb meals and other days I only ate one low-carb regular meal and 4 Medifast meals. My main objective was to stay in ketosis and because my hunger levels were consistently low throughout the trip I think I accomplished that..

But I felt satisfied everyday, did not go hungry - and most importantly had a really fun time enjoying all the *other* aspects of a cruise *besides* the food!.

My husband and I went to the gym a couple times and walked the length of the ship back and forth countless times so I'm sure all the extra activity helped too..

Once I got home I was able to get right back to doing the 5-1 plan without missing a beat. And today I was rewarded with seeing the scale drop another few pounds. Yey! :-D..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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De - it is SO very liberating!! I absolutely felt in control - my husband made a comment early on in the cruise admiring my fortitude and that made me even stronger. :-).

Shortie, we went from FL to Cozumel, then onto Costa Rica and Panama...

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Nice! That sounds like you had a wonderful time..

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Great Job! That's a big accomplishment and you were rewarded with a loss...AWESOME!..

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Thank you, thank you :-) After this experience I know any other event, holiday, whatever will be manageable...

Comment #5

Yep! It will!.

So jealous of your cruise. I still have to wait 5 months for mine <sigh>..

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You have done amazingly well. When you know what you want, you know what you want. And you will get there!..

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I love posts like this..

My first week, I failed badly trying to get the right order at a restaurant. I was afraid I'd be stuck cooking for myself for the entire however-many-months it takes to lose this weight, and then for all of T&M. But thanks to some good advice, I learned how to cope with eating at restaurants and at other people's homes. I even host Medifast friendly meals at my own place now..

So when I see someone able to adapt the plan enough to enjoy a cruise, I'm both impressed and encouraged...

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CC - i'm soooo glad you posted this. I have a vacation planned first week of may and have been kind of freaking out how to handle it. I love the idea of going 4-2 on some days if needed..

What did you bring Medifast meals wise? what's easiest?..

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Where are you going and what will be available to you as far as kitchen equipment? (coffee maker, microwave, etc)..

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For the cruise I brought the puffs, bars and pretzels. I did bring some hot cocoa but never found a good opportunity to make it..

Plus the bars/pretzels/puffs were all easy to tote around and I didn't feel the least bit weird cracking them open in front of other people when needed. These items are so nicely packaged no one would know I was eating 'diet' food unless they were also on MF. They would just think they are chips or something. Not that I'm super self conscious that way - I'm just the type that doesn't like to stand out -it helped make me that much more comfortable with my plan and made everything easier for me overall..

I packed them in their little shipping boxes in my checked luggage. So nothing got squashed...

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I call it my traveling 4/2 - a cruise or business trip - need to make smart choices. CMode did just what I do - LG includes protein/vege, no fried, no breaded, no bread, no pasta/rice, no desert..

Bars for plane days, shakes/puddings all else...

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Well we are doing a "southern tour" - I live in CA. we are going to charleston, sc and then savannah, ga. very excited - i've wanted to visit savannah since "midnight in the garden of good and evil".

In charleston we will be in a hotel so i'm sure to have access to hot water but savannah we are in a B&B..

I'm thinking of doing like CC and bringing mostly bars, puffs etc - I also don't like to stand out - and the bars and pretzels (i even put them in ziploc bags lol) look like normal food and I wouldn't feel weird at all about carrying those around with me in my purse or backpack..

Thanks for the input - honestly the fact that i'm going to stay OP while on vacation is huge for me - I used to just write those kinds of things off. I think that says a lot about the plan. and seeing other people rocking it makes me KNOW I can do it too...

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Sounds like you have a good plan. Stick to it. I do love the portability of the newer Medifast products. Have a great trip. It sounds like a lot of fun...

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CMode, you did great OP on your cruise. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for posting. I'm 2 weeks into Medifast and before I started I knew that I would go off plan for our summer vacation. However, now that I'm OP and after reading and learning so much from this board I have changed my thinking. I will not go off plan for vacation.

So, thanks again...

Comment #15

This does sound like a great plan - I really think half the battle is having a solid plan going into any situation like this..

Have fun! :-D..

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You're most welcome - I am glad to be of some help :-).

I knew the cruise was coming when I started Medifast and, at first, I thought I would just put Medifast on hold till I got back too - but after a few weeks (and after hearing all the great advice I got here on the boards) I knew it was in my best interest to hang in there and keep going on the plan..

I won't say it was always the easiest choice, but it was definitely manageable and I really felt in control of my choices..

I would see people on the cruise walking around with plates piled high full of 'brown food' (all the fried stuff) and would think about how I am saving myself so much grief and making such good choices. My plate would be full of healthy veggies and good lean meats - I was so proud for people to have a look at what I was putting on my plate in the buffet line. Sounds strange, but all those little things gave me so much courage to keep it up..

You'll do great!!..

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I snipped just the above because I know exactly what you mean. After agonizing unnecessarily over a work lunch, when I went and skipped the appetizers and chose a salad over pasta, the only response from the other folks was along the lines of 'Wow, you really eat well.' It made me feel good, and gave me a little boost to keep going..

Now, I'm the one who suggests we schedule lunches out!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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