Tips and ideas for doing Nutrisystem on the road?

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Well I have been progressing ahead of schedule, but, next week is going to be the toughest week yet. I am going "back the road" and heading to Reno for a the USBC Open CHampionships Bowling Tournament. This will be a test run of my goal to be able to go back out next season and bowl the Sr. Tour. I have been bowling alot better in recent weeks and have attributed this to Nutrisystem and my workout program.

In the past this was the one week of the year that I was able to do what ever, when ever, except for the time I have to bowl. I am going to pack some food to try to help me through the week but with the group of guys that I will be with I dont know if I will be able to resist the temptation of the buffets etc.

Any Ideas?????..

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Your question was: Tips and ideas for doing Nutrisystem on the road?.

You can do this! I just got back from a week out of town and I was 100% successful, much to my own surprise! You can do it if you decide to do it. You'll have to be very conscious of it, plan, and prepare mentally before walking into that restaurant with the buffet.

Alternatively, if you choose to give yourself a little wiggle right for most of the day and splurge a little at one meal. You'll have to decide that for yourself. If you choose this route, make sure you get some exercise in (maybe morning before bowling).

Good luck!..

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Dieting + Buffet = too much temptation... you have to REALLY be strong willed to control yourself in that type of environment... look at it as a one time challenge and you just need to beat it this ONCE. If you manage, think the same thing daily and keep fighting til you can think of it on a longer term basis. Nobody can stop you from reaching your goals but you... the temptation will always be there, it's up to you to block it out...

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Losing 63 pounds should be enough of a motivation for you to resist the temptation. Look at all the progress you made, both in your weight loss and in improving your game.

Why throw it all away now? And speaking from experience, and others will attest, eating the greasy, fried, fatty food makes you feel like crap. Sometimes it tastes good, often it doesn't any longer either way, the after affects won't be that great. Why risk your chance in making it on the Senior Tour for some crap buffet food?.

Time to get the priorities straight and be a role model for others. Think of the compliments you will get when people see you 60+ pounds down in 3 months...

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First off, as a fellow bowler, let me say, good luck in Reno. I went to Reno back in March for the Open. I hope you do well on the Sr. Tour. When I travel while on this plan, I just make wise decisions about what I eat. If I can, I try to take some of the foods with me, and pretty much just eat salads when out, make sure I consume my water, and eat my fruits and veggies. I wish you the best and hope you have a great trip!..

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