Medifast recipe for Tilapia?

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Hi All,.

I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on how to prepare tilapia? I have never made it before and am not much of a cook, but now that I have it I figured I should try and do something with it! Any suggestions, even on how to best cook it (baked, grilled, for how long) would be much appreciated, I am clueless! Thanks!.


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Hey, Kell:.

I eat a lot of Tilapia because I can't stand strong fish (except salmon) - so this is perfect for me. It's one of the 5 or 6 totally safe fish to eat, also..

I simply cover my skillet with either Butter Pam or Butter Mazola Pure Cooking Spray...both zero cal/zero carb..

Then I salt and pepper the fish on one side - wait until the oil is really hot and toss the fish in....salted side down. I then salt and pepper the other (up) side, spray more Pam or Mazola into the pan, covering the up side of the fish...I don't turn it until it is brown and crispy - and then also turn the flame down to medium...cook that side until it is also brown..

I take my spatula and slice the fish down the middle long-ways...and then across each of those pieces...this makes sure everything is cooked all the way through....

Then I spoon it out onto my plate which is sitting on my food scale...and usually run out of fish at around 6.4 ounces...because it is so dang much fish!!!! Sprinkle some True Lemon on top - and it is fantastic..

Simple - and a pleasure to eat several times a week....really high protein, no carbs, and very low fat..

Enjoy -.


Oh - I use two filets - then measure the cooked out for the 7 oz. we are allowed. I cook my sons's 2 filet portions before mine, and if I have extra, I give it to him or save it for the next day for a side dish for him...

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Hi Kelly,.

Tilapia is one of my most favorite meals...I make it often (buy it at Costco in the big bag of 15 individually wrapped, frozen filets.) I've eaten this twice a week even before MF..

Anyway....this is what I do....

I put it in a dish that can also hold some marinade....(a bowl works or a plate with some depth)...then I put 1/2 tsp of olive oil and the juice of a whole lemon, mix and pour over it....flip it so it's on both sides...then I add oregano, garlic (fresh is great or the Mrs. Dash Garlic/herb mix, or the crushed from the grocery store.)...then some salt/pepper..

I put it on the George Forman until it's a nice brownish top and the filet is totally translucency at all..

I put just a little bit more salt/pepper and voila!!.

I've also made it on the bbq, but make sure that you have a fish spatula or it will crumble on you trying to get it off of there..

Let me know how it turns out!!.

Have a great day!!.


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I just happened to see something on the CNN health channel today that used tilapia. They pulled a recipe out of Cooling Light for Fish Tacos. While you might have to make some adjustments (method of cookingshould do ok under the broiler with chili powder, salt, pepper), a "Fish Taco Salad" (ie, salad without the taco) looked totally acceptable to me..

I'm sorry not to have more detail, but I think the recipe is in the most recent Cooking Light..

Good luck!..

Comment #3

Thanks to both of you guys, I will try both ways sometime this week. I will be eating a lot more of it now to change up the chicken routine once and a while! I love tilapia at restaurants, I also like it cause it doesn't taste "fishy." This will be my first time trying to make it at home though. I'm glad it's so easy! Thanks again!..

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One more idea..

I bake mine, I use olive oil spray and spray the foil I am cooking it in. I take cajun seasoning it's similar to a type of blackened seasoning or creole seasoning. Season on both sides and I go heavy on the seasoning. Place the tilipia in the foil and enclose it. Cook this on a baking sheet for 20 minutes. If really thing maybe only 18 minutes..



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Kelly, To avoid any fishy taste be sure to take a butter knife and scrape any of the dark brown from the belly side off. The same goes for salmon. I spray my George Foreman w/Mazola pure spray olive oil and sprinkle Mrs. Dash's tomato basil and they're done in 3 minutes. You can make up a lot, wrap up a portion in wax paper then a baggie to take to work. They reheat on a plate in the microwave in 30 seconds and don't dry out...

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Strange that you mentioned tilapia. My hubby and I just heard of talapia this week. We looked at some at the grocery strore last night but didn't buy it because we didn't know what it tasted like. We went to Lubby's today and they had blackened tilapia. My hubby ordered it and it was really good. He wished we had some now.

I actually hate all fish because of the "fishy" taste but I am going to give this a try. You can only do so much with chicken!.

Robin In Arkansas..

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I love Tilapia and usually bake it so it stays very moist. Last night I sprayed a baking dish with butter pam, then layered finely sliced onion and zucchini on the bottom. Next I put 2 filets on top and sprinkled with basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Finally I sliced and layered on top two tomatoes, more oregano and basil and a good squirt of fresh lemon juice. Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes or until bubbling. It was really good!..

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I take a tsp or so of low cal low carb italian dressing and pan saute the fish with some peppers & onions, takes about 8 minutes top! ~Shannon~..

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Hello Everyone,.

Searching for recipes I came across these and I tried one the other night it was sooooo good. Spicy, but yummy..

2 small tilapia fillets (approx. 7 oz).

1 t cajun spice.

1/4 t kosher salt.

1 finely chopped garlic clove.

1/8 t pepper.

1/8-1/4 t hot pepper sauce.

1/4 c water.

I season the fish and then place it in a non-stick skillet.

I use the water in case it becomes to dry so you may not need it all.

I pan fry for about 2-3 min per side.

Depending how hot your skillet is, you may need a bit more time, but fish should be white and flaky not translucent..

It is spicy and delicious..

Good Luck.


Comment #10

I LOVE Tilapia!! I make it 1-2 times a week in one of the following methods.....

Brush with - 1/2 fresh squeezed Lime Juice & 1/2 Teriyaki. Sprinkle with Thyme. Bake at 450 for about 10 minutes - depending on thickness of fish. Works very nicely on a stone (like a pizza stone).

Brush with Teriyaki & Soy Sauce. Sprinkle with Italian Seasoning. Bake same as above..


Comment #11

I tried both of these recipes and they are fabulous!! I had tried using the Foreman Grill in the past to cook fish, but it came out dry. The addition of olive oil or spray made all the difference..

I cooked mine for 3 min and added a light sprinkle of Butter Buds...boy oh boy was that good. Living on the coast of New England, I have access to a lot of fresh seafood and I plan to try this with other fishes. mmmmm!.

Thanks to everyone who posted these tilapia recipes...I am also going to try the others, but cook them on the Foreman Grill...

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