Medifast recipe for Thermos??

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Hi there! I'm planning to start next week. I've been reading some of the boards and it looks like the soup & chili often needs to sit to "cook". Since I'll probably be using those products for lunch at work, I was thinking of making it in the morning, then putting it in a thermos to soften the rest of the morning until lunchtime. Has anyone tried this & do you think it will work? Thanks!..

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This is how I make mine. I put hot water in the soup and than let sit. It turns out just fine...

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On the days I work, that is how I make my soups. I actually prefer them that way..

They taste really good after sitting for a few hours and my thermos keeps them pretty warm!..

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Thank you both! That makes it so much easier for me!..

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I take oatmeal in a thermos for my midmorning meal. I make it with 3/4 cup of water; 2 minutes @ 70% is what works for my m/w. It's really soupy at first, but after a couple of hours in the thermos, the texture and thickness is just right for me. In fact, I use the thermos even when making oatmeal at home..

I also find it essential to pre-hydrate the soups (chicken/noodle and chicken/rice), the longer the better. But I just mix them with water and take them in a plastic container, then microwave at work. I don't know whether microwave is an option for you. Just thought I'd mention this, because I learned through trial and error that I didn't have to pre-cook the soup, just pre-soak it...

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Since I get an early start at work & am not an early morning eater, I tend to eat my breakfast AND lunch at work. I already have a small soup-size thermos and I'm thinking about getting a second one, so I can pre-make an oatmeal and a soup (breakfast & lunch there) and just take them to work with me. We do have a microwave at work, too, but it's not that close to my desk and since I usually just eat at my desk, I think the thermos will be the way to go...

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