The result of not doing Medifast

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I have to get over this thought process of...."If I had just stuck with Medifast all those times this year that I started stopped started stopped, I would be at goal, but instead I weigh even more"......

I was going to start after Christmas, but I got my order yesterday, and I started this morning. If I don't, I will gain another 5 pounds eating myself through all the Christmas cookies here in my office..

So......once I go...

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We've ALL been there. Good for you for starting today - that is fantastic!! Praise yourself for that sort of victory and let go of the regrets. They really do drag us down and keep us from being successful...

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I have read several of your posts and there are a lot of similarities with my story. I recommitted again today, too. Let's do this together!..

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The fact that you are committing right before Christmas...well, that shows you are COMMITTED! When you get through this holiday on plan, think of how empowered you will feel!!! If you can survive the holidays, you can do anything...

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Great job Lisa and Tracie! Just think how great it will be to start 2011 with two weeks of losing!..

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What happens NEXT is more important that what has happened. It's great that you have made getting back on program your "what happens next"...

Comment #5

Well said. Keep looking forward, not back. You CAN do this!..

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Hi Lisa: I have two successful weeks on Medifast and was just grocery shopping. It was so hard thinking about all I can't eat or drink over the holidays. I saw your post and it really helped me. I know I would be saying the same thing: "Why didn't I just keep with it...I could be thin by now..." We both can do this! Come March or April we will be saying, "I knew I could do it!!!" Good luck!!!!.


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Good for you! You don't want to gain more weight! Congratulations on getting started!..

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I also started a week or so before I planned. I thought my order would take a week and it only took like 2 days! It totally helped that I started before all the lovely cookies and chocolates arrived at my desk..

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You can't look back on would are a work in progress. Learn from your experience, that's all you can do. Kudos to you for not waiting after the holiday. Commit to yourself to hang on tight no matter what..

Comment #10

Youre lucky you live close by to the FOB..It takes us 5-7 days to get our orders!!!!!..

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Woulda, coulda, shoulda...

Nah...Good job for gettin' it going...Everyday under our to speak, is benefitting us!! I too re-commited after 3 years on 12/1...have lost 12 lbs and can't recall ever doing THAT in the month of DEC!! So great job, you will have weight OFF in 2 weeks from today...YEAH!!..

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I can totally relate! There have been so many starts and "breaks" for me as well. Let's make this the LAST time!..

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