The cost of Nutrisystem?

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For all those people lurking on these forums wondering if they should jump on the Nutrisystem plan.

Right now since I am on roll back pricing - when I add in all the little add ins that you need to buy I am paying about $12.50 a day. That is the Nutrisystem food and the fruits/veggies and stuff I use every day.

$12.50 a day to lose like 2 to 4 lbs a week is what I am looking at.

On my 3rd week and I am already down 4 notches on my belt and have more energy than I have in years.

$12.50 - Seriously - I had days where I would spend that at Arby's for one meal!.

Even with out the roll back pricing Nutrisystem would still be a great deal! I am losing weight - feeling great - and saving money from eating out all the time and all those fast food runs that would just make me feel like garbage 10 minutes later!.


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Your question was: The cost of Nutrisystem?.

Can I ask what roll back pricing is and also how to "flex" a meal? I'm new and haven't heard of these yet! Thanks..

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When I signed up a couple months ago it automatically gave me roll back pricing. I think it's only good for the first 3 boxes. It gives me $50 off..

As far as flexing - Keep in mind I am new at this too - but I believe it is when you don't eat the Nutrisystem meal - but eat the equivalent of "normal food." - Do up some stirfry veggies and some chicken in place of the meal - that sorta thing. But someone here can correct me if I am wrong...

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Exactly! If you are used to eating out a lot- you are going to SAVE money! We ate out every meal. We cooked *maybe* once a month. So, I am saving up a lot of $$!..

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Now take your 12.50 and add in the savings of.......

NOT having to by Blood pressure medicine any more.....

NOT having to take diabetic meds any more....

NOT having to pay more because you are in the obese/high risk group of your insurance!.

We are saving so much and getting fabulous rewards back from doing this to help ourselves. It's PRICELESS in my eyes!..

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Interesting post Dan. No fast food drive-bys or junk at the grocery saves tons of money. Not to mention medical bills. It's really a money saver as well as a life saver...

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Of course there are hidden costs too:.

Lose a lot of weight and you may have to buy new clothes.

Still the best money I have spent...

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I LOVE THIS THREAD!!! Thank you for posting this, Dan! It is so true. A lot of folks think that it's expensive to do a good program like Nutrisystem but I too find that I am saving a LOT of money from not buying fast food, pizza, beer, excessive snacks, and also the fact that I'm saving health care money in the long run by losing this weight in my early 30's before it begins to deteriorate my body. The cost of new clothes is WELL WORTH IT!!!..

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I have the 1 week free for the first 4 orders plan and it's only costing me $9.96 a day because of that. Occasionally I drink a soda...old habits die hard. I haven't lost much in weight tho because I have trouble drinking enough water during the day. Sometimes my body just says "No" and I have to listen...

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I'm on the Costco plan of 35 days of customized food. I flex two days a week, sometime three, or just flex part of the meals per day. The food lasts me two months at an average cost of $130 a month. I would spent that much eating out at places like the Olive Garden or going through the drive through or doing carry out when in a rush. It doesn't take long to fix an Nutrisystem meal with add ins...

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Can I ask what roll back pricing is and also how to "flex" a meal? I'm new and haven't heard of these yet! Thanks..

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