Medifast recipe for Thanksgiving?

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I have to admit I was kinda planning on cheating "within reason" on Thanksgiving, you know having a little stuffing and cranberry sauce but not binging. But after making the cauliflour 'mashed potatoes' tonight I have hope for the possibility of a Medifast Thanksgiving. I recently made Medifast tuna casserole with a creamy soup and I was thinking you could make a yummy green bean casserole for T-day. I would make the soup with 1/2 the water, mix with the green beans and bake, topping with crushed soy crisps in the last few minutes. What is everyone's plan for T-day, stay on the Medifast plan 100% or indulge a little? Just curious, and wanted to share the idea for green bean casserole...

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You know, I haven't started yet so I don't want to plan to cheat, but I was thinking of having turkey, cranberry jello (yep it is yummy) and making a seven layer salad. Do you think that would be ok?.


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I'm planning to stay on plan. If it gets so bad that I need to cheat, I hope to limit it to extra turkey!..

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It depends on what you put in your seven layer salad. You can't have peas, and I usually put those. And it usually has a hefty amount of mayo in it. You'd have to do without that. Where do you get Cranberry Jello? Is it SF?..

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I've already thought about this...this is my plan... hope this doesn't sound catty:.

I'm planning to stay on MF. I'll journal all of the times my extended family members have taken shots about my weight, which I'm sorry to say will fill many pages. I'll use that for strength to get me through.

Since I'm vegetarian, I'll have Tofurky, and probably green beans and plain salad. Tons of Crystal Light in a wine goblet to keep my hands busy..

There will be other Thanksgivings, other holidays. The food will always be there! Chances to get healthy are not so abundant. As I get older it gets harder and harder SO....

Just keep telling myself "It's just one day"....and before I know it, it will be over!..

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There is last year's holiday guide in the Medifast download section with a Medifast stuffing recipe I am going to try. That with turkey breast, green beans (that casserole idea sounds great), the smashed cauliflower recipe, cranberry jello (Jello makes it and it is sugar free) and that pumpkin "pie" recipe in the recipe section (or maybe that pumpkin pie shake made from Medifast Vanilla shake). Not exactly what I am used to but hey, at least this year I won't be one of those groaning on the couch from being over-stuffed!!..

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This is great - I am totally inspired to have a Medifast Thanksgiving! Thanks everyone.

PS My idea for pumpkin pie was to use a vanilla shake & pumpkin pie spice, with sugarfree cheesecake pudding to turn it into pudding (I found the recipe for that on the board) and pour it over crushed Medifast cracker-crust (also an idea from the board a while back)...

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