Medifast recipe for Thai Coconut Soup?

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I am sure I am not the first to think of this...But had to share. I miss Thai food, especially the coconut curry soup. SO, I took the chicken and wild rice soup, 8 oz. of water, some curry powder, cayenne (I like it hot), True Lemon sprinkles and cooked it all up with a capful of coconut extract, some Splenda and DV SF coconut syrup. Best treat I have had in the almost month of MF. I also took the suggestion of others and cooked it on the stovetop.


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Ooooh, good one! I love thai food. I think I'm gonna try this one tomorrow! Now if someone could come up with a recipe for pad thai!..

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Yeah I gotta admit that soup was yummmmmmmiieeeeeee. Not sure about pad thai I miss that a lot too. But some people were talking about peanut sauce and that would make me happy too...

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You are speaking my language!! I wonder if green curry paste would suffice?? I tried it in another soup and it was good, but that coconut extract with it sounds divine!!! I'm not familiar with True Lemon, can you just use a squirt of fresh lemon? mmmmmmmmmmm. need to buy coconut extract! thanks...

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True Lemon is awesome. Crystalized lemon (and they have lime too I hear) that comes in little packets like sugar and has o cal. o fat. o carbs. I love them. if you can't find it anywhere else.

I gotta say this one was tasty...

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Thank you for this wonderful recipe! This is such a treat - now my favorite!..

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I know gals, this is a good one and I am so glad others have tried it and liked it. I have made it several times already. What really is nice is the smell in your kitchen. The curry and coconut all floating around. No need for us to miss the things we love as we get skinny because we can be creative and share all the great recipes. This board has been so helpful!!!!..

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Bettinvav: GREAT recipe. I finally tried this, BUT I tried it with the CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP.... WOW. I went out and bought curry powder & coconut extract. A added a little fresh chopped basil too but it definitely didn't need it. Actually I added some red pepper too for spice but it didn't need that either.

This is amazing. For anyone who doesn't like the cream of chicken soup (and who likes thai food) this is awesome...

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Thanks for the Tai recipes; I'm crazy for it; AND thank you for the links you all providedNOW can anyone tell me where to get those flavored syrups that everyone is talking about? I am ready to expand my recipes. TIA, Martha ( Love experimenting and creating!)..

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I've found some of them on the coffee aisle in the grocery store, but you can also purchase some at this site:.


I've only bought a couple so far, but I put the chocolate one in my banana shakes and I put the raspberry one in my chocolate shakes (one of my vises has always been a chocolate/raspberry milkshake). I'm for sure going to buy the egg nog one for the holidays!..

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Glad you liked it. I make it all the time. But GOOD IDEA to do it with the Cream of Chicken soup too. Going to try that one tomorrow. Thanks...

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Thanks so much for the links! It will be fun to liven up my meals! Going to the store today!..

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I am bumping this because I just had it for the first time in a while and it was sooooo good. I also recently bought a bunch of Watkins extracts including coconut flavor, which is really great. So I used it in the soup. I wanted the MediNewbs to see this recipe too. Enjoy!!!..

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Is the soup you're referring to the Tom Kha Soup? I LOVE that, especially when it's a little bit spicy. There is this excellent Thai place near work that I used to stop by on the way home and get a bowl of soup and some spring rolls for dinner when the BF wasn't home for dinner. I probably miss that more than any other take-out on the planet (well, I probably miss Pad Thai and Pad See Ew more, but I'm trying to block that from my memory )..

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Yes and that's MY favorite soup in the world too. I make this one with the chicken and wild rice soup. I gotta say it was awesome...

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I am SO excited about this and can't believe I missed the thread the first time around. I'm going to the store to get some supplies and trying this today!..

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Farrell...Let me know how you like it. It's one of my faves. I make it really spicy. I also just asked nutrition if I can use a TBSP or so of lite coconut milk from Trader Joe's. Someone else here says they use it in their shakes. But either way, without it, this is a really good thing to try with the chicken soups.


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I'm bumping this up again because I just made this soup and it is one of the best things I have EVER tasted, diet or not! Seriously....!!! I could eat it three times a day. Maybe I wll LOL. Now I just have to order more chicken-wild rice soup..

I used real lime juice because that's what I had, and man oh man, it was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thanx Bettina!!!!..

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I love this soup also, make it all the time.

It is so good, love Bettina's ideas and recipes.

Thanks again!..

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Thanks for bumping this up. It looks great, and I'm going to have it for lunch. I have most of a box of the chicken rice soup left and I was not crazy about it (understatement!) before, but this sounds great and I miss my Thai food!..

Comment #19

Just made it with the chicken noodle...It is great!!!thanks..

Comment #20

I made this soup for lunch, and wow! I love it! It's so great when you find something "legit" that tastes so good you don't even think you're on a diet!.

Thanks again Bettina!..

Comment #21

Hey, I just tried it with the Medifast chicken broth snack... best 20 calories I ever ate!!!..

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Why not use those shataki noodles with um.. maybe the chicken rice soup curry and even peanut butter - just a little little bit, are we aloud nuts? maybe add crushed peanuts, I'm new to medifast so I'm not sure if this is permitted but it would be good I think...

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I have never eaten Thai food but thought I would try this since I have gotten bored with the soups and have not been eating them. Wow - this was delicious! Only fixed one packet of Chicken and Rice, but am planning on making up several servings so I can take them for lunch a few days...

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I just had the Thai Soup made with Chix & Wild Rice. It was REALLY good! Thanks for that recipe. It's definitely going to be a staple item for me...

Comment #25

You gave me this great idea but here's how I did mine. I added curry, cayenne, Capella coconut drops, bit of Splenda and 1 Tbls fat free half and half to give it the creamy-ness of coconut milk. Let it sit all morning and just ate it for lunch. It was divine!.

Thanks for the idea! Now I'm going to order some more Chicken Noodle soup instead of taking it off my list forever. heh...

Comment #26

Thanks for bumping this!.

This recipe is one of my all-time faves. I eat it almost every day, even when travelling.....

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This is my favorite medifast recipe. I eat this everyday. It is delicious. Some days it is so good it makes me cry (or that could be the days when I over sprinkle the caynne pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)..

Comment #28

I'm eating it right this very minute. Major yum. We need a wee drooling smiley face so I could insert him right here >..

Comment #29

I like it so much I never leave home without all the spices that go in it!..

Comment #30

OMG! I love you all!.

This is my second day and all has been edible but the d%$n chicken noodle soup! I just ordered coconut extract. SO looking forward to Thai Chicken Soup!..

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I have never had the Thai Coconut soup in a restaurant, so I don't know how to make this without specific instructions. So far all I can find is a little of this and some of that...this sounds really good and I would like to try it. Would one of you experts please tell me specific instructions ie. tsp and TBS to make this soup with the chicken rice soup? I have capella coconut drops and SF Coconut syrup and curry and True Lemon. I just need specifics on each ingredient. Thank you so much!..

Comment #32

Here's what I do:.

I took a can of Goya Coconut milk and froze it in 1 tbsp portions in an ice cube tray..

When I make the soup, I put a cup of water and the chicken and rice soup mix into a shaker and add one cube of coconut milk, 1 tsp of curry powder and 1/2 tsp of cayenne. I shake well and let it sit for at least an hour, heat and serve..

Sometimes, I'll use green curry paste and no cayenne for a different flavor.

Yesterday, I tossed in 2 oz of grilled cod I had leftover. That was pretty amazing too...

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Wonderful! And I thought I was going to end up throwing that soup away! This is just delicious. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!..

Comment #34

I am going to try the coconut milk idea. That sounds great. I just love this soup. I eat it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!.

Does anyone know the best place to get coconut syrup. I bought mine at marshall's but am almost out...

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I use one packet of true lemon. A splash of coconut syrup, a shake or two of curry powder , a small shake of cayanne pepper and a tsp of chicken base. I put in 12 oz water and nuke it for 2 min. Let it sit for a few hours and heat eat when ready to eat..


Comment #36

I couldn't find coconut syrup so I just use coconut extract and Splenda same effect!..

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