Tempted to eat pizza during Medifast

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I am finishing my ninth week on MF. I am doing great and have lost over 25 lbs so far. I look good, I feel good, etc. However. I can't stop thinking about my old friend, Pizza. I miss her.

She haunts me all day long lately..

Please don't mention the phrase "cauliflower pizza" to me right now. Yes, I have tried it, and yes, it's fine. I'm not talking about a pizza substitute. Cauliflower pizza doesn't haunt me if you know what I mean. I'm talking about the good stuff..

How do I get past this? The devil on my shoulder says have a piece and get it out of your system. Or set it as a "reward" for reaching 30 lb loss (I know we're not supposed to do that!). The angel on my shoulder says to just wait and it'll pass. I've been waiting two weeks now and this pizza lust hasn't passed yet. It's building up in my head to be this nirvana waiting for me when I reach goal. I don't want to put this food on a pedestal!.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

In pizzaless purgatory,.


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Chris - You won't be pizza-less forever! DO NOT use pizza as a reward for losing weight though. That is setting a really bad precedent and reinforcing the behavior you are trying to change. You need to just find other things to occupy your mind and let it go. DO NOT PUT IT ON A PEDESTAL. I am a recovering pizzaholic. It's always been my happy food.

You CAN do it. It's not going to go away, and it will be waiting for you when you hit maintenance.

I guess what you need to do is ask yourself which is more important. A moment of indulgence, for which you are likely to pay for with digestion problems and a possible gain in weight because of the sodium in pizza, or reaching your goal, improving your health and probably your life span? Only you can make the decision. If you are a pizzaholic like me, 1 piece is NOT going to get it out of your system and I think you know that. I have learned in transition to make my own that is 100 times better than anything I could buy, less fat and grease, less sodium, whole grain and fabulous. Get to your goal and don't let that devil on your shoulder put evil thoughts in your ear...

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The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. A bunch of friends came over and ordered. I went to cheat but the cheating gods scorned me. I took a bite and could barely even taste it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was NOTHING like it was in my dreams. I decided it wasnt worth it just to eat it anyway and reached for my Medifast pretzels instead..

Judging by the fact you are on Week 9... I have a sneaking suspicion the cheating gods will scorn your tastebuds, too...

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You could try morning star farms tomato and basil pizza burgers. They are on-plan and it you melt a piece of mozzarella cheese over one, very pizza tasting. It's delicious. I know it's not the real thing, but we do what we can...

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I too have been obsessing about pizza since Day One! It is the one food that tempts me constantly. I was thinking I may never be able to have pizza again? So, thanks De for letting me know it's not forever..

For now, I just can't be around it. My family is not happy to have their weekly pizza night taken away...but, I've forced them to go out to eat it, if they must. Any other food, I am totally fine with. It's the darn pizza that kills me...

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I was in the same boat for a while. Plus I decided to have pizza one last time before I started Medifast and the place I got it from was horrible so it still left me wanting pizza and even more. When I finally found the tomato basil pizza burgers from morningstar I was saved. As Kelly said they will arent the real thing but to me they smell like pepperoni pizza and taste like them too. When they are on sale I stock up. I eventually got over the crazzy pizza craving and you will too!! Good luck!..

Comment #5

FYI - this is a joke......

You people who push MS pizza burgers are OBVIOUSLY NOT pizzaholics!..

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You are half way to goal! Don't stop now! And don't do anything you know you'll regret!.

Like Thatchickpatty says, the tomato basil burgers are yummy. You could even top with some marinara and FF mozz. I too have been CRAVING for pizza, I totally forgot about those burgers, I'll definitely be picking some up!.

Best of luck to you!!!..

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In the end either you win or the pizza wins. If you win out over the pizza you'll be able to know for sure that you can conquer any craving and it will really help you psychologically the next time a craving food attacks. It's been 7 months at least since I said farewll to my large well done onion pie. It will always be there if I want it. But the benefits I've gained by saying no so far outweigh that hunk of dough, fat, and tomatoes that I can't believe it used to have such hold on me. Your pizza cravings aren't unique and pizza will always be there should you need it ; ) Give yourself a chance to prove you're better than the pizza.....

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I, like De, am a recovering pizzaholic. Pizza was my food. Pizza was my drug. I had the local pizza places numbers memorized. Did I want pizza from time to time when I was on MF? Yes, however....if I got through the cravings it went away. Like De said you'll be able to eat pizza again.

I know that for me......not having pizza and removing it from my life during the Medifast journey made me a stronger, better, healthier maintainer. If I had it along the quell the intense cravings, I'd probably be back at the starting line having to lose this weight all over again.

If you think one piece is going to get it out of your are kidding yourself. Not having it, having some resolve and sticking to your guns gets it out of your system. I didn't have pizza from the Day I started Medifast (9/07) until almost 2 years later. And, now...I eat it sparingly. It's no longer something that I crave or's just something I want from time to time.

There is no magic just have to do it. Wish I had softer, sweeter advice than that....but from someone who has been there. That's just how it is..



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My favorite food is pizza... and really listen to me.....

This weekend was a planned off weekend for me in many ways for many reasons. I do not regret it... and I own it... but I did have a slice of pizza... and I can tell you that it did not taste the same as what you are imagining... your taste buds are different right now.

And if you do it, then make sure it is something you can not live without... because this is just the 'can't have it phase'... one day soon there will be times when pizza is fine. And another good reason not to have it... I gained 4 pounds this weekend...

But the scale says it's so..

And I am looking for those morning star patties!..

Comment #10

FYI, the pancake made large and flat does not make a substitute crust. I had a pizza craving last night and was feeling too tired to deal with attempting a cauliflower crust. Blech, too sweet. I should have known better :P.

Portabella mushrooms can make a decent base though...

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I use the cream of tomato soup and turn it into "pizza bread" by adding some italian seasonings and basil and one wedge of Laughing cow melted on top...

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Its been my experience that until one stops obsessively fantasizing about what junk food they will eat at maintenance they really aren't ready to go off the structure of MF. If you are still in the grips of daily eating fantasies when you stop Medifast then when you are faced with making your own food choices you will be right back to the desperate desires to eat pizza and trying not to. It will be very hard and stressful.

I think eventually if we stick to Medifast (or some diet) long enough then the food obsessions start to ease up because our body is changing, the hunger hormone levels are becoming more normal, blood sugar evens out, and eventually the mind follows. At least to some degree, at least to the degree that you can find healthier substitutes to pizza that provide that same feel good feeling. But how long that takes is individual. For me, when I first lost weight years ago it took me about six months before I realized I wasn't fighting myself all the time. This time on MF, thankfully, it only took about ten days, but I only had about 25 pounds to lose versus 75 the first time around, and it had been years since I'd really been in the grips of a true obsessive/compulsive relationship with eating.

The best technique I found for myself to help deal with these intense and familiar cravings is not to allow them to linger in my head. As soon as I started thinking about cupcakes (my own personal obsession) I swept the thoughts away, much like reaching out with my arm to sweep aside a curtain. I just constantly pushed them out of my head and thought of something else (Like, "I don't do that anymore."), over and over. I did this grocery shopping all the time. I'd just turn my head away from all the junk food and not really even see it. Eventually this really worked.

Just don't give up too soon...

Comment #13

Thanks everyone. It's so nice to be able to come here when you're experiencing a challenge rather than going to food!.

I decided to fix my favorite L&G meal tonight which is Crockpot Taco Chicken with salad. I don't do it very often because of the higher sodium content of the canned tomatoes and taco seasoning. It is warm, tomatoey, and delicious. Maybe that will help!.

Hearing your voices of experience really does help. I read Maintainer's posts about not craving the junk anymore and I feel like that will never be me. Hearing that some of you are recovering pizzaholics is encouraging LOL!.

Overall, I am proud to say that I haven't had pizza in over two months. I'm sure one of the main contributing factors is the ability to come to this board when I feel weak..

Thanks again,.


Comment #14

Good for you Chris. And even though you think you won't crave junk anymore, you may be very surprised when you get to t&m. Just remember, pizza doesn't HAVE to be considered junk. If you use great ingredients it can actually be a very healthy choice in moderation. Unfortunately, what you get from delivery places is mostly fat and sodium...

Comment #15

FYI for newbies, fat free cheese of any kind is NOT on plan. When they take out all the fat they put in too many carbs. You can have some reduced fat or lower-fat cheeses that are OP as part of your lean. The guidelines are on the Meatless Options PDF available at Success Tools: Eat Right..

Also, marinara sauce is a condiment and a serving size is 1 teaspoon, so be very careful in using this...

Comment #16

Unless you make your own and then you can count it as a green if you make it right...

Comment #17

I gotta agree with that. I think it is more likely to create new cravings.

It reminds me of my "just one more" mode that I keep getting into whenever I slip off the plan ... (trigger food ahead, don't read if you can't handle it!).

Just one more McGriddle and hash round and I'll be ready ....

Just one more meal from Taco Bell and I'll be ready ....

Just one more thing of chicken strips and french fries and I'll be ready ....

Just one more order from the Chinese place and I'll be ready ....

Just one more clamboat basket from Friendly's and I'll be ready ....

Just one more omelette from IHOP and I'll be ready ....

Just one more pint of cookie dough ice cream and I'll be ready ....

Just one more spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and I'll be ready ....

By the time I work through all of that, I'm back to wanting just one more McGriddle and it all starts again. Cravings will always be there for most of us. I like how Call of Duty put it. Who's going to win?..

Comment #18

Use a round cake pan and fill the bottom with ground turkey or ground beef (lean) (I use ground chicken).

Flatten it down, should be about an inch thick. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 mins.

Remove from oven and top with Spaghetti or Pizza sauce (Look for an Medifast Approved version).

Top with some Low fat cheese.

Add your desired veggies, I LOVE it with mushrooms, olives and bell peppers.

Throw it back in the oven til the veggies look cooked..

Serve a slice on a plate and eat with a fork!.

Super yummy..

Comment #19

I feel your pain, pizza and cookies are my downfall. You can do it, be strong. Show the pizza who is in charge. Pizza won't be gone forever...

Comment #20

Remember that you are only allowed 5 oz of cooked lean ground beef and no extra fat. If are also adding cheese, you need to reduce meat accordingly (1 oz cheese = 1/4 lean), which will likely not cover the bottom of a round cake pan very well...

Comment #21

The pizza serves 4-6 people. Sorry for causing any confusion..

Oh and I don't use ground beef, I use ground chicken which is leanest so you get 7z...

Comment #22

Whenever I crave pizza, I go with the portabello mushroom. Put a little diced up tomato, some low fat mozz cheese and a sprinkle of turkey sausage crumbles.. Tastes just like a pizza to me...

Comment #23

I try to focus on the negatives - the dripping grease, the phlegm from all that cheese, the heartburn, the blood sugar rush from the processed white dough...It doesn't even sound good to me anymore! I buy it for my kids once in a while and they can sit next to me eating it and it doesn't bother me. I hope you can get there - it's a nice feeling of control!..

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Put a can of Rotel tomatoes in bottom of crock pot. Top with fresh or frozen chicken breasts (4-6 breasts). Sprinkle with packet of low sodium taco seasoning. Top with small can of tomato sauce and second can of Rotel tomatoes. Cook on low for 7 hrs or high for 4-5 hrs. Shred the chicken about half an hour before cooking is finished..

This makes a great soupy taco chicken. Eat as is or drain and place on top of salad greens. Or you can use a sturdy piece of lettuce to make a taco wrap..

Beware that this is high in sodium and hard to measure to be 100% on plan. This is what I consider to be a "splurge" L & G if that makes sense. It makes good leftovers too!.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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