Medifast recipe for Teas & Fruit drinks?

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Does anyone else think these taste and look like sludge when mixed with water and ice? I finally found that if I add carbonated water, splenda or stevia, and mix in the blender with ice, I can stomach them. One hint is try out the new Splenda flavor blends. I saw a post somewhere that someone else liked them. I love the mocha and french vanilla in my shakes, oatmeal, and plain coffee. They also have hazelnut, but I do not like that flavor. I might have to try mixing with a Diet Coke, as it makes everything better! I'm starting my.

3rd. week on the plan, so far so good, but weight is coming off slow. Guess it took years to pack in on right?..

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I like the fruit drinks (not teas) mixed with crystal light lemonade, very tropical! As for the teas... not a fan. I've read you can mix them with SF jello though...

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I bought the teas and they are not what I expected.. the only way I can handle them is to take a 24 oz bottle of water..I mix it with a crystal light packet to go... and drink it... it is still sludgy... but I can get it down...

Good luck....

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I felt the same way about the fruit drinks.

I first tried them in the Blender Bottle with the 'whisk ball', but it still ended up having little white 'lumps' no matter how hard I shook.

Then I saw a post by someone else to mix them with Crystal Light and ice in the blender - now I have at least one a day! Not a lot of ice - I just put 3-4 ice cubes with the water.

I love the Tropical Punch with a packet of Lemonade Crystal Light. I like the Cran Mango with a packet of Sunrise Orange, Lemonade, or Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light.


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I love the raspberry iced teas mixed with real iced tea, it makes it taste totally different!..

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I love the cranmango with a little extra water and the tangerine or pineapple crystal lite. I usually have two a day. And sort of slushy out of the freezer, feels like I am being sinful! I do find I have to mix them up early then let them sit in the fridge, then shake before I drink...

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Thanks for the hints!! I will have to get some Crystal Lite, and the slushy sure sounds too good to be on the plan!!..

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