Tanning is okay with Murad Resurgence?

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So I don't burn easily. And I usually go tanning about every week or two to hold on to my summer color. Now I am on Murad Resurgence and I am on day 10 and I went tanning at Desert Sun in one of their "Supers" and I went the whole time and I DID NOT get burntI even used lotion, not a tingler though. There are 3 types of beds. The regular 20 min ones and then a Medium which gets you darker faster in a max of 12 min (but it's easier for people to burn in these ones.)Then there is the super which normally can't burn you at all. they have a 99.

And the plus side is it's a bed that can get you 2-3 times darker in just one session, so you won't have to go that much...and I'm just fine......

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Your question was: Tanning is okay with Murad Resurgence?.

Yeah wrinkles were the least of my worries when I was going to a tanning bed because I'm young and it helped clear my acne... but since ive been on Murad Resurgence and my skin is finally clear... ive kind of embraced my whiteness haha. I never thought I would feel pretty being so pale!! I'm not saying I will never tan again... but hopefully my skin will stay clear so I dont need to. yay for being pale!..

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Well I went in the Medium Pressure bed for like 10 minutes, and I still didn't get burnt... And I will keep posting at least once a month to say if I do or don't get burnt. And I'm not worried about wrinkles. Everyone gets them someday anyways... Im on day 17.I know you guys are saying just wait awhile and I will burn. Im hearing you.

Thanks for the heads up though. I just can't not have some color...

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I cant wait until I can go tanning again! I only have 3 weeks left on Murad Resurgence so I plan to go a few times because I am soooo pale! I wonder how long I should wait to go tanning after I stop treatment..

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Ya I been loosing color so fast because of this med. Because of how it makes you peel and all that... Goodness! I was going crazy so I figured I would experiment lol. I wish I could give you an answer. I bet your going crazy. I know I would be. Specially with how cold it's been this year!!..

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I am a fellow tanner, so I just want you to know I am not judging or preaching just here to drop down some info.I used to tan a lot, I was pretty dark, but as soon as I went on Murad Resurgence I stopped.I talked to my derm and she said that in the long run tanning can cause more acne and spots that will eventually surface on your face.So I would say if you are tanning do not put any lotion on your face, and maybe every second time cover your face or cover it all times and tan just your body. (<- if your already doing this ignore that)Just be careful, because before I started Murad Resurgence one of the first things my dermo asked me was if I tanned and when I said yes, she told me that I could no longer tan and that she would be looking for signs if I was and said she would stop my treatment if I did so I am guessing its pretty serious and important that you stay out of the sun and tanning beds while on this drug.There was one day I was outside for maybe an hour and I never thought anything of it because it's winter here and normally people just dont tan in the winter ha ha, so I came home and looked in the mirror and my face was red. And I never burn, I also used to use those tinglers and sizzle tanning lotions and I never burnt. You'll notice later on maybe in your course that your skin will get really really sensitive. Yikes. Just remember you only will ever have one skin and its your biggest organ, might want to take care of it especially when this drug is already being pretty rough on your body...

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Thank you for your post.The only lotions I put on my face are for my face. I don't put a tanning lotion on it. (Even before I was on Murad Resurgence) And I ALWAYS put the towel over my whole face for half the time and then leave it over my forehead for 2 extra minutes. And I do understand that I will keep getting more and more sensitive. But like I said earlier I have to have some sort of glow. It just makes me feel better.

I think I look better with a little bit of color = Feel better.But until the day comes where I get burnt, I will keep going...

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Hmm, lucky you, I guess?i guess it wont kill you...right away lol.i like tanning, but I'm always the first to point the finger..i guess that sounds a little hypocritical. I tan easily, and I am naturally dark-er. so I was halfway through my second month of Murad Resurgence, and I went on spring break. I didn't burn, luckily cuz of the Murad Resurgence. but I guess I had an advantage with my melanin count. the only difference I saw was that I didnt tan as well...

It's unnatural and unhealthy, but boy does it make us look better for some reason...

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Well I think part of the reason I only rarely burn is from my nationality that I have. I am half native american 1/4 german and some other white... (It doesn't look like it too much, my mom is white and blue eyes light hair, Dad dark skin dark hair and believe it or not green eyes.)I live with 2 cousins who are 3/4 and they never got burnt. And my friend who is I think half took it over this last summer, never put on screen and was on the water everyday, didn't get burnt once... So I do agree with the melanin thing...

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Ya, I'm half korean, and 1/4 german, but 1/4 irish lol.we lucky few...

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You girls who are clamoring for the fake 'n bake look are bumming me out. I would kill to have beautiful, porcelain, ivory skin. (Think Liv Tyler, Rose McGowan, etc...) I grew up in So Cal, have spent the last 20 years surfing, and am now in my late 30s. The sun exposure from surfing has wreaked havoc on my skin, even with the most expensive sunblocks and skin care products you can buy. My skin looks noticeably more wrinkled and sun-spotted than the skin of my non-surfing friends who are the same age as me. Please believe me when I tell you that when you're my age which is going to come a lot faster than you think you're going to be wishing you hadn't spent all that time in the tanning beds.

Please don't trash your beautiful acne-free skin. You may think that tanning makes you look better now, but give it five years, and you'll be looking way WORSE because of it, and that'll last for the rest of your life!!..

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Hey, who needs acne when you can have melanoma..

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The reason why some make you darker quicker and without the risk of burning is the ratio of UVA to UVB light which they use. There are no shortcuts in life, when you shift these ratios further away from that of natural sunlight, you increase the chances of skin cancer. Stick to the normal beds if you are going to use them atall. Why not just use a long lasting spray on tan or such? atleast while your on tane.Reemember as the months on your course pass you may become more photosensitive...

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