Taking PCOS medicine while doing Medifast?

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I saw the thread about all the Medifasters with PCOS..... I have a question.... I am on a medication called aldactone (aka...spironolact).....and my health coach who doesnt know her *** from her elbow about going mental about aldactone because it's a anyone else on this med having problems with it reacting to medifast??.

I had an argument with her when I was starting becuase she wanted to put me on the diabetic diet because she didnt understand when my sister and I exsplained that insulin resistance isnt diabetic.

I am just getitng so annoyed..

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Thank you!.... my health coach isnt a dr. her husband is but knows nothing about pcos... thank you..

Comment #1

Yeppers - had PCOS myself - and I used to take the Metformin - and you are absolutly right. It's insulin resistance - which is different. Doctors discovered several years ago now that insulin drugs seem to help with the PCOS problems. And they do work. No worries! Stay on your drugs and only change your plan if your doctor recommends it.

Started MF: 3/8/2010.

Week 1: 10 lbs lost.

Week 2: 2.3 lbs lost.

Week 3: 3.7 lbs lost.

Week 4: 4 lbs lost.

Week 5: 1.6 lbs lost.

Week 6: 2 lbs lost.

Week 7: 2 lbs lost..

Comment #2

I just started Medifast on monday. I used to be on metformin and spironolactone. They ended up making me sick so I stoped taking them. I started seeing a new dr who pointed me in the direction of MF. He said he was going to try to keep me from having to go back on those meds, but if need be we could put me back on them. He is very familiar with this disease and so I trust that he knows what he is talking about.

Is there any advice you guys could give me on weight loss with Medifast when you have PCOS?.

Thanks, hope this helped..


Comment #3

I was on medformin and spironolactone for a while and they got me sick so I went off them... started losing my hair... when I reached a whole inch of hairline gone I went to the dr. and had to go back on both...i am not on metfomin XR and I do NOT get the evil bad side effect (im sure you know the one)....and the spironolactone only makes me a little sick in the afternoon...nothing that is bad......if you notice your hair thinning go back on the spironolactone before you are trying to talk a cat into sitting on your head super still so no one sees your hair purring..

Comment #4

I have pcos and I'm starting Medifast next week,i do take metformin but not spironolactone. Im hoping Medifast works,im desperate!!!!! Are you guys having much weightloss? Got any tips to help me through this weightloss journey?..

Comment #5

Congrats Kim24may..i think you are def on the right path!..i am in the same boat you are. I just started on monday...and in those 3 days I have lost 6.3 lbs! I am def thinking Medifast was a God send to me. The first 2 days were tough, with the headaches, and sleepiness, but I do feel BETTER..I seem to have more energy now and for the first time since my diagnosis I am hopeful that I can take control of my body! I can't wait for you to be able to start this program as well...

Comment #6

Dang 6.3 pounds in 3 days....that is AWESOME!... I started monday and I dont think I lost that much total yet... my theory is that on diets you lose your "water weight" the first week....but spironolactone is a diuretic so I dont have much water weight in me from that.. I hope have a good weigh in tommorow *hope hope* lol.

Goodluck to you Kim24may!.... the first few days will suck...but it's worth it..

Comment #7

Marinesgal I started on moday too the 26th, also have PCOS and apparently am I am a daily weigher lol so far 5 lbs down! I am on metformin 1000mg/d but no spiro ... KIM I believe this diet was made for pcos cysters lol (in my mind), because it gives us the balance we need in food and low keeps our blood sugar levels even!..

Comment #8

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words,We are going to do this together!..

Comment #9

Candi, Hey congrats, I am a daily weigher as well. I am down 6.3 lbs as of yesterday afternoon! I am excited that I am not on this journey alone!.

I agree about this diet being for people suffering from PCOS def with the low carb thing. I had sucess on my own with adkins..but I was miserable and grumpy..

Keep up the great work.


Comment #10

Thx marinesgal, congrats to you too! I'm happy I'm not the only cyster on MF! you guys go on soulcysters? I find it helps alot with my PCOS questions n support...

Comment #11

I don't have PCOS, but I do take a diuretic for blood pressure control and I have never had any issues with it interacting negatively with Medifast foods or the program overall..

Personally, if I needed a coach and she had no clue about my specific needs and no inclination to learn, I'd drop her immediately. You don't have to stick with the one who was assigned to you...

Comment #12

Wow - I am glad I stumbled across this group!! I 'think' I have PCOS and while it hasn't been confirmed by a doctor (his nurse said she thought I did), I read everything I can find out about it's connection to infertility in the meantime..

My battle started more when I tried to get pregnant. We have been trying for over 9 years now (off and on). The doctor (above) wasn't too concerned about what was causing my infertility - his goal was to have a 'success' added to his numbers. Long story, boring details... I have moved to another state with more fertility options and am in the process of loosing the weight to see if that helps (per nurse above as well) before seeking more fertility treatments. Is anyone else in the same boat as me?.

I guess I never thought there were additional issues with PCOS besides the infertility. Is anyone else loosing weight to get pregnant?..

Comment #13

My sister and I dropped her yesterday....she also has sister and I talked it over and we were just tired of her...she almost derailed us when we started because she wouldnt place our order (she made us go threw her)...because she wouldnt take our word that insulin resistance for pcos isnt diabetes....and than when my sister told her we checked on the diaretic thing she was going to pause our order for next month until she talked to my dr..

She was under the delusion that she was a dr. which she isnt... she is the wife of a dr. and does the health coach thing under her husbands name.

And truthfully I dont like taking diet advice from skinny people who never had to go on a diet in their lives... which she was....i dont take diet advice from skinny people who never had to lose weight and I dont take diet advice from fat people who have never been on a diet in their lives (sorry dr. phil)..

Comment #14

There are many many issues besides infertility with pcos.... thats just the tip of the iceberg.... you got the women who get there period twice a year (my sister)... and the women who get their period two weeks a month (me)... and the hairloss (me) and the facial hair (my sister)... insulin resistance....45- 50% higher chance of miscarrage if you are lucky enough to get preggo and so much

Becuase pcos hard.

Good luck on your quest for a baby..... I want one too ....*hope hope hope & baby dust*..

Comment #15

Thanks - actually those last 2 sentences on my post should be deleted. I started writing and got distracted.

I am 99.9% positive I do have PCOS. I have issues with my period - or lack there of until 2 months later when I have it for 4 weeks. I have been off and on provera to help regulate that, since you can't take birth control when you are trying to get pregnant. I tell you - I HATE provera. I have never felt more miserable on anything..

I just wish I had a doctor that actually treated it. The one I had before kept telling me 'oh, you don't have that' and when I told him what the nurse said he told me she wasn't a doctor. Funny thing - I trusted her more than him. I even brought up Metformin to him several times and he would tell me 'oh, that doesn't work'. I truly, truly believe the only thing he was concerned with was having another success in his practice. I didn't feel that way at the time, but when I look back and realize that I could of had to face the possibility of having 10 fetuses and having to make a choice to reduce them or not - I am glad I got away from him...

Comment #16

Your dr. sounds like a nut... I can tellyou now metfomin works... my sister and I both got pregnant once we started metformin and started losing weight... I had a miscarrage but her daughter is now 5 and it took her 5 years of trying to get her...and it didnt happen until metformin.

Find a doctor who knows what he is doing...*hugs*..

Comment #17

Welcome to all of the newbies. I have PCOS, and I have *never* seen anything work like Medifast does to get rid of this stubborn weight! I don't have any advice on using the meds whlie on plan though - I have never been able to stick with them...

Comment #18

Ramair421...Thanks for the welcome...I just started on Monday and have had some great success, I see you have only been on Medifast since January, and you have had some great results...Any advice for us PCOS ladies on how to have your results??.



Comment #19

I just stick to the plan, and it works. Getting into ketosis was very painful for me, so I am not easily tempted to mess it up!! I have made the mistake of not eating all of my Medifast meals a few times. That really stalls the weight loss, so make sure that you eat all 5 & all of your L&G and definitely drink all of your water - even when you are not hungry And be prepared for the soy to increase your estrogen levels enough to change (or create) your menstral cycle. I had amenorrhea for many years, and even with a long while of a Metformin, Provera, Estrogen, and Clomid regime while TTC, I did not cycle on my own. But once I started MF, I suddenly I do (?).

It sounds like you are doing great in your first week! Stick with it b/c it really works!..

Comment #20

Thanks for the advice and support. I actually have been on a span of having reg pds. I am actually supposed to start within the next week. The dr says I ovulate almost every month..i just randomly sometimes dont menstrate. So I am wondering if I could get pregnant (my fiance and I are def not looking to have kids right it is a fear I have..regardless of how "possible it is") I am hoping Medifast doesnt screw up my cycle and freak me out. I sometimes have more veggies than I am supposed to for my LG meal.

Should I not do this and leave the table after I have reached my 3 servings?.

Sorry for so many questions..I just like to ask someone who knows and is in the same boat I am...

Comment #21

Hey there! I have PCOS as well and am Insulin Resistant. I don't have periods but once every 9-12 months and when I do, they are BAD! Being on Medifast I have had one period and am now on day 48 of my cycle with no pregnancy (we are trying). So, I think Medifast might mess up your cycle a bit, but I'm not sure to what extent.

Not 100% sure about the vegies. That would be better answered by someone who has been on the plan longer than I.

I wish you lots of luck..

Comment #22

Marinesgal - I'm not sure how likely it is, but I do know that it CAN happen! I went in for an u/s expecting to see some more stupid cysts, and the tech said, "Oh Dear! There's a baby in there!" That was with no period for over a year, and prior to that I only had one when it was provera-induced. I was very happy about that little shock though..

Comment #23

From what ive been reading around the boards Medifast seems to be a baby if you arent on birth control and dont want kids yet you should really get on birthcontrol..... everywhere I read women are posting that this is their 2nd time on Medifast because they got preggo the first attempt..

Comment #24

Hi, I have PCOS without insulin resistance, which is almost an oxymoron because I'm overweight. Go figure. I tried to get pregnant for a couple of years before trying fertility treatments... nothing worked. So now I have to lose weight in order to go through IVF. When they told me that I was all gung ho about losing the weight...

Heck, I don't even know if my husband still wants kids now that a couple of years have passed! But I plan on getting down to the required 210 lbs and then discussing it with him..

In any case, the weight has really dropped off for me on MF. I'm impressed by the way it's worked. I'm not on Metformin right now, but will be again soon. Just waiting for the prescription to come in the mail in the next week.

Best of luck to you all...

Comment #25

Good luck to you too.... when you drop the weight you might not even need IVF.... with pcos I notice ones people lose a bulk of their weight their bodies just kick back into gear.

My sister got pregnant with her first child after loseing weight and getting down to 198...she gained back all her weight and more..... and tried for 5 years to get pregnant with her 2nd child... it didnt happen until she lost the weight got to 210 ish and was on metformin.

Its been another 5 years of trying....she gained back the weight after her 2nd and is now on medifast.

I didnt get pregnant until I got down to 205 and was on metformin.....i had a misscarrage and gained all my weight and more back... now I am on metformin and sprionolact.

Weight loss with pcos helps fertility.

Good luck!!! *baby dust*..

Comment #26

Nicole, Thanks for the advice..i got myself back on BC on sunday. I want kids eventually but would like to wait a few more years, and wold like to get myself healthy first to give the baby the best shot at life. Good luck to those who are trying!.

I have lost 13 lbs my first week and am hoping that it isnt a fluke. I feel better tho, my stomach is a little flatter and my pants fit more here is to week 2! So far it seems as if PCOS is no match for Medifast and my motivation!!..

Comment #27

MF works for those with PCOS. I have PCOS and a thyroid disorder so double whammy although for me my weight loss is slow with Medifast just as it was when I had weight loss surgery, I do lose weight. So I have to think in my head if I was not on MF, it could have been a gain or such a small weight loss that it would be very discouraging.

Stick to the program it works!..

Comment #28

I see lots of surprise babies (I'm a nurse in L&D) born to women who were infertile for years, lost weight (usually getting into the 200-220 range for normal height) & found themselves unexpectedly pregnant.... so be careful if babies aren't what you're planning My friend who works for a fertility specialist tells me that the number 1 cause of infertility in women 26-40 years old is PCOS and the cure is weight loss & metformin. Go figure... my 2nd child arrived as I hit 180 pounds (down from 260). So don't be surprised if you don't end up needing the fertility specialist after all..

Comment #29

Way to Go Marinesgal...13 lbs in one week...thats crazy!!.

Tochatty.... I also have a thyroid problem... I keep wanting to goto the dr. and refill my synthroid but I am agoraphobic so I have issues with going outside... so ive been putting it off....i think that might be why my weight loss is slower than my sisters..

Comment #30

This makes me hopeful.... infertility has been making my sister (also has pcos) and I very depressed last few years....i should tell her to go back on her metformin.....

Comment #31

Well that's a nice relief to hear from someone in the field. I'm hoping that with weight loss and getting back on my Metformin I'll have a good chance of getting pregnant. Add in the fact that I was just this week diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started meds, maybe that was playing with things, too. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my progress! Right now I'm pretty upset that TOM brought a 2 lb gain. I have to drink a lot of water and hope that it all goes away quickly...

Comment #32

What a relief to see a new PCOS group!.

I was diagnosed a little over a year ago and have always been overweight since middle school, oily face, tired... I never thought I could have something like this as I was always generally healthy. Then I started to get high cholesterol, blood sugar problems, and mainly.. my period disappeared.

I started taking Metformin, Spironolactone and Ocella and most of my symptoms disappeared but I only lost about 10 pounds (when about 60 would take me to a healthy weight)..

From all the research I have done on PCOS, it seems the BEST "cure" is to lose weight and get to the lower end of your BMI scale. My endocrinologist tested me out on diets like WW, South Beach... but it was nearly impossible to keep up with it... I cheated a lot, and even when I did do it right, I only lost about 20 pounds in a year, and I needed a quicker cure, especially after I started to get stomach problems on top of everything else wrong with me... an all vegetarian diet also was tried and only dropped my cholesterol about 10 points..

Since starting Medifast, it's been about 2 months, I've lost almost 25 pounds, and am off ALL of my medication (INCLUDING birth control... which, though I am with the same person I have been with for 7 years, and.. I would rather be on it) because I don't want to take any medication long-term. I have been on birth control since middle school and I really do feel like it may have been a factor in screwing up my hormones. Since I have stopped all my medicine, and been on Medifast, I have felt absolutely wonderful. The stomach problems have stopped completely, I am not tired..

And I am losing weight, finally, which has always, my entire life, been incredibly hard, due to PCOS..

The only thing I notice is my face is still a little oily without the spironolactone but isn't as bad as it was when I was first diagnosed. I am waiting to see if my period comes this month without the help of birth control. I get my blood tested this month by my doctor (who is also my health coach) to see how my cholesterol and blood sugars are doing (my hope is they have greatly improved, which she assured me they would, as she herself did Medifast and has PCOS)..

I will let you all know the results!! I will say though, that my doctor really pressed on me that the best way to control symptoms, prevent heart disease and diabetes was to just do Medifast and lose the weight. They are even doing a study in the office I go to where you get your food paid for if you go off all your meds and do MF. It really works..

I will let you all know what happens with my blood work! So great to have such a support group for PCOS in MF...

Comment #33

HI ladies,.

I'm a soulcyster myself. Diagnosed at 24 after going from 170 to 240 in 8 months! I am 35 now, and am happy to report that I have two beautiful daughters! As was mentioned before I lost 10% and then went on Metformin which finally got me ovulating again! To those of you still waiting and hoping to be a mom, my heart is with you. I have been there, and my old OB is still stumped that I have these two wonderful girls.

I have been OP for 3 weeks now and am finding great success, now if only it will make my circus lady hairy beard go away! Nothing makes you feel quite so feminine as shaving off your chin wiskers every morning!..

Comment #34

It's funny you mention the facial hair... my fertility doctor was surprised that I didn't have chin hair... I have a mustache! Thank goodness it's thin and blonde and can be easily removed. LOL..

Comment #35

Day 8 in and I am amazed at how good my skin is looking. (I have horrible acne).

No change on the hair issues (feels like a damn beard-others say they can't notice but I feel it) I don't know about the weight....weigh in on Tues...

Comment #36

Jealous!!! I feel like sometimes I have more hair than my roommate (male) and it's so embaressing. I used to go to a plastic surgeon to have laser surgery to remove the hair but that was horribly painful...

Comment #37

Yup... PCOS and pre diabetes here. I'm on Metformin..

Go with what your Dr. says and NOT your health coach. Your Health coach should know better than to discuss medication with you. Anyone can be a Health Coach. Tell her to back off your medication and that you are dealing with your Dr..

If she persists, fire her as your Health Coach. You do not need a Health Coach to do this. They are great if they are great, but not truly necessary..

I'm doing this through Take Shape for Life as well. It is nice to have my coach along for the ride, but not necessary..

Good luck...listen to your Dr..


Comment #38

Alrighty...I should really read all the thread before chiming in.

I'm glad you dropped your coach! Good job!..

Comment #39

Heh.....yes I have all the symptoms and well I guess I cant really get treated until ilose weight right....only sounds logic to me as the dr will say "you need to lose weight" lol.

Go figure..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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