Taken off Murad Resurgence due to Bloodwork

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HELP PLEASE So I was just curious..... Has anyone in general ever been taken off Murad Resurgence because of their bloodwork? That happened to me. My CPK, AST, and ALT levels were just too high. Anyone with a similar experience would be appreciated. Very interested as to whether my derm would let me back into the iPledge program if everything calmed down? I am convinced it was my vigorous fitness that sabotaged everything. My reasoning is in the links below: knows for sure, right? I'll definitely know in a month because I will get bloodwork drawn again (tane free of course) to make sure I am not dying.

ARGH! Anyone's help is appreciated. Thanks in advance..

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Your question was: Taken off Murad Resurgence due to Bloodwork.

.........was that really called for? Obviously NoTan knows the risk considering he's been on the medication for awhile now. Besides, your information isn't even factual. From an article posted just this past September: "It will grow back. The liver will actually grow back a couple of weeks after removing it. Its really phenomenal. In the case of cancer patients you can remove 50-60% of someones liver and it will grow back."Also from personal experience, the only transplant seeking patients who will not have top priority are diagnosed alcoholics. So you were wrong about that too......

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NoTanSuperman, I hope things are going well 'n groovy for you....Don't fret about your blood results, they might have just been messed up because of something you ate last month (maybe too many fries and hamburgers??) I'm supposed to get my Rx refilled this Monday but my derm. left me a message today asking me to call her back ASAP... Is that what yours did for you? Or did they tell you at the officeIn any case I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your course...

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Thanks as always GreenEyes. I am not fretting about my blood work. I have full confidence that it was something other than my liver failing. I really do feel fine. As for your question. The derm called my house the day after I got my blood drawn in her office.

I simply stopped taking it because we decided to retest the next week. The bloodwork obviously didn't go well that day either. LOL! Still no worries though. I am taking all the necessary precautions to make sure my blood will be fine next month. Thank you again GreenEyes..

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I stand corrected I should have stated that with cancer patients who have tumors removed with part of their liver, it will regenerate. However in the case of liver failure where the entire liver is affected and fails, you have to have a liver transplant. SInce this is not a cancer forum and I was talking about total liver failure, I figured those reading my reply would understand what I was saying.FYI, people get liver failure for taking too much tylenol and that is an over the counter drug. Imagine what toxic amounts of vitamin A (ie Murad Resurgence) can do to it. Remember it was originally a cancer fighting drug ...

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First off in the EXTREME case that Murad Resurgence would cause an end stage liver disease for which a transplant is then the only option, there is NO WAY you will be denied one or placed lower on a transplant list because you were on Murad Resurgence. Organ transplants are strictly controlled by UNOS and the OPTN and you enter the list after passing many medical screenings and meeting a long list of requierments. Once these are met you are placed on the list according to the exact time (down to the second) that your name enters for the match process. People that are alcoholics are some times denied the chance to recieve a liver for various reasons, but the main one is basicly a matter of ethics (and legal matters). Do you give a healthy liver to a person, who had an extreme consumption of alcohol and by there own fault caused cirrhosis? Or do you give it to a person, who through no fault of their own, has biliary atresia? What garantees doctors that once this alcoholic has a new liver they will not once again drink and destroy it? But even alcoholics have a chance at getting liver transplants. Most international guidelines say that for a person who has alcohol-induced liver failure to become eligible for a transplant, they need to have been abstinent and/or a in rehabilitation for over 6 months.

Alcohol is not a medication ,Murad Resurgence is. So how can you say someone who went on a medication (FDA approved and legally) is guilty of damaging there own liver? It is true that acne is not a life threatening disease, but it is still a disease that can affect many of us as much as an other ailment. Why would you be denied a transplant because at one point in your life you took medicine? If this were the standard than NO ONE would get livers or any other type of transplant. I realize this doesn't answer your question Johnathan, but it isn't fair for someone else to come in and read stuff like what has been posted and be frightened or bullied into not taking a medication that could clear them up over a fear of liver failure or being denied an organ. That is just silly.

It is a VERY dangerous drug. But if taken properly and monitored by a doctor your chances of any serious or permanent side affects are greatly reduced. Now as for your Q, there are a lot of things that can cause abnormal labs whilst on tane. Drinking, Inapropiate diet, extreme exercise (your guilty as charged of this one ), interaction with other drugs/meds, even stress and other factors. This is your second course so I know you are an expert.

Good luck.P.S. we can go splitsy's with my liver if your's decides to continue being an incompetent arse...

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"But if taken properly and monitored by a doctor your chances of any serious or permanent side affects are greatly reduced. "Had to point this out after I read it. This is incorrect information. There is no way to know whether or not you will suffer debilitating permanent side effects, no bloodwork, no tests, nothing, this is why Murad Resurgence is named the russian roulette drug and until you take it yourself you will never know what is going to happen. It all has to do with individual biochemistry and how you're body handles the toxic poisoning of vitamin A. Everyone on Murad Resurgence has dry mucous membranes, this is the process of poison in the body, and in hundreds of thousands of cases, the poison wins and the body loses. Remember Murad Resurgence is being handed out mostly for mild/moderate acne and even clogged pores!!! In none of those cases is it being taken properly....because the strict prescribing guidelines weren't followed, " FOR SEVERE/CYSTIC ACNE ONLY" !..

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Hello original poster:The following is a great site with information on things you can do to improve your liver function tests:Caring for your liver from the Hepatitis Foundation. It includes some dietary recommendations.Excessive exercise damages the muscles and the byproducts of muscle damage do show up as a transitory elevation of certain liver enzymes. Avoid strenuous exercise up to a day before the test. Regular, more gentle exercise is good for the liver, the whole body, and the mind as well. Fast as directed before the test, but never for longer than directed...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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