Tailbone pain with Medifast?

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Someone who has lost weight warned me that my tailbone will start hurting. Is this true for those of you who have lost weight? I don't recall it hurting when I was thin back in high school...

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Whatever...Being fat is more of a pain in my a** than any weight LOSS could ever cause.....

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It kind of depends on whether you've got a flat butt or a more rounded one. Mine's flat and my tailbone hurts fairly often. There just isn't a lot of protection there. I can't sit out on our back steps anymore; they're just too hard. If it didn't bother you before, it probably won't now.

It's not that tough to put up with, though...

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I am a no butt wonder, according to my children, can't say I have any tailbone pain though. That is kinda a strange thing. hummm..

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I laughed out loud when I read this because: YES... I am uncomfortably aware of my tailbone when I sit on hard benches AND my tailbone causes discomfort for certain exercises. I even got a SORE after a long workout on a rowing machine!.

YIKES and I thought I was the only one until now because anyone I asked about it, thought I was "kidding"!!!!!!.

Live & Learn... AND LAUGH at some of the new challenges we face!..

Comment #4

I had tailbone pain right before I reached goal. It was terrible. I had a hard time sitting in the car, chair or anything. My Dr. ordered some tests and it didnt show anything. It lasted about 4 months and then went away.

Said it was pretty common for someone who has had gbs or a lot of weight loss. It takes time for our entire body to adjust I guess. Thank goodness that's over. I have some tenderness at times, but I think that's because I have no butt left.


Comment #5

My tailbone has hurt off and on for years. It doesn't seem to have mattered whether I was slim or chubby. I am blessedly in a period of it not hurting...

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I fractured my tailbone 20 plus years ago and it never healed properly but as I got bigger I didn't have problems with it but went to the doc around the 60 lb. loss and wanted to know why I was in so much pain. That is when I found out that it healed crooked but ALL that weight protected it for quite some time. Now that I have lost over 100 yes I do indeed have tailbone pain and watch out for jeans that have hard seams down the crease of your butt The only pair of jeans I have now that fit I cannot sit through a movie or go on a car ride without having to move around alot to reajust. You are not alone..

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I can't watch long movies anymore because my butt starts to hurt!.

Who knew?!..

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I have tailbone issues too. Its caused a good deal of back pain as well. I am unsure that weight has had a lot to do with it. At least not so far. But I have been in PT for a few years and having my tailbone out of place was the original cause of it all...or so the pt thinks...

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