Medifast recipe for Syrups?

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I am trying to order some of the flavored syrups & some are much more expensive than others, can anyone tell me which ones are better??? The da vinci or the torini or is there another brand that you have found to be just as flavorful that does not break the pocket book (shipping)???..

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I buy the DaVinci syrups from (sp?). Flat rate shipping!!!! I love the toasted marshmallow and the caramel. White chocolate is yummy too!..

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I don't remember the brand but I got a bottle of sugar free caramel syrup for $4.99 at TJ Maxx. I've been using it in the vanilla appetite suppression shake and the banana creme pudding and it's really good...

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I just ordered the sample sugar free package from davinci and it was only about 20$ after comes with 4 flavors vanilla, hazlenut, carmel and rasberry! not a bad deal and now I can try a few flavors out!..

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Do you have to count the syrups in your food record?.



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I don't but I do limit it (according to Nutrisystem advice) to 4 tbsp a day!..

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I have used the DaVinci and Torani syrups. I like most of the flavors that I have tried. I found DaVinci Vanilla and Hazelnut at Super Walmart. I found some flavors at Marshall's. World Market has the Torani syrups. But the best source that I have found is T J Maxx.

There is the Artista Brand and the Artisan Coffee Roasters Brand. My favorite is the Artisan Coffee Roasters flavor of Vanilla Macadamia Nut. Keep looking and trying different flavors. It really adds to your options. You can also order many of these online...

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I got a HUGE bottle at Smart and Final (wholesale food place) for less than $6 Ambiance brand, but I live in so. cali. Dunno if they have them across the US...

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I just bought Artista brand SF syrup at TJ Maxx for $3.99 per bottle. This is the second time I found it there, so they probably carry it on a regular basis. I saw many flavors. I got Chocolate and Almond. I read a post a few weeks ago where someone said they found SF syrup at Target. Haven't looked there yet, but I will..

Hope this helps you out.


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