Medifast recipe for Syrups, flavor drops, Better than Bouillon?

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After extensive research, I have finally ordered some SF DaVinci Peanut Butter syrup, SF DaVinci Carmel Syrup, and I found some SF DaVinci Kahlua Syrup at the grocery store today on sale. I cannot wait to try these. I have also ordered a 6-pack of the popular flavor drops, cannot wait for those too....Oh yes, talk about a treasure hunt, I finally found the beef Better than Bouillon, tried it and it was wonderful in my beef stew. I wish they had the chicken flavor, but the other flavors they had were mushroom, vegetable, and ham. OH YES...I also found the True Lemon and True Lime! I was soooooo excited. Everything is going to be much more exciting in my little world of MF!! Just thought I would share...

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I could not live without these things...I hear ya. I also just got a bunch of Better Than Buillon but I ordered off their website at They have all the flavors and bigger sizes cause I go through a lot of it. They ALSO have Lobster flavor. If you like Lobster Bisque then you can use the Lobster flavor in the cream soups and it's awesome too. I use all of them that we are allowed...The chicken, clam, lobster, beef, mushroom and there is awesome Chili Base (I love it in the Medifast Chili).

Hope these things make you life easier, tastier and more fun. XXXB..

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Thanks for the internet site for the Better than Boullion. ordered some. have not been able to find it in town...

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Manafood...I know...It's hard to find. I have only found chicken or beef in my market so I just order it. I wouldn't touch the soups without it. Enjoy...

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Stilettox, the SF DaVinci Kahlua Syrup is my favorite with either chocolate or vanilla Medifast shakes. Does anyone know the nutrition info for the BTB?..

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Defrag BTB is 0 fat, 1 gr. carb and 10 calories per tsp...

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The Lobster is to die for. In the cream of broccoli or cream of chicken with just a sprinkle of garlic powder. And you can even use just a little less than the whole tsp if you only use 6-8 oz of water in your soups. I usually use 8-10 oz. of water with ALL the soups and then use a tsp...

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I agree w/Bettinathe Lobster BTB fabulous. Made a Lobster Pie using it & Butter Buds to make a faux lobster butter sauce and topped it with crushed Medifast garden crackers. Not too shabby at all!! Also experimented with the Clam BTB and New England Clam Chowder (it's a Cape Cod thing! LOL) using the cream of chic soup and a little mashed up cooked cauliflower for the potatoesnot too bad either! The Turkey BTB is amazingly turkey tasting and I put that in my chic noodle soup instead of Chic BTB sometimes..

As I can't find Ham or Chili Base BTB anywhere in my area, I think I am going to order them after the holidays. I miss ham!!! What do you do w/the Ham BTB tho'?.

You know, since being on this diet I have learned about so many new products and tried so many new things. This is great!!!..

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Totally agree with your ststement about learninng new ways of cooking since starting MF. think will be better prepared to not gain weight back when finally lose it. it is amazing what is out there to cook with that does not contain fat or sugar. and no artifical sugar either. thanks to all the amazing Medifast cooks and internet decoders for finding all these wonderful things.


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I think that's the best thing too. I love having these boards and learning to cook for the future...

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What are you, some kind of a Medigenius? I have been using Penzy's soup base for my soups. I use it in all of them. It is GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! But these BTB sound interesting. Are they low in sodium? That is why I quit the plain boullion.

On Tuesday I am going into Anchorage for a week, yes folks, I am getting aout of the village. First time since school started in August. I don't know if I remember how to act in public. Oh wait, I know...drink lots of wine and eat lots of crab legs. Not on plan, I know, but when you live in a dry village.... (I promise to moderate everything I do, but it has been a long time)..

Anyway, I am making a list of Medithings to buy while I am there. I will look for the BTB. I will also get the True lemon and lime. Someone posted a lime shake that sounded dreamy. Gosh there are just so many things that have sounded good and now my mind is spinning out of control at the idea of shopping and I can't remember a thing. Of course Betinna on the top of the list is our friend the flax! If any of you can think of little Medihelpers that I might want to pick up while in the city could you please send me a message or just reply here, I will keep checking back.

Well here is my chance.

Thanks friends!.


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At the beginning I was using the buillon cubes...Not good. Way too salty. The BTB isn't as salty and SO much more flavor. It comes in a jar and is like a paste. And you don't need a ton of it. I love the True Lemon and Lime too.

I tried the Walden Caramel Dip yesterday. Not bad. But I did just order a lot of Walden stuff from And our beloved flax seed meal that we won't give up.... What else? I think those are the big ticket items.

I have just about every flavor now. If someone took those away from me it would be buh-bye MF.....



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I would pick up some hazelnut Splenda, which is really good in the vanilla/chocolate shakes and the hot cocoa. Definitely look for the SF syrups. And see if they have any yam Shiratakis. YUM!!!..

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Yeah Farrell, good call on that Splenda...although I just ordered Stevia too because I am so worried about all the Splenda we are eating. AND I can't find the flavored Splenda anywhere here in LA. I have to order from Sigh...

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Does Stevia come in flavors? Is that the one that's natural? I've heard people mention it on the boards but I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere in the stores....

(Oh, Ruby - The flavored Splenda isn't by the regular Splenda... It's over where you find the coffee and the coffeemate. Took me a couple of weeks before I figured this out.)..

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Yes this is the one that is some herb or grass or some nutty thing. I can't wait to try it. It's coming from Netrition with my Walden Products and my MediSmoothage FLAX SEED MEAL...

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Thanks. Let me know what you think. I don't add Splenda to anything except the hot cocoa when I'm in the mood for a little bit of that hazelnut flavor, mostly because it's WAAAAAAY too sweet, even in the muffins and cookies. I'd be curious to know if Stevia can add a little sweetness without that way fake, sweety, Splenda taste...

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I am going to die of Chlorocarbon poisoning. There is Splenda in the Davinci stuff too and I am a wild woman with that stuff. Ugh. Will look forward to the natural stuff...

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I ordered a bunch of stuff from netrition too. I paid $40 shipping but it was well worth it. I ordered 4 Davincci syrups and they were packaged so well, each nesteled into little cardboard egg like cartons. Great company and well worth the shipping. They really know how to package their stuff. Remember where I live though, that is why the shipping was so spendy..

Actually Farrell, funny you should say that. I did get the flavored splenda from netrition as well and I love it. I use it in my cookies. Thanks for the tip on the noodles. I have wanted to try them but was concerned about the shipping. Asian Food Grocers on line has them, but they mentioned the liquid freezing in the cold weather, so I thought I best not go that route.

I am just wondering what recipe I should try with them? But I'll ask that again when I get back..

Thanks gang!.


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Ruby...Do the tuna noodle casserole with the noodles. Or the Italian one. Both good. I can't eat the noodles unless they are covered with SOMETHING. But others like them more than I do. Netrition rocks.

We all pay the 4.95 flat rate. Where is God's country can you be? My assistant is from Alaska actually..

Love ya.


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Bettina!!!! I just noticed the change in your ticker!!! You're almost half-way there!!!!!! YOU GO!!!..

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Thanks so much Farrell. I don't weigh myself very much. I would go NUTS. And I had bronchitis for three weeks so it was tough to be "good" when I could not bake or cook and was in bed. But when I got up this morning everything was so loose on that I had to weigh myself. Yiiiiippppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

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Oh YUMM..would you mind sharing how you prepare your seared tuna? That sounds really tasty...

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Thanks for the in Bettina. My stomach is giggling at the possibilities with BTB and my credit card is screaming...

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Defrag, I would be really lost without two things here...Davinci and BTB. My credit card screams at me too but I just can't stop with the stuff. I bought the larger sizes of the BTB by the way. I thought they would last longer and seem to be better pricewise. OXOXOXO..

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