Syrup ideas for Medifast?

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Does any1 have any suggestions?.

Cappella drops? or davinci syrups?.

I bought some WF stuff - only tasted the onion salad dressing & strawberry jam so far ... yummy to both!.

I have some cappella drops - dont think they do anything (maybe I'm not using enuf?) ... just kinda taste chemical-y ....

Davici seems to have a ton of syrups ... but they are a bit pricier ....



Personal experiences?.

Thanks all!..

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I love the Davinci syrups (or one of the other sugar-free brands.) The advantage of the syrups over the drops is that you can do more than just flavor a shake. As a treat you can do 1 ounce of the syrup over ice in a tall glass and add seltzer. It's a fizzy treat, different than diet soda. My current fav is the chocolate/macadamia syrup with berry seltzer. Tastes like the old Fago Chocolate Diet Soda. Note: Make sure your seltzer or sparkling water is 0 cal, 0 carb, 0 sodium.

Smiles and HUGS!..

Comment #1

I haven't tried the capella drops, but I love Davinci syprups! I use Raspberry, English Toffee, and the egg nog one (amazing in a vanilla shake if you are craving egg nog for the holidays). I would think the best thing about the capella drops is that they have no artificial sweeteners in them, but I just count the Davinci syrup as a condiment just like if I was using a packet of Splenda. Also the Davinci syrup bottles are 750 mL. If you use 2 tablespoons that is less than 30 mL a serving so at least 25 servings/ bottle which is quite a lot if you ask me..

Comment #2

Davinci or Torani SF Syrups are the way to go! They even have SF PANCAKE syrup!!! I spent a bunch of money on the Capelli drops and they were nasty...yes, very chemically tasting. The Torani & Davinci syrups are definitely worth the money and very versatile. I use them daily!!.

You can order them online @ or some of the other online companies. Some of the companies won't ship them during winter since the bottles can freeze & break but I just ordered some more from and they will be here this week. I make a yummy pumpkin shake & pumpkin pancakes w/pumpkin syrup also the EGGNOG SF syrup makes a yummy almost spot-on eggnog for the holidays.

Sorry....I got a little carried away cuz I just love the SF syrups. :0)..

Comment #3

Not a fan of the Cappella drops, bought a bunch of them, and they just sit in a drawer. If you use enough to tawte them, then they leave a funny tast. The DaVinci or Starbucks syrups are the way to go. If you go to Starbucks, just aske if they have enough to sell, and you get a giant bottle of syrup for $7.99. I do not like the Torani syrups, they have a funny aftertaste to me...

Comment #4

I dont like the capella drops or the Torani but love the Davinci. I use French vanilla in my cap, peanut butter in the pb soft serve, pancake syrup in my oatmeal, toffee in my coffee. I also order them from netrition since there's one price for shipping...

Comment #5

Capella is horrible. I just threw away 6 bottles that I bought 3 years ago. Very bitter and add very little flavor...

Comment #6

Thumbs down on those cappella drops, I love the torani and davinci, BUT I live in a very cold part of the US so after a certain date, netrition wont ship due to freezing and bottles breaking, I think torani is the same thing. this year I got smart and ordered alot before the end of november...

Comment #7

I suggest the syrups. I too bought a bunch of Cappella drops, about 12 of them, a couple of years ago. About six months ago I tossed them all in the trash. What a waste of money...

Comment #8

I love the davinci syrups! My new favorite is raspberry added to my chocolate almond coffee or the Brownie! Mmmmmmmm-..

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