Medifast recipe for Swiss Mocha Yuuuck?

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Am I the only one that hates swiss mocha?..

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Hate is a strong word for me, but I do make that my "add a spoon of peanut butter" flavor. I don't care for it alone...

Comment #1

I don't mind the Swiss Mocha. I add sugar free Kahlua syrup (Davinci) to it for a different flavor. Maybe adding SF syrups will help your taste buds...

Comment #2

It's not my fav either. I have to add Davinci's chocolate syrup to it...

Comment #3

Hate it! Nothing I added to it would take away the nasty taste. Powered through that one box I ordered, and never ordered it again...

Comment #4

Love the swiss mocha. Wasn't super wild at first, but it's become a favorite.reminds me of those days of eating the cake mix left over after pouring it in the pan! Or cookie dough ice cream (ok that's a stretch, but sort of.)..

Comment #5

Didn't like it at all when I first started. Now (6 weeks later) I like it a lotcurrently it's the vanilla shake that's pushed to the back of the shelf and used only for baking..

Tastes change I guess!..

Comment #6

Swiss Mocha is one of my favorites! With nothing added. Could not do the strarberry or arange at all. So now I have Dutch choc. Swiss Mocha and Vanilla !!..

Comment #7

I put about a half capful of almond extract in it. I like like that, but haven't ordered it again...

Comment #8

It is different! Having to acquire a taste for it...

Comment #9

The swiss mocha is not the best, but if you add some SF DaVinci Raspberry and make it a smoothie with some ice, it is not as bad. Another tip is to make it with suger free fruit flavored water such as strawberry flavored...

Comment #10

Its funny... swiss mocha is my favorite. Its my mid-morning treat. I buy a cup of dark roast coffee from my favorite coffee shop, add a bit of 1/2 and 1/2 and a couple packets of Splenda. I mix the shake with about 4 - 6 oz of water and then mix it with the coffee.


Comment #11

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