Surprised at weight loss with medifast

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My weight is just melting off. Almost 40 pounds down since mid-August and it's still working. I keep waiting for it to stop working. I mean, I see other people getting to or close to goal and it's worked for them, but there's some part of me that refuses to believe the weight will actually come off. It keeps coming off and I keep getting surprised. I like surprises..

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Oh Sassy! Reading your happy post just made my day! Of course it will continue to work! I know how you feel. I told my husband today that every morning I wake up feeling like I won a lottery! I'm so happy to be breakiing free from the fat prison!..

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It's amazing, isn't it?! When you stick to the plan - IT WORKS! It's faithful as long as you are. Congrats to you on Onederland too!..

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You both are so amazing. LOVE this thread. My pounds don't know where to go so they dissolve into nothingness...

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Thanks everyone!! I don't know why I keep feeling like Medifast is going to stop working for me... maybe because of the many failed diets in the past. I mean, I did lose 60 pounds before Medifast but alternated between WW, JC, and South Beach. What's wonderful is I have no desire to try another diet. Medifast will be my last!.

But tomorrow I'll have to tell myself again that yes, this will work and yes, I will lose weight...

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Adorable!!! I know the feeling, exactly. About once a week I'm sure it's stopped working, or will stop working, or never worked at all. Then I look at myself...

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I had the same "this has GOT to be it, no way this will keep working" feeling. It still amazes me every day that I got to goal, that I was able to stay on plan and that, in transition, I have still lost a little more. I "melted" too and no one even had to throw water on me! Well, I guess I threw tons of it inside me though! I am so happy that you are having such success, Sassy...

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Congratulations on 40lbs gone! Fantastic feeling huh? I went through feeling like all of a sudden it wasnt going to work for me anymore...that never happened. Keep believing, keep following the plan and keep being excited over your accomplishments!.


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Congrats on your weight-loss. I understand that feeling too, when will it stop working?.

You know when you try diet pills or other fad diets, they have a shelf-life of about 3 months..

This isn't that way, and I'm so glad, God put me on this path..

Congrats again!!..

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