Medifast recipe for Summer Rolls but not sushi?

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I just discovered a delicious food called Summer Rolls. They are in the Sushi section of markets but they are not RAW or sushi. They usually have shrimp and are wrapped in one or two layers of thin rice paper and lettuce with cucuombers, carrots and full of healthy vegetables. You can dip it in a low fat dressing like Sesame Ginger.

It definitely fulfills your green part of the plan and you can still have probably 4 oz more of protein because there isn't a lot in it. Tastes like you are eating a wrap but your are not cheating...

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These seem a little low in calories. also we do not recommend carrots during the weight loss phase of the program. How are you looking to use them as the lean or green? I would think it would fit the "green" aspect a little more.

Nutrition Facts.

Serving Size.

1 cup (81.2 g) 1 roll (70.0 g).

Amount Per Serving.

Calories 81Calories from Fat 18.

% Daily Value*.

Total Fat 2.0g3%.

Saturated Fat 0.7g3%.

Cholesterol 16mg5%.

Sodium 43mg2%.

Total Carbohydrates 10.1g3%.

Dietary Fiber 2.0g8%.

Protein 6.6g.

Nutritional Units 1.

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet..

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I just thought the shrimp in them count towards lean and green because there is a few shrimp in the ones I have bought. I can take the carrots out, there are other veggies on the list. Thank you!..

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If there is shrimp in them this will count towards the lean aspect...

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I see summer rolls all the time at the markets. The spring roll wrapper (which is made out of rice flour, salt and water) has 45 grams of carbs for about 6 wrappers, and the ones I see normally have 2 rolls per package that are cut in half. So that's 15g of carbs in just the wrappers. If they're both wrapped in two spring roll wrappers, then you've doubled your carbs to 30g. (The numbers are from the Banh Trang package, which are the most common wrappers around imo - I used to make summer rolls all the time, which is why I have a package in the house.).

Also, some stores and restaurants wont use lettuces or cabbage as a filler - they'll use somen, rice vermicelli, bean thread, cellophane noodle or whatever suits their fancy. A quick inspection will obviously tell you what's in it, especially if they're cut in half. It's fairly common to see pork in them, too, even though it'll say "shrimp summer roll" on the cover (not all store-made Japanese food is equal, too)..

Because we used to eat them a lot in our family, I've put the rice paper away and we use butter lettuce (or whatever large-leaf lettuce is on sale) as a wrapper with a cooked pork and mushroom mixture along with various fresh herbs and vegetables as stuffing. We sometimes use shrimp, but pork is generally cheaper for us. I'll cook up some rice vermicelli for the family to use, but I'll stick with my thai basil, cabbage and mint. I, too, make a sesame-gingerish sauce to dip it in, while the family uses a homemade peanut and sweet chili sauce. We actually prefer the lettuce wraps over the rice paper because we dont have to pass around the hot water bowl and they're easier for them to roll, too.

I did a little math according to my last shopping receipt, and it's about $0.37 per roll to make, compared to about $4.50 for 2 they charge here at the market. (you can probably make the summer rolls with rice paper and shrimp for about 70 cents at home per roll depending on the shrimp, etc)..

Just thought I'd add a lil input on a food I used to love.


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I've never had summer rolls before and I love sushi. May I please have your recipe? Also, your recipe for the dipping sauce you use would be helpful..



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I do my fillings all by taste, so I cant give you exacts, but it'll give you a good idea..

Because summer rolls are wrapped in rice paper, I just substitute the rice paper for a large-leaf lettuce - our favorite is Butter Lettuce - so it's a lettuce roll and not much of a summer roll (that's not to say you can't put a slice of shrimp, some dark-leafed lettuce or spinach and real crab meat in a leaf of lettuce). Unfortunately, Summer Rolls aren't really sushi, they just happen to be made by the guy markets hire to be their "sushi" chef. Other lettuce wrap fillings that I like are tomato and canned tuna with a little onion and/or dill relish, pork (even a spicy pulled pork is great in lettuce...just makes it taste really freshlike), and sliced beef like grilled marinated flank stank (which is excellent!)..

These lettuce rolls are kinda American-Asiany. The mushroom filling I use is pretty simple. It is a mix of portobello mushrooms and regular mushrooms finely chopped (Ive used crimini mushrooms before, too, and a few others that I had no idea what they'd be like but they all end up tasting alike, I think), with light soy sauce, oyster sauce (watch the carbs - some oyster sauces can be pretty high, some arent), a few drops of sesame oil (maybe a teaspoon, if that), fresh minced ginger and occasionally I'll add garlic. I cook it in a nonstick pan and taste it and add whatever is needed. The liquids aren't like too saucy - it basically keeps the filling together and moist, so probably 1 tablespoon or less of each. The shroom mixture can be OK on it's own, too, without the below sauce..

The sesame-ginger sauce is light soy sauce, minced ginger, rice wine vinegar (watch the carbs in this, too), sesame oil or olive oil, whichever is nearest to me, tho a tablespoon of sesame oil goes a long way with this for sure and gives it better taste (sometimes a tbls is too much, so do it to taste), garlic, a little splenda and I blend it with a handblender thingy. I normally dont need to add salt/pepper, but I have. I've also added red pepper flakes. Again, I'd tell you how much of each, but I normally just pour til it looks right (which, I know, is no help lol). I'll basically use the mushroom mix in a lettuce leaf with a little shredded cabbage and drizzle a wee bit of dressing on top. This sauce would probably be yummy drizzled over some mahi mahi and cabbage in a lettuce roll, too..

This recipe is one that I do often that I can explain better (not to mention it's fast, easy, and you can get your kids to help out). We were craving fish tacos, so after a little cookbook research, I came up with this (I think there's a cooking light recipe for something similar hanging around here somewhere, too):.

Fish Tacos.

1 Packet of Taco seasoning (many have about 4carbs per 2tbls serving, but you're not going to use more than 2tbls, depending on your family size, but you can choose according to the nutrition facts. You can make seasoning on your own, but I find this the easiest than buying particular spices and measuring).

1-2lbs of Mahi Mahi (or any other firm white fish, or meat, of your choice). For my husband and I, I usually end up with a little less than a pound of fish before cooking (we buy in bulk and I just thaw out fillets).

1 Head of lettuce such as butter lettuce, the leaves seperated and washed..

Homemade salsa! (2-3 ripe tomatos depending on size, 1-2 jalepenos, 1/2 an onion and cilantro. Little squeezed lime and salt and pepper). Course you can use your own recipe..

Cilantro (optional filling).

Onion (optional filling).

Low-fat cheese (optional filling and ya dont need a lot, either).

Lime (optional filling).

Thinly shredded cabbage (like coleslaw cabbage, without the dressing)..

Cook the fish or meat in a nonstick pan (you can salt/pepper as you wish) as the fish/meat is almost done, get yourself a 1/2c of water (you wont use all the water) and open the seasoning packet. Start with a half a tablespoon of seasoning and a little bit of the water and stir. The seasonings will cover the fish/meat and the water dilutes it a little but it'll thicken up as it cooks down. You can add more seasoning until the meat is well covered - usually takes me about 1 tablespoon. You can put the remainder in a ziploc bag for another time or toss it since it's cheap. We're allowed 1-2tsp of taco seasoning, so be wise about it.

After that, youre pretty much done. Your butter lettuce leaves are like tortillas and you fill it up like a taco. They're excellent and you wont miss the corn tortilla. You can basically pick and choose your fillings according to how you want to eat your "green" portion. We do ours with homemade salsa, fish, more cilantro and onions and a lil bit of shredded cheese. For me, the fish is good, but the salsa is the key I think some of the reason why we like these so much is because we dont normally eat salsa or low fat cheese and with this, we do. I normally will measure out the veggies and salsa to accomodate our green serving, but I'll admit we sometimes go a tad overboard with the veggies, so be careful!.

Good luck, hope this kind of helps..


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Thanks for the suggestions! I tried my own version of the summer rolls and they were really delicious!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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