Suggestions for hot drinks during Medifast?

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I usually mix the vanilla shake with coffee and blend with ice...but now that it is cooler temps..I am missing my VENTI latte..which I know is off limits.

Anyone have any suggestions combining coffee with Medifast meal for a hot drink/meal?? The cappachino/chai latte makes me already tried that and do not want to "waste" any more Medifast meals.

Would the vanilla shake mix well with hot coffee??.

Thanks guys!!..

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Your question was: Suggestions for hot drinks during Medifast?.

I make the hot chocolate in my bullet - heat and then add a couple of shots of espresso. Just like a mocha..

I do it with the cappuccino too..

I have also split both and added more hot water to make 2 coffee drinks. I live on coffee for breakfast...

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I add 2cups hot coffee in the blender with either cappicino, chai latte. For iced coffee I use choc or vaniila shakes with ice. Blender makes them frothy..

Good luck...

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Where do you get shots of expresso?? Isn't that adding extra caffeine to coffee, shakes, etc??..

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I have an espresso machine and I use decaf espresso. nom nom!..

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Here's another plug for my fave little gadget, the Aerolatte. I have coffee with a shake (vanilla or Swiss Mocha are my faves) EVERY day for breakfast, and I hate to nuke gets cold well before I finish it! So I pour about 4oz of freshly brewed coffee in my mug, pour in the packet and use the Aerolatte to froth it up. Then I top it off with more coffee (I generally end up with about 12oz in my mug) and sip it for an hour or so as I used to with my morning, sugar-and-cream laden coffee. If you miss a latte, give this a try. I also was REALLY jonesing for a pumpkin latte the other day, so I used brewed pumpkin-flavored coffee and added in my shake...WHOA. Nom nom nom. I don't miss those coffee shops (and their overpriced concoctions) one teeny bit!..

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Wonder if pumkin pie spice, vanilla shake and coffee would work too. Hmm... I know what my Aerolatte will be doing tonight!..

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Thank you so much everyone! It does mix better with cold coffee then heat it lumps! Added SF vanilla it!.

Where do you get an aerolatte?? Does it make the foam??..

Comment #7

I got mine at Amazon. Yes it's a milk frother so you just immerse the stem a little way into the shake and viola! Thick frothy yummy shake...

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You can get a can of foam called "cappuccino foam" vanilla flavored made by coffeehouse classics. It has 0 calories, 0 fat and 1 carb for 2 tbsp. I count it as 1 condiment. I live for the cappuccino in the am and I add coffee and foam. Good to know I can heat the shakes. Learn something new everyday talking to everyone..


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Aerolatte (yeah...I'm a total convert) mixes hot coffee and creates a good deal of foam...I find the vanilla and Swiss Mocha make nice amounts of foam....can't remember which flavor it is (chocolate? vanilla pudding? can't recall) that isn't as frothy..

As for the pumpkin pie spice....hmmm....not sure. I've been putting it in cold vanilla shakes recently, but never thought to try it in hot. Maybe that will be tomorrow's experiment!! I do, however, realllly want to buy the Torani's sugar free pumpkin syrup which is currently at Amazon for about $7.50 or $ will definitely be on my next Amazon order!..

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OK....I tried the pumpkin pie spice in my coffee this AM. It is actually good! I used a vanilla pudding as my mix-in with the coffee and 1/2 tsp of spice with about 12-13oz of hot coffee. YUM. I still wanna get the pumpkin Torani's, though......

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This sounds really good. I may try that tomorrow morning. I do have the Davinci pumpkin syrup. That will be Saturday's trial. I have some cinnamon at work and will try that too..

My usual is coffee with either the cappaccino or the hot cocoa added in. That's pretty good. I'm ready to try something else though...

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Thanks!! I tried the vanilla shake, cold coffee and SF torani's syrup...blended it then heated it up....really good!! Not as lumpy as mixing it with hot coffee and NO EXPLOSIONS!! hahahaaa...shake and coffee were all over the break room! That tiny Medifast shaker is not close to being big enough!!.

I am looking for the aerolatte right now!!..

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Make your normal vanilla shake with coffee and nuke it. tastes good hot too. Just mix with cold coffee to allow it to mix well then heat...

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I make the hot chocolate in my bullet - heat and then add a couple of shots of espresso. Just like a mocha..

I do it with the cappuccino too..

I have also split both and added more hot water to make 2 coffee drinks. I live on coffee for breakfast...

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