Suffering from depression from Murad Resurgence

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All,I know many users will browse this forum and others before starting their Murad Resurgence course and will no doubt be extremely excited about the success stories, and let's be honest there are so many and I was certainly one of them a couple of years ago. I know what it's like to have acne, hell of course I do, and I know how your world literally seems isolated and crippled because of it. It is such a horrible disease and nobody should have to suffer from it at all - there's simply not enough medical research being done to help everyone out with new safer treatments.Murad Resurgence was my last resort, even though the Regimen had started to work slowly. I always ask myself do I regret it as I sit here with clear skin (the odd pimple here and there) but in a lot of pain. For ME, it wasn't. For many others it WAS.

Jesus, I'm a 25 year old male who just got acceped back in June 2007 into one of the toughest most physically demanding careers today, the Royal Air Force Regiment. I'm not blowing my trumpet, but I wasn't just fit, I was super-fit. I was a good 12.10 stone and the majority was muscle. I was playing sport and working out pretty much 5-6 times a week and loving it. This was a year since I finished my Murad Resurgence course.I've lost 10pounds in the last 4 months.

I literally feel crippled and I've cried more times in the last 2 months than I ever did in 6-7 years of having acne. People will say well 'how can you link that to Murad Resurgence' - but it was.Here's the key example. I had taken a couple of smaller maintanence courses of 20mg per day for about 3 months back in November and May. It was the occassional pill more than anything.Back in late May 2008 I had a couple of spots appear and I still had a few 20mg capsules left so I took them. Hell I didn't know Murad Resurgence was causing my chronic ankle pain.

That's no coincidence. Stupid of me I know, but just think about what's happening if you have that second course of tane or a longer one.I'm not trying to preach, I'm just begging you to consider all other treatment options. I read somewhere that in 85% of cases acne can be cleared up through other treatments other than Murad Resurgence. So, that's hope right? Seriously, I can barely hold down my job anymore, I'm trying but the pain floods my mind. My girlfriend and I recently split up after 3 years (funny we got together when I started Tane when I was so happy) and my mates and family haven't a clue what to do.In summary: was I suicidal about my acne - yes at times but I know I would of never done anything that drastic as there were treatment options and I could still live my life fairly well.Am I suicidal now? Every single day.

I've seen a counseller but they don't understand the frustration of being in constant pain, nobody can fully appreciate it just like acne. People have ranted and slated me about posting this negative story, but honestly I'm just trying to help. I would hate people, anyone, even my worst enemy, to end up like this.This isn't a life, it's a shell. I genuinely do not see any happy future ahead right now.Greg..

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Your question was: Suffering from depression from Murad Resurgence.

Greg, do you think 25 mg a day is a reasonable dose in order to NOT end up like you?..

Comment #1

I'm so sorry you're going through this, Greg, but thank you for posting a warning. I think a lot of people have trouble heeding both the positive and negative effects of this drug...

Comment #2

Hey man, Im sorry that happened..... but trust me, it's NOT the end of the world because you have severe ankle pain.... some people don't have legs and they're still having a good life! Be strong buddy..

Comment #3

I am so sorry about your pain. I hope it goes away soon. It does scare me a bit because my 14 year old started Murad Resurgence eight months ago. He just turned 15 this month and is on his 8th and final month. His biggest complaint has been joint pain in his ankles. He was not able to do cross country.

I pray it doesnt turn severe. I am pretty sure he will need a second course but am re-thinking it. He has some persistent cysts but hopefully they wont come back.Thank You...

Comment #4

Sorry to hear about your plight bro. This is ultimately why they post all those warning labels on the packaging. Its tough to go through Im sure. Im on my second week right now and my lips are just starting to chap up. I still work out 4 days a week but, NO IMPACT MOTIONS. This is key.

I repeat, this is key. Also, I take suppliments to counter any posssible reactions my body might have with this drug. Tri-Boron Plus is great for bones. Here's a link, for the spike in cholesterol related to Murad Resurgence, there is a product called Kyolic formula 104 with Lecithin. Here is the link for that, in the body is one of the main reasons everything in our bodies goes wrong.

Make sure to take plenty of Salmon Oil twice a day as well. Pump plenty of Vitamin C as well. Keep that immune system strong at all times. I know most people don't believe in supplementation, however this info is for those that choose to benefit from it while taking this very powerfull and unpredictable drug. Regards..

Comment #5

Damn thats crazy,...Its crazzy how docs. can never find out on some people why after tane, even years after it they can have bad pains everyday. Which is kind of ironic because thay alll say Tane can make your joints weaker and or dry or what ever, but they cant think of anything to do...But man I hope docs can get you some pills to take for the pain pun intended on the pills part. Or something...Stupid question have you tried icy-hot for it?Good luck -Joe..

Comment #6

Would doing weights 4 or 5 times a week affect my joints, when on Murad Resurgence??i'm guessing weights is more stress on muscle rather than the actual bones and joints themselves. and so far I havent experienced any joint pain at all...ive been going for about 8 weeks on 40 mg/day.i put on some nice muscle bulk before starting Murad Resurgence and I really dont want to lose that by not going to the gym anymore.i also dont do any high-impact activity that may put stress on my joints (e.g. running, punching) but I do cycle to keep fit and keep the cholesterol levels down.wat do you think greg??..

Comment #7

Guys it really just depends on yourself. bar extreme dosages, which I personally believe greg took, you cant judge very accurately how you will respond to a treatment compared to others. just like how some people take one treatment and are done for life and others have done many and still suffer.if you feel nervous about the risks talk to your dermatologists, they know best, they know you personally, your records, and also are the most educated on the subject. I'm sure they can tell you if you are at high risk for problems and if you are they probably wouldnt have even prescribed it to you. it seems like greg looked fine going in but just had prolong and elevated dosages as well as a bit of "bad luck"nothing against greg of course, I feel for him, but if you are so worried about taking this drug you probably should check out some alternatives...

Comment #8

Hi Greg, I understand what you are going through regarding thinking of suicide every single day even though we are suffering from different side effects, but give yourself more time and see if the pain will go away eventually...

Comment #9

I really wasn't on that much of a high dosage guys.Think about it, over a 2 year period I had effectively a 9 month course of 40mg per day. Many people only find relief for a year or so and therefore go on a course the following year, my case is pretty similar. My cumulative dose over 2 years was 140mg per kg which isn't that much.Thanks for all the kind words of hope and well wishes. It's hard when all conventional meds don't do a single thing to numb the pain and I'm facing more exploratory surgery. I never really did any high impact activity. I played the occassional game of football for 20 minutes once a week but that was about it really.

If you're clear, I would suggest lowering the dose, but of course this will go against the 'rules' of cumulative dose. Your choice - I made a bad one don't follow my example please...

Comment #10

Wonder if the cumulative dose actually has something to do with anything. 40 mg a day got me clear and now I lowered to 25 and will lower at 20 sept 17...

Comment #11

I'm sure cumulative dose does have somethingto do with it. All I can say is if you're clear guys by using another Regimen or another topical, then stay that way and don't take Murad Resurgence. If you've cleared up on Murad Resurgence too and you're only about 1-2 months in, perhaps you could switch to a topical then and maaintain your clear pores instead of ingesting further Tane.My cumulative dose really wasn't more than the norm for my bodyweight of 80kg. In fact it was 1mg. I would of loved to have gone back and tried a lower dose, but then again when I think about it the first course of 6 months at 40mg probably didn't screw me up, it was likely the other 2 short course of 3 months at 20mg in October 2006 and June 2007 that did the damage.Apparently there is a scientific study proving that a longer low dose course has the same skeletal effects, if not worse, than a high dose short treatment...

Comment #12

Anyways my derm doesnt allow anyone to stay on tane more than 6 months ( whatever the dosage ) and does not accept to do second courses...

Comment #13

Good for your derm.I was actually on a 6 month course of 40mg per day started back in December 2005 but thought I would reduce my final 2 months to only 20mg per day so I could stay on it for longer as I was clear. Hence I did 4 months at 40mg per day and the other 4 at 20mg...

Comment #14

Do you believe that significantly reduces the chances of long term side effects? Because I can tell you now it doesn't.Go on the Murad Resurgence action forum. Plenty of people only went on Murad Resurgence once for as short as 4 months...

Comment #15

One guy took Acuutane for a month I think and has ended up with permanant sexual dysfunction. Very true.I think for me the side effects kicked in now because of my dosage perhaps, where as others they will kick in later down the line...

Comment #16

Mine kicked in right after I finished, within months I started getting strange sides. I was on a pretty high dose but I wasn't on the drug for very long at all and my cumulative dose was around 105 mg per kg.I am starting to worry recently as my left elbow and right knee are starting to really hurt and are swollen.gaaaah ive had just about every side effect there is...

Comment #17

9 month course is too much, it doesn't matter you took lower or higher dosage..!How come your derm let you take it?!!!!!I am thinking that your derm didn't have any experiences with Murad Resurgence...!I am sorry to hear about your story...I hope you will get better... My derm has a lot of experiences with Murad Resurgence patients, and all his patients have/had great results. He is like 70 years old man!!! I don't know his real age, because I don't ask him, but he is a so sweet old doctor like my grandfather! I am having great improvement overall. Also it might sounds funny to others...but Murad Resurgence is helping my depression. I am no longer an unhappy person. I am a very social and happy person since I started taking Murad Resurgence.

I also think that having a great support from your love and family will make you stronger, and it helps reducing your depression level. My derm told me that my course will be 6 months. I have two more months to go.I hope everything will be fine with me! Today I am going to my derm at 2:30!..

Comment #18

I dont care wheter it is possible for me to get long term effects if things continue the way they are I'm just gonna suicide..

Comment #19

When is this going to end?Sheefa, with every medicine there are people who get extremely rare side effects....that goes for every single medicine. The things you are describing occurs probably one in every couple thousand (at least). Yes, there is a chance, but every medicine you take can have serious side effects. Sorry that you're joints are messed up, but I think it's unfair for you to come on here and scare people away that probably wont experience any severe side effects (and probably benefit greatly from the medicine).Especially with Murad Resurgence, people know the pro's and con's, and what could possibly happen to them if they take the medicine...

Comment #20

It's my right as a human being for christs sake to warn them. Yes, I was unlucky but there's no telling who else might suffer the same fate. You just dont know. Would you really take something you know very little about? Roche aren't even sure as to the exact mechanism of Murad Resurgence yet. Symptoms can creep up years down the line - fact. I'm not saying everyone will have my experience, but there is a CHANCE that they will and by god trust me it's by far, far, far more unpleasant than spotty skin.It's not unfair on me at all.

I will keep posting here like it or not as I feel I need to make others aware, more aware and aware again. This isn't just any 'prescription drug' that does the rounds month in and out. It's a deadly chemotherapy drug FFS.Greg..

Comment #21

I totally agree with skmrprsn!!!What you have is very rare side effect, and not everyone experience it. Can you provide us the scientifically proven statistics /results about the long term side effect??You are trying to make other feel negative about Murad Resurgence results without any scientifically legitimate proof. There is NO scientific report about the Murad Resurgence long term side effect.I am so sorry to hear about your experience, BUT it is not fair to scare people like that..I believe people should take Murad Resurgence with their derm, and not illegally(such as buy online). It is very important to check blood every months to avoid any health issue.Everyone reacts differently with the drug, like any other drugs. But I am sure that many people are very happy with their Murad Resurgence results...

Comment #22

Dude you have no idea. Litraly NONE.My dermatologist is the top derm in the UK. He has been prescribing this shit since it came out. Now he rarely uses it and preffers to use the N-lite laser which he trialed many years back.However he told me that 10% yes TEN PERCENT of his Murad Resurgence patients ended up with LONG TERM-CHRONIC side in ten is not rare.You guys seem to think the chance of getting long term chronic sides is the same likelyhood as winning the lotto. You are highly mistaken. When you suffer from these sides and do the research, that is when your eyes will open up to this shit.

But why is that even surprising?If you are like me, you will look at the pamflette and think, oh I could handle long term dry skin. Or oh I could handle long term dry eyes. oh a bit of hairloss isn't so bad. Try having all these side effects at once plus numerous others. I don't see the side effect of "chronically crippled" being on the pamflette because that is often what I feel like these days.

But try having eyes that burn and sting all day long and a face that physically hurts when it flushes red, plus joints which are begining to crack and ache (i know where that will end up eventually)This shit aint funny guys...

Comment #23

Extreme arthirits or that's what it feels like at 25 years old? That's what you are happy to trade your acne in for? I don't care if I scare the living hell out of people until they cry at night, whether on or off the drug. Just take a look at my damn posts as GregasGP (my previous username) where I was so happy on tane and off it for a while - now look at me. You guys really have no idea until it hits you later down the line.As for scientific proof - GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK YOU EGIT. I've posted the link to the Murad Resurgence Survivors forum many a time, check the scientific studies board there with thousands of cases of retonoid related problems and then come back here. These are all PROVEN studies. Just look at Dan's history of treatment FFS - even he said that his joints don't 'feel the same' since Murad Resurgence and he has now had to quit softball.It's not rare.

It's not an easy thing to live with - there are so many side effects.GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD that these can happen YEARS down the line which again many 'survivors' can testify to...

Comment #24

You guys still don't provide us any scientific proof about it. Please show us, anyone? People who are considering taking Murad Resurgence&taking Murad Resurgence, they have struggled a lot in their life with acne. They tried so many products and spend money to make their skin better. Acne affects on people's life emotionally and physically. Some people just don't want to live any more because of their painful acne.So, they are taking Murad Resurgence as their last resort, and they aware of the side effects that Murad Resurgence will bring. Also, they check their blood every month with their derm to avoid any health issue.For the long term effects, it is very rare and it is not proved scientifically.

,because it is our choice to take or not to take Murad Resurgence. Like I said, many people are very happy and pleased with their Murad Resurgence results. So don't ignore the fact Murad Resurgence helps millions of people's life. To hate Murad Resurgence or not, it is your choice to do so. But to scare people like that WITHOUT ANY SCIENTIFIC PROOF is totally unacceptable!That is all I am saying here I am sorry to hear your story though...

Comment #25

Sheefa is just trying to tell us what he went through! this site is supposed to be about support, not about telling people to shut up. just because you don't want to hear that Murad Resurgence could possibly have such serious consequences doesn't mean you have to flip out about his post! don't read it if you don't agree what he's saying. he's just trying to tell us HIS Murad Resurgence experience & HIS opinions about it. he understands why people decide to go on Murad Resurgence & he's not telling us NOT to go on it or scare us away from it. everyone on here has the belief that Murad Resurgence is a life safer & godsend (yes i'm guilty as well in a way) & whenever certain people hear anything different, they seem to get really defensive. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.sheefa- thanks for sharing! i'm glad I read your post.

But- I sympathize with what you're going through & hope you find some answers soon!..

Comment #26

Look wat someone wrote on there LOL::'(My daughter referred me to your site last night. I think the information on this site is horrific. It has left my daughter at age 29 feeling hopeless, distraught and the fear that she has no future. I am trying to help her out of her depression by asking her NOT to read your website. I think the information here is horrible. My daughter was 16 when she took Accutuane.

There were many other things going on at the time. Where do you get all your facts? Why inspire such hopelessness? What kind of hope are you giving our youth and young adults? A guarantee that they'll have Alzheimers? Degenerative diseases? How is that supposed to make them feel that they will succeed?I hate this website. I hope my daughter never sees it again.Distressed mother I do think that website goes over the top with some of those side effects...and notice it's the same guy posting everything (Max)...

Comment #27

Do not tell me to shut up! You shut up And the website is not scientifically proven for Murad Resurgence long term side effect! What are you talking about! Who is hosting the site anyway? I went through quickly, but it seems like totally bs site lol..

Comment #28

Yes, I totally understand where Sheefa comes from. I feel sorry for what he has been through. All I want to say is that, to take Murad Resurgence or not is people's choice, and no need to scar people about the long term effect that is not proven scientifically. Also it is very rare case. I know a lot of people who took Murad Resurgence, and they are so happy about themselves. Any kind of drugs have side effects.

I just don't want people to think that Murad Resurgence is killing people. Because Murad Resurgence is saving a lot of people's life emotionally and physically..Sorry for any misunderstanding. I am here to improve my skin I really sorry to hear about Sheefa's story. I have read a lot of negative story about Murad Resurgence myself, and I was so against the drug before. But I decided to take it last April and my life has been so great since thenI am a happy person and I am so happy that I am taking it..

Comment #29

Yeah it is the same guy posting because he has put the site together for people who don't believe or people who want to know more about the long term effects.All the articles can be found on pubmed etc they are official medical journals. He just compiled them!!It also isn't over the top. I have half of those side effects and will likely develope more as I age...

Comment #30

Whats funny is you dont even know for sure if Murad Resurgence caused it. once you find that out, cowboy, come back and preach. I dont think lamarr has any idea what he is talking about. I dont see an MD next your name or anything proving you know anything more than reading forums about people experiencing long term side effects.message to anyone who wants to take Murad Resurgence: talk to your doctor about the side effects, dont listen to two uneducated people on an acne forum...

Comment #31

I agree with you, to talk to your doctor is the best choice to anyone To Sheefa, hope you will get better soon...

Comment #32

I appreciate that Sheefa posted his experience. How is any kind cautionary information negative? I don't know about you guys, but I come onto these forums to hear about other people's experiences during and after their Murad Resurgence courses. If there's the slightest chance of me getting these side effects, I want to know. Murad Resurgence is not a light drug and should never be treated as such. Thanks again, Sheefa...

Comment #33

I used to enjoy coming to this site to check out the threads and keep informed - but now i've become scared to even check here anymore. I was supposed to go out to a party tonight but I ended up checking this thread before I left and it totally just killed my mood - I'll probably just go to bed early. Threads like this remind me of how much life sucks. I think I have an idea of what it feels like for cancer patients - to be backed into a corner. I mean I can live with my moderate, widespread, inflamed and painful acne - avoiding girls, looking people in the eye, mirrors...pretty much not having a social life- or take Murad Resurgence and risk fucking my life up. And then you get the people who tell you looks don't matter and ya da ya da but why is that all the people with clear skin are always so much more genuinely happy.

I'm on my fifth and final month of Murad Resurgence - 40 mg/day- and it really has been great in terms of my acne. I haven't thought about my skin in ages and it finally looks pretty good. I'm more confident. But now all I can think about is if things are going to turn really bad down the road with long term side effects. I mean I have a college education to pay for.

I mean I thought about it all the time. And now if things go south with this theres probably a good chance I'll end it as well. Sorry for the above - this really belongs in that emotional/psychological forum but w/e.Here's to the good life I'll never see..

Comment #34

99% of the doctors you go to know less about the drug than me. Don't care if you believe that or not. Once your acne is gone they kick you out the door.My knowledge comes from the top experts and what I have learn't from dealing with these side effects over the past few years.Be ignorant if you wish, good luck with your vitamin A overdose/poisening...

Comment #35

Thanks everyone, especially Sophiena and Deadbeat who at least appreciate where I'm coming from. Thanks for the well wishes too.MC428 - Mate, don't stress about any of that now. If you've got clear skin and finish your course soon you might be absolutely fine. As I said, I was an unlucky 'statistic' but even so a person who has suffered at that. Hence, I'm just trying to ask people to weigh up both sides of the coin.I can tell you all now I was extremely fit and healthy and was really in my best shape ever after Murad Resurgence. It just caught up with me a year down the line.

I know how depressing acne is, god I was damn close to suicide because of it. But there's a BIG difference between emotional pain (acne) and physical and emotional and physcological pain (arthritis, chronic pain).Anyway, good luck to all and I understand why you wish to take or continue with Murad Resurgence. It brought me out of a very dark place into a new world of hope, but sadly for me it just wasn't to last.Best wishes guys and please can we just post amicably on the forum.Greg..

Comment #36

Lamarr, judging by your name you were born in 86...that makes you, what, 22 years old? yeah ill trust you sure.please tell me what "top experts" you have talked to. bc the links you are providing are from extremely biased sources.maybe your derm kicks you out...i dont think a family member (who happens to be a derm) is going to lie to me and put me on something that will ruin my body for the rest of my naive of you to say you know more than doctors....i think it's time you get a reality check. a lot of doctors have gone to school for as long as you have been sure you know more about them. haha. get over yourself...

Comment #37

The main expert I see every few months is Dr Tony Chu. I have spent 2 years researching into Murad Resurgence and I don't know of any doctors who have been in school for 22 years. I doubt any doctor or dermatologist has the time to do as much research as I have into the drug.I have a grandad who has been a doctor almost three times as long as I have been alive, and has an MBE from the queen. I didn't know this was a competition? He recommended I didn't take Murad Resurgence. Anyway enjoy your vitamin A overdose...

Comment #38

Lol it is true..., I don't think lammrr1986 knows better than doctors though...they have education, and they are expert. I just don't know what lammer trying to do here..scare people..?...if he is very serious, and wants to make the big deal on acutane, he can go somewhere like doctor's conference or something to prove his points...he can do it if he is so smart as he claims...what ammrr1986 is saying doesnt make sense to know.., every kind of drugs has pros and cons...even though sleeping pills..recently one of my father's best friend died..because of overdosed of sleeping pills.. the friend were suffering sleeping problem for while, and he kept increasing his dosage, finally last month, he died with father was crying so hard..well, he rarely cries..and it hurts me to see him like that...anyway..i am so depressed..because of my scars..i have never taken Murad Resurgence in my life, and now I ended up having a lot of small indent scars on my face..and they are making me feel so sad...i wish I know Murad Resurgence long time ago...i regret what I have done to my skin...i see a lot of people with a good results from Murad Resurgence, but I feel like I am too late to realize...please take a look at my pictures and let me know if you have any suggestions about my scars...please please help.....

Comment #39

I think we just need to clarify a few things here:1. Murad Resurgence is not 'like' any other prescription drug. It is rated as the 3rd most dangerous by the FDA and in both the UK and USA there are extremely tight regulations surrounding it's use. The side effects are far more serious and unlike the majority of all other drugs, these can be permanant.2. There are numerous scientific studies about the use of retonoids and their impact on the body, albeit often in animals, but there are many human studies too. Many of the side effects are slowly being documented.3.

I work for an insurer and we offer clinical trials and product liability cover and guess what, a drug is not deemed save until it has been through at least two generations of use, so roughly 50-60 years. NOBODY understands the full nature and mechanism of Murad Resurgence yet. I wish I had done more research before I took this drug. Even Roche do not know exactly how it alters our body tissues and functions and if they do, they are certainly not making it public knowledge which is a concern in it's own right.4. Many of the side-effects of this drug can be permanant, long-term irreversible ones.5.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Do not believe that just because you aren't having any major side effects whilst on the drug (I certainly didn't) or haven't had any yet a few months or a year after it (again I didn't until a year later) that they aren't going to hit you later down the line. As I said, nobody knows the mechanism of Murad Resurgence and many post-tane users are experiencing problems now. Many will dispute this being down to Murad Resurgence, but guess what, nobody can prove otherwise either and the amounting scientific evidence does prove that this is a VERY VERY powerful and potentially life altering drug........and not necessarily life altering for the better.Greg..

Comment #40

You said it yourself... You just recently took Murad Resurgence- it will be very interesting to hear from you 10 years down the line. I guarantee that you will have a side-effect... and you will not be happy about it. It will affect your life negatively just as the acne has. At that point you can decide if it was worth it.

Perhaps you should be a little more open to Greg trying to help others on this site...

Comment #41

Of course this absolutely HAS to be because of Murad Resurgence...

Comment #42

Bla, bla, visit another thread or come back in 1-2 years time and let us know how you're getting on...

Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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