Medifast recipe for Strawberry/Banana/Orange Shakes?

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OK-I love the chocolate shakes, I love the vanilla if you make them into cookies, but I can't stomach the fruit ones. I tried making them into sorbets, but I would like other options-any suggestions?.


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I agree they are the pits! I still have a box of orange from my first order in Dec. 2005! You might try mixing them with a diet soda or sparkling water. Adding a coconut flavor might make a more interesting flavor. I don't know much about mixology, but maybe there are drinks that could inspire you?..

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The first thing I thought of was to add ice cream!..

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One of my favorite things to make with those flavors of shakes is a smoothie. Mix up all three shakes in separate containers and let them sit for a couple hours. When you're ready take 1/3 of a cup from each mixture, add some ice and some strawberry-orange-banana flavored Crystal Light and blend until it's the consistency you like. Use the left over shakes mixes for another two meals, measuring them out until you're through (just remember to shake them up in the fridge every once in awhile to keep them form separating). I've done individual smoothies with each of them as well, adding SF syrups or different flavors of Crystal Light...

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I bake with the banana and orange shakes. Depending on the flavor, I choose a suitable oatmeal, ground flax seed, 4 oz of water (approximately), 1/2 tsp of baking powder and some spices. Bake in a muffin tin for 25-30 minutes at 350 and you've got two Medifast meals..

My favorite combos:.




Although I usually hate strawberry flavored anything, I found the strawberry shakes really appetizing. Go figure...

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I use 10-16 oz of water, and add a packet of the single-serve (the add to a water bottle kind) flavors of Crystal Light (or the Walmart/Target brands) and mix up in my Magic Bullet blender. My favorite combos are Strawberry Lemondade w/ the Strawberry and Sunrise (orange) in the Banana or Orange. Hope this helps!..

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Ok, so I know we can add 2 spoons of ff/ss jello pudding mix to our shakes and count it as a snack. Well, I usually add just 1 spoon, so I can do it twice and still only be 1 snack. I made the orange shake with a spoon of cheesecake flavor mix in it...and it was good! I dont like the orange shakes, but I liked it this way. Much better than mixing it with the diet orange soda. I tried that too!!.

I have also made the banana shake with banana cream pudding mix, or adding my peanut butter to it..

Good luck!!..

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I didn't like the orange shakes either the first time I tried it, in fact it was the first Medifast meal I tried. I thought, Oh boy, I am in trouble here. Tonight, I mixed in my blender with sparkling water, cinnamon and ice cubes. I loved it!..

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I add diet rite tangerine soda, and lots of ice to the orange soda, It tastes great to me!!!! I also add true lemon to it , cuts the artificial flavor...

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I just bought some diet A&W cream soda today and tried it out with an orange creme shake with lots of ice. WOW!! Can you say Creamsicle!!? I am going to enjoy this icy cold all summer long. I am sure the strawberry and maybe even the banana will taste just as refreshing on a balmy Florida summer day! On those extra scorching days I will just have to break out the blender to make creamsicle slushies...

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I use the fruit flavored shakes when making the "ice cream" recipe. I add the following:.

To the Orange Shake I add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and it tastes like an Orange Creamsicle. Delicious!.

To the Strawberry Shake I add 1/2 teaspoon of strawberry extract and 6 drops of capella "new york cheesecake" flavor and end up with Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream YUMMMM!.

To The Banana Shake I add 1/2 teaspoon of Rum extract and 1 Tablespoon of WF chocolate syrup. Reminds of a frozen banana dipped in chocolate with a nice hint of rum flavor!.

All come out close to soft-serve ice cream...

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I like the banana shakes with about 1 tsp of pb2 in it. the orange...if you put a little vanilla extract in it...makes it taste like a dreamcicle. I HATE the strawberry...i haven't found anything that makes it better. usually just drink it as fast as I can..

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