Medifast recipe for STOVE BROKE!! EMERGENCY L&G ideas NEEDED!!?

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Hey guys! My stove shorted out this evening! I was JUST about to sautee my onions to do a beef broccoli dish and a giant spark flew out. Next thing I knew none of the burners would turn on! AHH! Ended up flying down to El Pollo Loco for some grilled chicken and fresh veggies for tonight. However, I don't want to have to go there every night until I can get the stove fixed. Anybody have ideas for Lean and Green meals without a stove? My oven works and I have a microwave. I feel I must mention that I have little to no experience baking savory foods, but I can definitely give it a go.


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I did some baked chicken that was yummy. Used a packet of Medifast crackers that I crushed up and added some garlic powder and a little pepper. Dipped my chicken breast in the smallest amt of egg beaters (I chose this rather than milk after looking at the label and seeing the calorie and carb content, plus it was literally a Tbsp or less egg) then rolled in cracker mix. I baked it for probably 15-20 min, depending on thickness and ate it with a salad. It was tasty to me- nice to have something a little crunchy, instead of just grilled chicken..


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Do you have a George Foreman grill or an electric skillet? You can get the skillet almost anywhere, and Rival has one we picked up at walmarts for all of $25. And we love the Foreman for winter grilling... Sorry about your stove!..

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I use the GF grill and a crockpot to fix many of my meats...

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Sorry about your stove...try starkist tuna in the foil packets or chickenbreast in a can packed in water. Both are yummi & legal..

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I use the regular tuna fish in a can and mix in a bit of olive oil and pickle juice (for some tang) along with finely diced onion. That and some celery sticks (or lettuce) and you've got a decent tasting, crunchy meal..

Do you have a grill? They work great for meat and veggies.

If you have a microwave, that'll work for steaming veggies. I don't see why you couldn't steam meat (like chicken) also. Might not taste as good as if you did it on the stove, but emergencies call for desperate measures..

There's always that recipie for making poached salmon in the dishwasher...

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Oh, and if you're friendly with anyone near by, you could ask to use their stove and/or grill to cook up a bunch of meat ahead of time and then freeze it. Then you can just microwave it when you're ready to eat it...

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How about an electric skillet? They're cheap and Walmart et. al. carries them. You can also buy an electric burner for about $10 at Walmart.

I've been known to light up my camp stove in a pinch. It runs on propane and I got it for $30 at Walmart or Target...

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Fish is a savory item that's hard to screw up in the oven (versus roast beef, chicken, or pork which you can easily, and seriously, over- cook and dry out).

Cover a salmon filet with some minced fresh herbs and garlic (my favorites are rosemary or basil) and just a spread on a bit of EVOO (less than a tsp is all you need for one 5-7 oz filet,) some salt and pepper, and then pop it in a 325 degree oven for around 25 min, or until the fish is about 125 degrees in the center, pink, and juices run clear.

You can use this method with pretty much any store bought fish filet, try it with a little lemon juice or ginger instead of garlic, cilantro and lime juice, etc. The combos are endless, and it's virtually goof proof. No measuring needed! Just be careful of the amount of juice, oil or ginger you use, as these do add calories. Still generally totally legal (and tasty if you use less than a tsp of each, one at a time.).

I have also done the chicken breast 'breaded' with Medifast crackers... VERY YUMMY, especially if you pound out the breast and stuff it with tomatos and italian herbs!! mmmm. Now I'm hungry.

Hope this helps!.


NJ, 25Yrs, 5'9".

Start 185lbs.

Now 161.8lbs.

Goal 145 lbs Size 6/8..

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I've used the Starkist Tuna in the foil packets for vacation in a hotel. They are tasty and easy to heat up. I used a hot water pot. Just boil the water and stick the entire packet (unopened) into the hot water and leave for 10 minutes. They have a couple of different flavor options and are pretty good...

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If you have a Costco near you.........they have wonderful packaged pre-cooked chicken breast, cut up and ready to eat for salads. It is usually in the cheese/ lunch meat section..

I luv it!..

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Thanks, guys, for all of the ideas. Reading them is giving me the munchies! Will have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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