Stores that sell cheap drug test strips?

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I got a quick question: Stores that sell cheap drug test strips?.

I also got another question: Hi,.

Has anyone tried any of the "new" foods?.


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Your question was: Stores that sell cheap drug test strips?.

Wished they would start on those lunches, so many people don't like them. Would think that would be top priority..

The only thing I've tried is the White Chocolate Cookie, it's good...

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I liked the cookie as well.... I will have my scone tommorow,,,,looking forward to it......So far everything I have had this week has ben good.....Tonight I will try the new thick pizza. Have a good day Pam..

Comment #2

NS is having website problems. We will gradually see all the new foods. There are about 7 new breakfasts, 20+ new lunches, only 1 new dinner, and several new desserts. Hopefully, everything will be listed by the first or second week in January...

Comment #3

I am also looking forward to some new items. I love scones and have already selected it for my next order at the end of January. I'm starting to wean myself off so one autoshipment last about 2 months...

Comment #4

I found it when I called Customer Svc. in November about something. I also received an email today...

Comment #5

Thanks for the information.....I was just looking for them but no luck.....I have tried the new pizza ....soooo good. Sunday I will try the scone. I heard it was good and to warm it up slightly...... I do find that I am not hungry and must remind myself to eat....maybe it is me or maybe it is true the new formula...... Have a Happy New Year..

Comment #6

This is my second time doing Nutrisystem. I think the new food tastes better. The scone is amazing. I had to do an "a la carte" order for 6 more! The blueberry lemon bar was also very good. I thought it would be dry but it wasn't. The cranberry/orange pastry was good too...

Comment #7


I had the scone yesterday & the cranberry/orange pastry today. I liked them both too. Thinking of trying the new pizza tonight at dinner..

My second try at NS too, and I agree 100%...the food is better this time..

Have a great day!..

Comment #8

I just reordered and asked about the new foods mentioned on the recording while on pockets!? The rep told me that the new"er" foods will be coming out in February and that when I reorder at the end of January I should ask about them...see if they are in yet..

For those in similar situations (reordering at end of Jan, beginning of Feb.), it may be smart to hold off an extra week before reordering so you can include the new foods in your next order. Check with NS first so you don't run out of food on my suggestion ..

Can't wait.....

Comment #9

I'm looking forward to seeing the new line up too! I'm most curious and hope that they've come up with some winners for us to enjoy on this plan!..

Comment #10

Just started this week and am worried about the weekend. What can I eat or snack on when I have hunger pangs? Carrots? Celery? Other non-fat foods? Please help!!!!..

Comment #11

Look at the list of free foods or the "unlimited" salad veggies. Extra veggies are always good. SF Jello is a free food that helped me so very much the first month I was here..

Find some sugar free gum or sugar free candy (not too much)..

Drink extra water and herbal or decaf tea. Go for a walk! Much harder to eat when your "walking"......even if it's INSIDE your house cause it's too cold to go out..

Comment #12

Now we are out to February?? Good God last year it was "supplier" problems now what is the story.......they still have "stuff" in the warehouses? This time last year we at least had SOME items that were truly NEW.....its getting to be really slim pickens here for breakfast and lunch..

If they are saying February now it will be late February/early March before they get rolling! Poor planning again.

Or was the statement that there would be 20 new entrees added in total BY February?..

Comment #13

I didn't realize I could have SF foods. I'll run out tonight and get some SF FF Jello and gum!.


Comment #14

Youre very welcome - keep those "free foods" under 20 calories AND no more than 3 per day.

Don't put them all together in one sitting either - or it ends up a carb and ya mess everything up!..

Comment #15

Just got my 2nd shipment today.. and of course this one includes new stuff.. I got the Apple Sconces and the thick pizza that I am really looking forward to trying!..

Comment #16

I tried the new thick crust pizza.. thought it was pretty good... reminds me a lot of Lean Cuisine pizzas..

Comment #17

I'm new, so all the foods are new to me right now! How often does NS add new items to the mix?..

Comment #18

Omg, I am in looove with so many new foods! the scone is sooo ridiculously good! so are the flatbread and thick crust pizzas! and the chocolate desserts are awesome as always! I am loving every minute of this program right now! anyone else finding the advanced plan just rocks so far?..

Comment #19

It certainly does. I'm only a few days in and alreday loving it. Once the headaches went away I felt great...

Comment #20

I tried the advanced peanut butter cookie and loved it! Hope you have a great day!..

Comment #21

It looks like you just started with NS. You haven't even given it a chance. It takes a month or two before you know what you like, and there's several ways of making the food. Please give it time. A trick for the lunch entrees in the cardboard container. Put them in a plastic microwable container and stir them extremely well.

You can always add more water. Most everyone likes the soups. They are not grainy if you let them set and stir them well. Good luck, please don't quit. NS will be adding about 20 lunches hopefully by the end of January...

Comment #22

I did. The White Chocolate Chunk cookie is really good - not too soft but also not rock hard. The chicken and dumlings is also a really good meal with actual chicken chunks and the gravy is just the right thickness. The breakfast sconce is delicious - especially if heated just a little before you eat it. I ate the sconce and was thankful that I only ordered one A la carte because I wanted another one. LOL I'm looking forward to "new" foods being added to the lunch menu.

Of course, that could mean anytime between now and December of 2008. but it gives me something to look forward to...

Comment #23

Wished they would start on those lunches, so many people don't like them. Would think that would be top priority..

The only thing I've tried is the White Chocolate Cookie, it's good...

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