Stopping Nutrisystem?

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I have about 3 days of Nutrisystem foods left. Delayed my next order for a few months. I went below my goal, and will use 170 pounds as my "time to slow down" weight. That gives me a 5 pound buffer to play with. I did not give much thought as to what to pick up for next week. I will continue to have my 10 am yogurt, and other snacks between small meals.

I do have to stop soon. Noticing some real wacky things going on. Not sure if it's the heat, or just another year older. But hard work in this heat never hurt before. Heart palpitations, weak, tired, feel the need to stop in my tracks and take a break...or die tryin..

So far I'm thinking:.


I call it Bowl o' egg.

Spray a shot of pam into a small bowl crack a egg, nuke for 25 sec, then 8, then 5. And just slide it off onto one slice of multi grain bread. Then Cereal or something. 1/2 banana..

10am: Yogurt, 1/2 banana.


Regular days will be a 1/2 sandwich with Boars head deli meat on a multi grain bread. One piece of celery and 6 almonds..

If I find a day where there might be too much fat, maybe like a drive thru chicken sandwich, I will leave out the almonds kind of thing..

2pm Not sure yet.


Salad every night. I miss those nice little lamb chops. They have such a Tiny piece of meat on the end. I figure one...or even maybe two of those. Sweet potato or corn. Find some frozen, easy to cook TV type dinners.

7pm snack:.

Not sure yet.

I never really had a "weight problem" with food. My problem has been A lot of food. Finish EVERYTHING. Even if what I cooked was two or three people. Loved the BBQ! Big pieces of meat, all for me, and some trimmings for Nico..

But mostly alcohol. Beer, will put on on fast, wine does not help, vodka tonics will not help. But this was my daily routine. Eat large, get drunk.

I think I know what to stay away from mostly..

I want to keep my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure in check. And what ever else age and time brings along..

Any other suggestions?..

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Your question was: Stopping Nutrisystem?.

WOW, Good Luck. I just switched to the Flex Program because I was afraid to go it alone. This just gives me the weekends to have to worry about. Works for me and some day I might switch to maintenance but Good Luck to you.


Comment #1

Stay away from alcohol and sweets and keep some good veggie volume in there and you should be fine...

Comment #2

You better continue to post and visit us here, Ralphie! Or else.As far as advice - keep on the Nutrisystem site, scan the food threads, hit the recipes, etc. If you need to vent, come here, too!.

Good luck and take care of yourself...

Comment #3

Yup. Slippery slope! I tried it, & lasted about 2 years. Ba(k on 100% NS. Progressing ba(k to goal ni(ely. Good lu(k on your own! NS, & all of us are here if you should need it again, down the road...

Comment #4

OK, so I did not know you gotta kinda ween yourself off of NS. I'm sure I'll do fine. If not, I'll un-delay my order. I did not cancel. Just left it open, just in case. As far as me leaving the threads? I ain't goin nowhere.

So I'll always be....lurkin, or lookin for info, playin games, until day kick me out...

Comment #5

Wishing you all the best on your endeavor, Ralphie-Boy! You sound like you have a good plan, that's important. Stay away from the booze, keep the portions right, lots of fiber and vegies, you'll do great!! Stick around here, and no fair just "lurking"!! Some of us witches expect a few laughs every now and then, ya know..

Comment #6

Here's what I ate today.


Orange Juice.

Bread, multigrain.

Golean Crunch Cereal, Ready-to-Serve (Kashi) Crunch berry.

Total 382.9.

Yogurt, nonfat.


Total 135.1.


Almonds 6.

Ham & FF Cheese 1/2 sandwich.

Total 223.1.

Energy Bar, Chocolate Chip Peanut (Clif Bar).

Total 250.0.


Olives, black.

Sweet Potato 1/3 cup.

2 tbsp. Fat-free dressing.


Fresh BBq Chops Lamb3 oz.

Total 349.2.

Vodka, ... 3 fl oz.

Carbonated Tonic Water.


TOTAL : 1564.1 cals.

How did I do????..

Comment #7

Looks good to me. Just don't imbibe in too many of those cocktails (I only say that 'cause I'm good with one, but if I have two I start getting stupid and go all "snack-happy" LOL)...

Comment #8

Yeah... I feel the snack wanting happening. I do have some old box of popcorn. But it's the buttery stuff. So I won't.

Maybe a pickle or 6...

Comment #9

Celery sticks? Cucumber slices? A big plate of Romaine? ... ok, pickles it is..

Comment #10

Da world could be sucha cool place if doz were the bad things and hot wings were the good things...

Comment #11

Pretty poor really..

Add a lot more fiber. Ditch the booze. Add a workout. Lather, rinse, repeat...

Comment #12

Those Van Holten - Hot Mama pickles are GGGRRREEEAAATTT !!!..

Comment #13

Ok ok.... so I had the popcorn. But I'm at 164.5... my goal was 170. So if I see 169.... then I gotta do some work. You buyin dat?..

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