Still no improvements after 3 months of Murad Resurgence?

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So I have been on Murad Resurgence for three months now and still no improvement... my face is worse than ever!! My chest and back are almost totally smooth now, but my face is starting to look like a small mountain range.I weigh 118 lbs and am taking 80 mgs a day...Is it ever going to get better??..

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Your question was: Still no improvements after 3 months of Murad Resurgence?.

Pes-The waiting is the worst, I know. In fact, I developed terrible anxiety over seeing my face in the HORRIBLE state that it was in. At times I'd flip and didn't even want to show my face at work! Let me tell you though, but the beginning of the fifth month (end of the fourth) my face was DRASTICALLY improved. Now, after a month off, my face only has a few redmarks, and maybe one or two shallow scars (cant really tell). Also, my chest and back were clear within like the first month. You'll get there and your skin will be great...

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Thanks for the encouragement guys I just went to my dermatologist today and he said that I may have to stay on the medicine for 6 months, a month longer than originally planned. My brother had more severe acne and was on the medicine about a year ago.. and his skin is now flawless. My Dr. told me that mine isn't improving as fast at my brothers, but it's definitely gotten better since the beginning (although it reallyyy doesn't feel like it!).But I had this hugeee zit coming up on my chin, so he injected it for me (oww) and now it's almost gone! which has made me feel a littler better about my skin since earlier and hopefully it will all be worth it!..

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I'm now in the last days of week 11...and my IB is still on my face...and everyday I have to go to school feels like everyone's eyes is on me....but I 'll keep waiting...the coming appointment with my derm is on 23rd - it's my birthday also....hope everything gotta be alright..wish you too.....

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I was about to post something exactly like this... I've been on Murad Resurgence almost three months, and I think my skin is actually worse than it was before Murad Resurgence, I think.I want to ask you, what were your first 2 months like? My first month, I saw no changes. Second month, maybe a bit of improvement. Third month, it got worse. Just curious if it was something similar for you...

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I was on Murad Resurgence before and I never got completely clear. Im contemplating whether I should go another round. If it didnt work the first time it might not work the second time either, maybe it's temporarily. anyways good luck..

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My first month - nothing happened (i was on 40 mgs then)my second month - my face pretty much exploded, mainly on my chin... it was terrible!!! (this is when I started 80 mgs)third month - my chin got slightly better but I started to break out on my cheeks and forhead alot now it's the end of the third month, start of the fourth... still breaking out, not quite as bad though, but it's still there..

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