Starting course 2 of Murad Resurgence

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So I'm 14 months post Murad Resurgence. First time I had really bad cystic acne and was on for 7 months...dosage being 30, 30, 60, 90, 90, 90, 90 mg a day. I was cured and probably 6 months post, I started breaking out but it was very moderate and rare. But the past few weeks I've been getting bigger pustules but still pretty moderate and more frequent. And all this time I've been using Tazorac cream at night. So today she just asked if I want to go on Murad Resurgence again and I agreed. So I gotta take a blood test and hopefully next week or so I'll be on it again..

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Your question was: Starting course 2 of Murad Resurgence.

It was moderate but i'd had acedn going on nealry 15 years. I tried the creams then I was on antibiotics for 8 months or so. none of that worked so it was Murad Resurgence time.when I first came on this site you always seemed really confident then you had that break from and now you dont seem as yourself. am I really wrong about that?..

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Why'd you stop antibiotics? Because for me, Minocycline worked extremely well and I was on it for about 5-6 months before Murad Resurgence but when I got off it I breakout so I'd rather been on Murad Resurgence for 6 months then antibiotics forever. What was your dosage for Murad Resurgence? Cause right now mine I guess is what yours used to be. Moderate but persistent. And my dermatologist said that I'd be on a lower dosage this time.Oh and no. You're not wrong. I just saw, experienced, and went through a lot of personal things and thought about a lot of things really hard the past few weeks. I hope it's better though, lol...

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Same situation as you. I'm on it for second time, really hoping I don't have to keep taking this for the rest of my life, lol...

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My docter told me it would take up to a year for the antibiotics to wrk buti should be seeing a difference after 6 months and I was to come back if I didnt change my acne. I saw no change at all so I went bck to doc. she then sent me to the derm. I was on 40mg for the first 12 week then I was 80mg right upto 11months of taking it.i know it's not a guy thing to talk about stuff but can msg me if you wanted a chat. sometime it's easier to tell strangers..

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