Standing in line the Vitamin Shoppe I wondered?

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I got a quick question: Standing in line the Vitamin Shoppe I wondered?.

I also got another question: I wonder if I can add one egg in with the ns eggs and scramble to make it taste better and use it as a protein??..

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Your question was: Standing in line the Vitamin Shoppe I wondered?.

And why not, you can use any protein as long as it is a protien. I sometimes use my ns scramble eggs and add veggie sausage as my protein or add egg substitute to my ns scramble eggs..

Comment #1

You sure can! I do that on some days. Don't forget you can also add some chopped green peppers or onions or anything else that you like along those lines to add flavor...

Comment #2

I add 1/4 c of egg beaters to the NS eggs...only 30 cals...

Comment #3

I do this every Sunday morning (my designated "eggs for breakfast" day).

Like Pat suggests, I also add some chopped green onion, and a little red or green bell pepper if I have some in the house..

Add a slice of whole wheat toast with some sugar free jam and an apple and it makes a very nice breakfast...

Comment #4

I mix NS eggs with a 1 serving container of Egg-Beaters. I use 1/2 one day & put the rest into the fridge for the next day. It makes them taste a zillion times better!..

Comment #5

I add one egg white, mushrooms, onions, ff cheese and make an omelet. My husband and I share it. Plenty for both of us...

Comment #6

I always add in a real egg to the NS eggs. This is one of my favorite breakfasts. I also use mushrooms, onions and sometimes a little salsa. Yum!..

Comment #7

My wife makes the biggest and best NS omlettes by starting off with the NS scrambled eggs with sausage. Remember that for 1 protein serving of eggs you can have 1/4 cup of egg, OR 1/2 cup of egg beaters, OR 3/4 cup of egg whites). Or you can have 1/2 cup of FF cottage cheese..

She splits it up and gives me 1/2 cup of egg whites, and 1/4 cup of light & lively cottage cheese. The cottage cheese really puffs up the omlette and gives it tons of body..

Then she adds tons of free foods like green onions, mushrooms and spinach..

Season with red pepper flakes and "no-salt" potasium..

This makes a huge monster omlette that really fills you up and tastes great!..

Comment #8

When I cooked the eggs for the first time, they came out the consistency of - and tasted like - styrofoam packing. I will not be cooking any more of them and will be sending them back. If I want eggs for breakfast, I can cook one real egg and still stay reasonably on my diet.

Does anyone else find the eggs as awful as I did?..

Comment #9

I like the eggs and look forward to the weekend for them - I add one egg and lots of onions and peppers - a little salsa on top and it's a filling meal..

Comment #10

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