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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Spam Mail (online Vitamin Shoppes)?.

My next question is: I love starbucks and always order a non fat late of some sort. Does anyone know hat flavors come in sugar free? A tall non fat could be a dairy serving right? Thanks for any help since going in there and asking them for help is intimidating...

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Your question was: Spam Mail (online Vitamin Shoppes)?.

Yes, tall skinny lattes (as they are now called) are one dairy serving!..

Comment #1

They have french vanilla, mocha, cinnamon dolce, and over the holidays, they had FF gingerbread. Just to clarify for others reading...a tall FF SF latte is a protein/dairy serving - don't forget the SF!..

Comment #2

I too absolutely love Starbucks. It has been my biggest challege since joining NS back in May..

Check out their website. They tell you the sugar free flavors and give calorie and nutrient information...

Comment #3

It lets you "play" with your food/drinks! Have fun!..

Comment #4

They just call them skinny lattes now...ff and sf...makes life so much easier!..

Comment #5

I miss my venti iced caramel macchiatos. I cheat and sneak one in every other sunday during football. SHHHH!!!..

Comment #6

I posted this on another thread, but have you ever tried the Splenda Flavors for Coffee? It comes in vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and caramel. The caramel is my absolute favorite. I wasn't hooked on Starbucks before - maybe got one every once in awhile. Now I'm hooked on the tall skinny latte with the caramel Splenda. They come in the small cafe sticks, and I can carry them in my purse. Then you don't have to worry about asking for sf syrup...

Comment #7

I love steamers myself. It's just steamed milk (FF of course!) with a shot of SF vanilla syrup. Yum!.

Oh yes and the splenda sticks....I've tried them and they are pretty good. The hazelnut is my favorite. I haven't seen teh caramel flavor around here sadly!..

Comment #8

Starbucks is great! I too love the cafe' mocha's. I order the nonfat, decaf mocha's with a little whip cream. Okay I know that is cheating far it is not hurting me on the weight loss. This is one of my all time favorites that I don't intend to give up so I feel I have to try and work it the most low cal possible and still get the great taste and this way, well I can't tell the difference...

Comment #9

I just came from Starbucks. Tall, skinny latte with sf caramel syrup. You DO have to specify sf syrup when ordering the tall, skinny latte.

It was good, but I will stick with my regular coffee with the Splenda Mocha. Good, but a lot cheaper. Save that $3.65 each day and you save over $100 a month. That is about 1/3 of a month of NS food (little less, but you get the picture)...

Comment #10

Really? Maybe it's store specific? I went to Starbucks Friday, and on their "specials board" they had hand written Skinny Mocha, what was in it, then in another area added to just order a "size/flavor/skinny" instead of (size), non-fat, sf (flavor), latte. I guess I better be careful!.

I don't get them too often.....

Comment #11

You know.... I was wondering why my Starbucks treat yesterday said Skinny on it. I didn't know they had a name for it now. This is excellent news! I NS safe treat!..

Comment #12

I think the people working at the SB you went to were still unsure of "skinny" lattes. On their website, it specifies that skinny lattes are SF...

Comment #13

Yes...the boards at SB also say "Skinny latte is a sf, ff, whip cream free drinks..."..

Comment #14

Ok so I don't drink coffee and my favorite SB treat is still too many calories and too little protein to count I LOVE the nf chai tea lattee but I will have to save those up for special occassions...skipping them at least until I hit goal then I will maybe do one or two a month... Enjoy your skinny lattees guys!..

Comment #15

YUM! I will be trying the vanilla and caramel ones for sure! Thanks so much for the tips...

Comment #16

I make the nf chai tea lattes at home on my own (they are my fave). I just boil water and add the chai tea bag. Then I add 8oz of fat free milk and let it boil. It tastes the same as starbucks without all that sugar. Also, this would just count as you dairy because the tea itself has no calories...

Comment #17

BE careful! The non-fat lattes still have loads of calories! I used to think I was being good ordering the sugar-free, non-fat but then picked up the flyer and did the math! Yikes, the coffee is 5 calories and the tea is 0. Not quite as tasty but I'll stick with that and celebrate the new clothes instead!..

Comment #18

The tall skinny lattes have 90 calories, and they count as one dairy serving!.

5 calories versus 0?..

Comment #19

Thanks for that! Ya know, I do have a coffee machine that I can make chai lattes with and I forgot that they have them and they are 1/2 the calories that Starbucks is! Whoo thanks for that!..

Comment #20

Where do you get the Splenda Flavors for Coffee?? Starbucks? I haven't seen them...

Comment #21

My local grocery store carries themin the coffee aisle...

Comment #22

They sound really good. I'm going to have to look for them. Thanks for the info...

Comment #23

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