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My 1st question is: Somebody knows where I can download THE Medifast Diet FREE? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I feel like I am at the worst point ever in my life I am obviously very unhappy and must not love myself very much. I have some emotional/overeating issues with food and for the first time I am going all out and addressing these issues.... hopefully..

For way too long I thought that if I bought a diet, or exercise gear, or special weight-loss book, that it would just magically "fix" me without really putting in much hard work. I am now realizing that for me to change, I need to take some drastic measures that I have never done before. I am self-destructing quickly... I lean on food to soothe my every emotion and feeling.. it is my best friend.. the thing I think about before bed and the first thing I think about in the morning.

How I can get my next "fix, how I can hide it from my husband, what new and exicitng bad food can I conquer next? I often think about being an old lady and finally beaing able to (freely) eat all the bad things in the world, because who cares... I'm at the end of my life anyway. Seriously.. my addidction is bad and I am so ashamed at what I have become. My rational mind knows this is wrong, but something takes over me and I become uncontrollable.

I had a baby in November - lost all the 35 lbs of baby weight in 10 days, started Medifast soon after, got a new job and thats where I blew it my momentum was gone..

I don't even know WHY I got like this - I have a great family life, devoted hubby, a wonderful 4 year old and a newborn, I go to church and volunteer with ministry, hold down a PT job from the outside I "have it all". I just want to get better and have the life I always expected to have in a normal body, not this monstrous shell of a person I have become. I want ME to be proud of me..

This time around I am hoping Medifast will work for me. I have chosen a menu of the easiest foods, I have request a Health Coach, and tonight I am going to a OA meeting. I should probably go to a therapist, which I will look into (cost). I just don't want to go through life in this body and with this self-depricating mental state..

Can anyone relate and offer advice or encouragement?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Welcome to the boards, can't say I have been there, done that. but i'll offer my 2 cents. I have found ( because of Medifast) that there are foods that drive my cravings. I was suprised to learn that food was actually controlling my cravings and binge wasn't all me. I am learning. baby steps...but if the carbs, vitamins, prtiens etc., are all in correct proportions....i started to win the my point is, it's not all you or your weakness for food or your really is the food.....and you can get control of it..

Comment #2

Thank you for your reply.... it does help there are people out there who are walking this journey with me, even though we are strangers. Thank you for praying for me I don't even pray for me that is how sick I am. I just hope tody is a breakthrough day in my life and going forward it gets better day by day. I also wonder if I have some post pardum depression. I am making an appointment with a therapist just in case..

Again.. thanks..

Comment #3

I totally understand and know where you are coming from. Food was my best friend.....when I think about only friend for so many years. I put it above everything and everyone else. For me, it wasn't the was my emotional issues. And I don't even really know what caused those emotional issues. I grew up in a stable, loving home with great parents and extended family.

I married a wonderful man and have 4 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren. I always struggled with my weight, but seemed to always keep it under control (on the outside). My second child died when he was 3 (that was 20 years ago) and that's when my weight became my losing battle. I yo-yoed for those 20 years thinking that the next diet would magically fix me. It took actually facing my issues and admitting them before I could begin to deal with them.

I allowed myself to feel it all (it was very scary at the time) and that led to actually dealing with everything I had bottled up for my entire life. Once I did that, I have had no troubles handling food and this diet. I realized that dealing with whatever emotions are there is much easier than I ever thought (not easy) when I didn't have the added guilt/emotion of food being in control. I think that seeing a therapist may be a perfect way to get you started. I won't presume to know exactly what your issues are, but from what you said you sound so much like me.

And this diet, for me, keeps the physical hunger away. There is so much structure and that really helps me in realizing there is some emotion going on that needs to be dealt with when I get an urge to eat when I'm not actually hungry..

I will keep you in my prayers. This can be done, I promise. I believe you are headed in the right direction...

Comment #4

Yeah I hit rock bottom last summer. I was SO depressed about my weight that I was contemplating going to my dr for gastric bypass surgery. My co-worker told me about Medifast and I decided what did I have to lose..

I started seeing a therapist for the head part of it..

Here I am almost 60 lbs later still going strong. There have been a few curveballs along the way. Finishing graduate school, final exams, dealing with a stressful work situation etc, but I have kept on trucking. I haven't been perfect on plan either but I never stopped trying..

I have long WAYS to go and the weight loss is just the first quarter of what I plan on doing with the rest of my life. I continue to see a therapist because she is the first one that really understands what I have been through. She lost 60 lbs herself and knows how hard it is to beat a food addiction...

Comment #5

I certainly know how you feel. Food helped me survive an emotionaly abusive marriage - it had become my best friend - always thinking ahead to what my next meal was - The feeling of that first bite - and if I am not careful I can go right back there again. Even though I am out of that abusive marriage and am very happy with my life - I have learned it is so easy to slip - It is an addiction - just like a drugI am not going to tell you it is going to be easy - Every day is a battle - but keep coming here for support - utilize your health coach - and you can win this battle...

Comment #6

Yeah, I've been there. Thinking about what food I was going to eat at the next meal all the time. Eating two bagels on the way to work, then having another at work and still being hungry at lunch. Have a huge lunch, some food on the way home and then dinner and then a meal before bed. It was totally out of control...I thought about gastric bypass, but not enough to go see a doctor. I had one sister do it and she did well and then another had it and it went really wrong she was in and out of the hospital for 6 months, staying there weeks at a time..

I have a son and couldn't run to keep up or play with him and that's when enough was enough. I was gettting snug in a 3x shirt, it had to end somewhere. My wife had gone on Medifast and did well, so one day (2 days before new years eve party) enough was enough and it had to be the end of what I was doing......

I'm still going strong and I don't even care as much anymore when bad food is in front of me. Heck, my cube is the work party cube and there's been snacks and party food in here for 3 straight days now. I just am not eating it. I like feeling better from weight lost then feeling better with food. It was hard to get to this point, but my mind is made up now....Onward !!!!!!!..

Comment #7

I can relate to what you said about food being the ruling influence in your head! I used to do the same thing..

I think it took me almost 6 months on Medifast to make my brain change it's mind about that. I no longer focus on food the way I used to HOWEVER, I am always aware that my brain (some call it my inner brat) can try to get the upper hand again..

I think the mental outlook and attitude is half the battle. You should give yourself credit for recognizing and articulating the things that you have posted here today. You clearly have a desire to change. That's a great start..

You've already gotten some great support and advice. I will add that in my experience, the longer I've been on MF, the more I have changed and the more confident I am that the change can be long-lasting..

That's what I really love about MF. It has taught me so much about myself and where my head should be when it comes to eating! I believe you can have the same learning experience and the same confidence too..

You are not alone. These boards are full of people going through this with you! We are all grateful that Medifast works..

I wish you the best on your journey...

Comment #8

Thank you all... I probably know what it all originally stems from but I can't believe I am still letting it control me. I am on the verge of tears even thinking about the journey I took 3 years ago with my sons health it was a miracle from God but I have a lo tof Mommy guilt from it..

At 4 months of ago my first-born child was diagnosed BLIND. My life stopped in it's tracks. I instantly became a broken woman - and I guess I still am since I am crying right now just thinking about it all. This may be the source of my self-destructiveness. I never thought it could be though b/c I thought I worked through all those emotions but if I am completely honest with my self - I am not over it and I feel responsible..

Long story short, I REFUSED to accept that there was no treatment available to cure him so I found one myself. We took our baby when he was 9 months old to China and he received 4 umbilical cord stem cell injections. Within 12 hours of the first treatmnet, he could see about 6 inches in front of him. He is now an active 4 year old and can see almost perfectly truly a miracle, but I still get emotional over it all. I think I was on "auto-pilot" for so long, that now it is all coming to the surface and I am turning to food to deal..

I called a therapist and made an appointment...

Comment #9

We all got here by different paths, but most of us are here for the same reason, and that is what pulls us all together. You can breathe a sigh of relief now and start letting go of some of those negative feelings, because you have taken the first step towards a new you. And guess what? All you have to do is follow the plan! Sure, it's hard some days, but it's a lot easier than carrying around all of those feelings you're having now. Way easier. Take it a day at a time, come here for support, and you'll do great!..

Comment #10

Wow - incredible story. I am praying for you as you begn this journey to enjoy the miracle of what's happened with your son, while beginning to process it all and to take care of yourself..

It may be difficult, but it will be worth it. May God richly bless you as you move forward!.


Comment #11

We may not all have come down the exact same path, but I think it's safe to say that the overwhelming majority of the people that do Medifast do it because they've reached their breaking point with their situation and just say, "enough." Let's face it, there are loads of diets out there that are much less restrictive than MF, and I'd bet that many of us have tried before turning to MF. This is where you come when you're ready to make a serious commitment to changing your situation, and do something that you know is going to require sacrifice but will give you great results if you stick to it. Simply stated, Medifast is not for the casual dieter..

The point is, I kinda feel like on some level, we've all been where you are in our own way. You're in good company, we all know where you're coming from, and we're all overcoming those hurdles to get where we want to be. You can do it, too...

Comment #12

YES! I can relate. It is the point at which my outsides SO DIDN'T MATCH the vision I had for myself that it was grotesquely macabre, like I was looking at a funhouse mirror that made my 5X bigger than what I felt I should be. I was disconnecting from reality FAST..

I knew that Medifast worked, had lost 140 lbs in 14 months the first time around, and so I mustered every ounce of faith in myself that I could, which wasn't much BTW, and pooled it together to re-order Medifast ONE MORE TIME. I'm now down over 70 lbs again..

I did learn that hope is NOT a strategy. And just because I HOPED it would work this time, the magic isn't in the product, the magic is in me, in the DOING of the plan just TODAY. Every day I wake up and say "I can do ANYTHING for 24 hours" and then I do it. OA is a great place to work on the head issues, and Medifast is a great tool to take you on the last diet journey you will ever need..

You are courageous, and you are desperate, all in one. You WILL do this. Check out my before/after pics on MyPage to see what is possible..

Take Care!..

Comment #13

Sweetie, I've been there - a few times!.

I've been in "The Hole" and I've found that there was usually a reason. Sleep deprivation, anemia that I didn't even know I had, feeling helpless against situations that I had no control over, hypothyroidism, being put on the wrong medication (side effects include "suicidal ideology"!!!?!?), and on and on. Our physiology controls us more than we realize. (I always feel a little dumb when *I* realize this anew - like I've never experienced PMS before? duh!).

This is something that Week 3 of Medifast pointed out to me. If I stay On Plan, the cravings go away. If I cheat, it awakens The Monster. That's why I've avoided the Medifast brownies and other goodies. For me, they make things much worse..

The thing about hitting rock bottom is that you have no place to go but up. That's the point where you have to do *something* or you feel like you're going to die. That's where I was a month ago. I'm only in week 4 of Medifast and I already feel like a young woman. I didn't feel like a young woman when I *was* a young woman! If I never loose another pound or feel better than I do at this point, then I'm happy..

IMHO, you're very tired. You may have some PPD. You've got a new baby and it's my experience that the first year is rough on Mom. After I had my daughter, I bounced back just fine. But after my son, it was hell..

Part of the problem was my own attitude toward my collapse. I thought "women have 5 or 6 kids without any problem! I can't handle two! I'm weak! I'm a terrible mother! I'm not even a real woman! What's wrong with me?" Yeah, I beat the heck out of myself..

And it turned out that I was sick. I was beyond sleep deprived, I had anemia, my blood pressure was so low that they had me coming in twice a week for IV's, and I had a maternal infection that I didn't even know about. I didn't completely crash until my son was two or three months old. (I just don't remember the exact time.).

Please start with sleep. Make sure you're getting 8 hours at least every other night. (Daddy needs to help!).

Then go to the dr. Get labs done and find out if you're suffering from nutritional deficiencies, a latent infection, hormonal imbalance, etc..

*While* you've doing these things, you're dead right to seek help from a therapist. Also, reach out to family, friends, this board... anyone who'll give you support while you work through this..

All of the psychological problems you're having now may have always been there, but (for some horrible reason) when we're down, they *really* rear their ugly heads and won't let us ignore them. For me, just being sleep deprived brings up my food issues, mother issues, father issues, self-esteem issues, insecurities, blah, blah, blah! It's like my own brain kicks me when I'm down!.

Yes, you are *so* not alone, sweetie! I think most women have been where you are. But it can get better fast with the proper support..

I think that Medifast can help with part of the whole situation by giving you proper nutritional support and helping you loose weight so you can feel more in control and better about your self-image. But you have to find a way to take care of yourself in every way so you can feel vital again..

In many ways, you have TWO babies, not one. You have the baby and YOU! Mama needs care, too!..

Comment #14

This is my experience with MF, as well. Somehow the structure brings out deeper problems in a very clear way. I'm working through baggage that I didn't even know that I was carrying around..

The best part is how FAST I'm able to make progress. I've found Medifast to be the best therapist that I've ever encountered! The structure won't allow me to remain in denial. I *Have* to deal with the problem that's in my face at that moment. If I can't figure out how to work my what through my problem, I can turn to the board for help. (Most of the time I don't even have to post my question. I can just look for a thread where someone else has asked the question.

I'm not alone!!).

But it is work. That's the beauty of hitting bottom. You've motivated to do the work! And you can recover amazingly fast. (This is not just my experience with MF. I've fought my way up every time and it's only taken a few months - with help - to claw my way out of the pit, at most).

I promise, you won't feel this way forever!..

Comment #15

Wow! You have gotten such compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent responses from people here. I am deeply touched by the goodness of it all. I will just say that you are brave, strong, introspective and very smart to be figuring this all out and seeking help. Rock bottom is a scary place to be but also a catalyst for change. Blessings to you as you embark on this journey. You WILL get better...

Comment #16

Wow! I have the same feelings as you do. I have gained 50 lbs in 5 months. I am totally disgusted with myself. Hang in there and Medifast will work. That is good that you are getting self help. I think that will help you along in this journey..

I am so happy your son can see good. That is a miracle. I know it breaks your heart to know that he went through that..

Good luck...

Comment #17

Hi, I've been there too. In December of this year was most recent and I got to the heaviest I've ever been. I just felt so sad and lonely though I have a great husband and sons who love me and I have several brothers and sisters and great parents who love me. My friends are great and also love me but I still felt sad and very lonely and extremely out of control. I've lost and gained weight so many times in my life and each time I gain more back and I was feeling like it was hopeless in a way. I always would think about losing weight and also I always thought about what my next "treat" would be and that was food.

He said "mom you are always beautiful to me, always but you need to get serious because with your family history (heart disease) you have to take some weight off, we all want you around a long time" It really touched me, he was so sincere. I also did go to a psychologist who I know and told him that I really want to make the changes needed to change my relationship with food. He has done some hypnosis with me and recently our family has had a great deal of stress. The psychologist asked me, how had I been dealing with everything going on. I was telling him what I'd been doing to deal with it and all of a sudden I realized, "Wow, I didn't open the cupboard or the frig to deal with things, that's the first time ever!!" I have an inner confidence that I never have had before that I can do this and more importantly not put it back on.

It's a vicious cycle with food, I know. It's your friend but it really isn't, it really doesn't solve anything. Good luck to you, I'll also pray for you. We need to all hang in there. I don't know these people on the Medifast boards but yet they are amazing support and I believe good people...

Comment #18

Me too. What a great thread..

I think many of us would say we hit rock bottom when we came here. After all, as someone pointed out, there are many less restrictive diets. But I think many people here are also way more committed because we hit the bottom..

For the others who have mentioned it, I have to agree that I was so obsessed with food - I was thinking about my next meal while eating. It was a horrible way to live. I also spent a lot of time pretending I was really confident and happy, when I was dying on the inside..

You know what they say - when you hit the bottom, the only place to go is up. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you...

Comment #19

I am proud of you for understanding your feelings. As a teacher for children with special need I totally understand how you have mommy guilt. Remember though God always has a plan and you are part of it..

Take one day at a time and remember to lean on Him for your source of strength...

Comment #20

Be proud of yourself. You've realized that you have not one problem, overeating, but mental stresses that you need help with, and are in fact reaching out to get the help that you need. You ARE making some major changes, by starting on your Medijourney and working your way from rock bottom, back to the happy and healthy you that you deserve to be. You are a strong woman. You've survived some nightmare situations in dealing with your son's blindness and pushed and pushed to find a cure for him. You are so inspiring!.

Keep faith that you CAN do this. You ARE doing this. And you WILL succeed..

/hugs and best wishes..

Comment #21

Wow. Such an outpouring of love here..

You are all so wonderful..

You sound like a more than determined woman. I'm thinking you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it..

Let me add to whoever wrote regarding getting your food under control. My doctor recently told me that until I started eating right (lower carb) my brain would continue to keep triggering my food and thought cravings. I'm now 3 weeks back on plan and have lost 9 pounds and can finally say that the food thoughts and cravings are finally gone..

Maybe just try one Medifast meal at a time..

Everyone is here to listen and support you through it..

Bless you...

Comment #22

(BethyZ )My doctor recently told me that until I started eating right (lower carb) my brain would continue to keep triggering my food and thought cravings. I'm now 3 weeks back on plan and have lost 9 pounds and can finally say that the food thoughts and cravings are finally gone..

One of the beauties of this plan!!!!..

Comment #23

I can so relate to you as I know ill always have battles with FOOD!.

I would eat and eat until I couldnt move then throw up and then go eat some more. I have no idea what to tell you about this food addicitions that we have..but it's going to be a everyday struggle for the rest of our lives (at least me it will, why deny about it)..but I would say to try and stay on Medifast to shed them unwanted pounds that you want too.....

Comment #24

Thank you everybody so much! I can't believe how many would take the time to write such inspiring and helpful responses to me. I used to think I could deal with it all in silence, but from this post, now I know that posting and talking about it will help. I already feel more positive than I did this morning. Thank you..

Facing my demons is scary but I am ready...

Comment #25

Awesome story about your son, NewMomto2! Thanks for opening up and posting on here. Encouraging each other and talking on these boards is so incredibly amazing for helping to get through the tough times. And you're right - facing your demons is a very scary thing. But you're even more right about the fact that you're ready!.

Hope your afternoon and evening are simply marvelous!..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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