Small Rashes and flakiness side effects of Murad Acne Complex?

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1. small rashes on the back of my hands (where I normally put my hands in my pockets. at first I just used some moisturizer & it went away. but now it's back & the moisturizer isnt working. my sister is a med student & told me to get an anti-fungal cream. that seemed like it was working, but now doesnt.

Dry flakiness around the corners of my lips in the morning & constantly dealing w/ that throughout the day3. dryness to the point of scaliness on my arms4. slow healing of injuries5. lips constantly busting. keep in mind that I have been in canada for the past week & am definitely not used to that kind of weather.the crappy thing is I dont want to stop taking the Murad Acne Complex.

I havent had a pimple in like 2 or 3 weeks now & I feel like the hyperpigmentation is fading... day by day...i have 2 more months left. I'm trying to hold out til then..

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Your question was: Small Rashes and flakiness side effects of Murad Acne Complex?.

Its not that bad. I am on 80 mgs a day and have all of those side affects plus a really sore back and my right jaw absolutely kills...

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Im also on 80 mg/day and I have all the same side effects. I live in a colder climate so I know how the cold weather sucks! here are the things I use to help my symptoms1. the rash on the top of my hands seems to come and go... just make sure you dry your hands completely after washing them and use a thick moisturizing cream.2. I use CeraVe and Vanicream lotion on my face. the Vanicream is thicker and AMAZING for clearing up dry, red patchy spots on your face.

I use Jergens Ultra Healing lotion on my arms and body... and the Vanicream on the really dry spots. it heals the scaly spots almost over night4. ive also noticed it takes a long time to heal injuries. I just take ibuprofen and use those creams I mentioned5.

My derm said I'm the only Murad Acne Complex patient hes seen without cracked lips. definitely try it!i was on vacation last week and the hotel had hard water (i have soft water at my house) and I noticed that made a huge difference in my skin. the hard water made my skin dryer than normal and my face looked redder and was more sensitive. I also have been using a humidifier in my room and that helps with the dryness and nose bleeds. hope this helps! but I dont think your symptoms are anything out of the normal...

Good luck!..

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These posts are helpful, thank you for being so informative. I am bumping my dose up to 80 mg tomorrow, so I will definitely buy all those products tomorrow, thanks Yo Adrienne. Good luck to you all...

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No, those sound completely normal to me. I just developed that rash on my hands a few days ago, and it's more annoying than anything. Yo Adrienne is totally right about drying your hands completely it makes a huge difference in the rash. I brought a towel to work to use. I've been using a super moisturizing baby lotion on my body, which is working well, and I have Alba's Un-Petroleum jelly and a vitamin E oil for the really dry spots. The un-petroleum and Alba's coconut cream lip balm are great my lips are scaly, but not cracking at all. Good luck...

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I have been getting a couple of small rashes. Cortizone 10 seems to do the job in a couple days. As for the flakyness, use Gold Bond lotion. It's the best lotion ever. I use gold bond ultimate softening lotion. It won't clog your pores.

An even better lotion is Gold Bond Restoring. I would get that since the flakyness is on your arms. Get it, you'll love it. It's not greasy and will heal it, trust me. I used it for a little bit and don't use it anymore, no more flakiness and I'm still using Murad Acne Complex...

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Petrolatum jelly is marvelous for those dry skin rashes. I used to use cotton gloves after applying a heavy coating of petrolatum jelly at night. I used to live in a freezing climate and my job requires frequent hand-washing so my hands would crack and bleed if I didn't do the petrolatum jelly/gloves thing.There are also diaper-rash ointments that work nicely for the skin on the arms. Please try to avoid cortisone containing creams for any longer than one week use and use them ONLY SPARINGLY and never cover with any type of bandaging at all as that concentrates the systemic absorption of the steroid...

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Oh yes, I had all of that too. I particularly can relate to the scaly arms. On me they were so bad it looked like a flesh-eating skin disease or something... I resorted to wearing long-sleeved shirts to hide it. Anyway, in my experience you will have bouts of tough symptoms such as what you are describing. My advice to to keep slathering on the moisturizer and to keep your dermatologist informed...

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Thanks for the replies guysyeah, I'm gonna try that nivea stuffaquaphor most definitely is not cutting it as a lip balm..

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