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We often talk about weight loss not being linear. But when it is you who is losing can be hard to swallow.

For the record, I have lost 25.8 lbs in twelve weeks. Yup. I have averaged 2 pounds per week. Some weeks I have lost 0-1, other weeks I have lost 3-4.

Not linear at all.

But I have lost over SIX inches off my waist.

So...slow losers take heart!..

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You have no idea how much I needed this today. I'm at 9 weeks and have lost 17.2 pounds. I does get a bit discouraging when I see that so many others lose that much in 3 weeks or less. I'm short, hypothyroid, and in my mid-40's - 3 strikes against me, LOL! I am determined to do this, though, and I will not give up..

Thanks for the encouragement, CG!..

Comment #1

That is FANTASTIC! BTW, I don't think 2lbs per wk is slow at all! That's about my pace, too. So REJOICE! 25.8 lbs gone forever! In 12 short weeks!..

Comment #2

Thank you to both of you!.

I don't really think 2 lbs is that slow and I am very happy. I posted this for three reasons:.

1. Some people see others losing 3-4 lbs consistently and they get discouraged. 2 lbs a week is fantastic and it will bring you to GOAL!.

2. Some people get discouraged when they have a week in which little weight is loss...For me, almost every other week has been a low loss week..

3. Inches matter...never would I have thought that twenty-five pounds would result in six inches off my waist. Historically, I have a hard time losing tummy fatI am an apple..

I think that exercising (both weight lifting and cardio) has helped me. I also just switched to the 4&2 to accommodate my activity level..

Just random musing on my part...

Comment #3

Thanks CGjust what I needed today! Today is my weigh in and it was a big fat 0! Other weeks have been good, but like you I noticed how some people consisitently lose so quickly! But I do know that giving up will be the slowest way of all to lose!.

Month 1: -7, -3, -2, -2 (-14).

Month 2: -2, -3, 0, -3 (-8).

Month 3: -3, 0, -2, -4 (-9).

Month 4: -1, -3, 0..

Comment #4

I am in week 16, and haven't quite made it to a full 30 pounds. I figured out early to search out the threads/blogs, etc of those people who had been successful with slow weight loss, and it helped me realize "I will get there...eventually". While I have had a few weeks of less than a pound/zero loss, the general trend is down. It can be frustrating, but I continue to find my commitment to ME, and just keep going. I added exercise a four weeks ago, and so now I'm starting to look "fit" - less jiggle in the gym mirror - and that gives me a reward better than a number on the scale. Hang in there all - and know that there are many just like us that have made it to goal and maintained their loss. Maybe this is just training for maintenance!..

Comment #5

Glad that the message was timely! I have had zero weeks, too. This is why I keep reminding myself that slow and steady is a great way to get there! Keep it up!..

Comment #6

CG- I think you and I started about the same time. I took most of August off plan. Like you I just hit my 25lbs mark. Some week I lose and some I don't. 7.6 more lbs to go. I may transition or I may try for another 10 or 20lbs.

Drink Water!..

Comment #7

You've done great! Wow! Whatever you decide to do, good luck with transition!..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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