Side effect of Medifast infusers?

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So I used this for the first time on Saturday and I was a little freaked out on how it affected me. I worked all day and brought a 62 ounce bottle of water with me so I added 2 packets to it and I was jittery, my heart was racing and I was spacey and shaky all day. I have a whole box left and I am scared to take them. Anyone else have a reaction like this to the infusers?..

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Yup! There's lots of caffeine in them and ECGC. Some people have stronger reactions than others. You actually had them pretty diluted, so I'm surprised you got such a big effect from them. Got to say, I did love my cup-o-whupass!..

Comment #1

How long did it take you to drink that water? Maybe you need to space it out more?.

I feel a little something from them, but it's not much more then if I have a cup of coffee or diet soda.

Had you eaten all your food? I imagine you'd be more sensitive if you're tummy was empty...

Comment #2

I never feel any different when I drink caffeinated beverages. Not even when I take no-doz. I'm not a big caffeine drinker, either, in that I don't drink coffee, and I occasionally drink tea or diet sodas, maybe a few a week...

Comment #3

I use 1 packet in my 32 oz. water drinking mug. It gives me a nice boost of energy when I'm really dragging. I have never experienced the side effects you did. I have heard of people only using 1/2 of one packet at a time. I make sure not to drink any within a few hours of bedtime, too...

Comment #4

In my opinion they are VERY strong..

I put 1/2 of a packet in 16 oz of water and only drank a few swigs. I zoomed too. My heard skips around on them too. I dont drink them, but if I did I would not touch them after about 12 pm. Caffeine always makes me crave much more sugar, so I try not to do it too much. I, also, dont want to get BACK addicted to it....Your experience seems 100 % normal to me..

Comment #5

I must really be hard core! 1 Packet in a regular 16.9 oz bottle of water! Could get lots and lots done on those days!..

Comment #6

I don't even notice a change when I have one..

But I also consume caffeine every day...

Comment #7

I am a little sensitive to caffeine, but the infuser actually made me have anxiety attacks. It was a horrible experience. I was hesitant to try them at first because years ago I took fat burners that actually did the exact same thing. I just thought it might be different this time. Now, I know that they are not for me. I guess I should have known, because I can never drink more than 8oz of coffee without feeling jittery. I did lose 3lbs the week I had the infusers, but it wasn't worth having the bad anxiety attacks...

Comment #8

Thanks everyone! Good to know I'm not alone, but still surprising it affected me like that. I usually drink 2 cups of coffee a day and 3-4 cans of diet coke, caffeine usually has little effect on me. So weird! It also seemed to make me really hungry. Who knows, I will try one per 62 ounces of water next time!..

Comment #9

Caffeine makes me very hungry after it wears off. I am glad you write that it makes you hungry. I was not sure if it had a hunger effect on anyone else!..

Comment #10

1 pack only has 100 mg of caffeine. This is also the same amount as a cup of coffee or a caffeinated pop. Unsure why you had such an intense reaction.....

Comment #11

I do not notice any changes either. I also drink coffee daily and I also drink black espresso...

Comment #12

So if I were to try these, what flavors are better than others? Thanks!..

Comment #13

It has no effect on me either but I drink/drank a LOT of diet coke Pre MF< as in at least 6 cans a day..

I like the strawberry lemonade flavor..

Comment #14 have lost over 60 lbs (yay for you), they say you get more sensitive as you lose weight. And anything on an empty stomach seems to vroom more. How long did it take you to drink the water? 200 mg would definitely hype me up!..

Comment #15

Okay, that explains why I have been having some crazy chocolate/sugar cravings for the past few days. I just started trying the infusors. I've had 2 per day, and a Diet Pepsi here and there. Felt a little more energy than usual, but majorly hungry, and crazy chocolate cravings. What a lightbulb. If not for this post - I don't think I would have made the connection.

Thanks for the lighbulb! Bad, bad, caffine!..

Comment #16

We drink them all the timeThey give good energy in late afternoon..

Red are best but cant remember flavor..

Comment #17

I am not a big coffee cup in the morning only. I also drink it in a 32 oz cup and need to add extra water towards the bottom because it is too sweet. I feel fine but I notice I really kick ***** if I have one before I go on my walk!..

Comment #18

1 packet lasts me a few days! I can only put a very little in my 24oz water bottle but it helps with getting all my water in. It really makes the water taste better. Which I probably should ask.. should I be getting in 8 glasses of 8 ozs BEFORE I have any infused water?..

Comment #19

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