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Not sure if I am posting in the right spot or not but here it goes anyway....

Do any of you ever have days where you just get sick of eating? That is the kind of day I am having today...I am soooo sick of food and eating, I even asked a counsellor if it was ok to just skip it for tonight, ofcourse they didn't advise it, so needless to say I ate my 15 grapes, and now I feel even worse then I did before.

I know it's only for my own good to eat, but whoever thought eating would be a problem for me?!?.

Anyone else ever have days like this?..

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Your question was: Sick of eating Nutrisystem foods?.

On days when I have sinus problems, I tend to have zero interest in veggies or meat (but I'm vegetarian so the last part isn't really a problem). On those days I eat everything else that I'm supposed to, just not the veggies (I know I'll eat them again when I'm feeling better).

Foods that I find particularly easy to eat on those days are oatmeal, applesauce, yogurt, and bananas. For the Nutrisystem entrees on those days I tend to pick the bars and cookies. My common dinner then (an "on your own" meal) is 1/4 cup of cream of wheat with 2 Tbsp of low fat shredded cheese and 1 tsp of Heart Smart spread...

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Last year, I went through a period of a few days where I felt like I was sick of dieting and worrying about what to eat, and I thought that maybe it was just easier to not eat at all. I wasn't on NS...I had gotten discouraged with Weight Watchers when they introduced the Core program, and I was gaining weight. That was red flag for me that I was developing some even more unhealthy feelings about food than I already had. So I made myself stop worrying so much, dropped the Core program and just tried to eat using my common sense. That got me out of that funk, but in all that, I realized that my relationship with food needing some major overhaul. I got into Intuitive Eating for a while, but started gaining weight again.

I also learned the phrase "it's not about food" and realized that the key for me in all this drama is to get a life that is not centered around food completely I want to be aware of what I'm eating and try to eat as healthy as possible, but not have food as my bestest friend. The food itself is not the's the fact that I learned years ago to use food to comfort, console, and as an escape for things I didn't want to deal with or think about. (It took me til my late 40's to learn that one!!) So I still use lots of the IE principles now..

Now with NS, I feel like it's fun getting the box of goodies, keeping track (it's scientific!), and trying to learn how to fix my own foods within the Nutrisystem guidelines. Right now, I'm just learning the ropes, but I plan to get a handle on it, and start becoming more active as I lose weight. And I'm learning to eat smaller portions, & eat at regular intervals (and not worry about my next meal in between!)..

I don't know if that was what you were talking about, but that's my story...

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Lately ive been feeling the same way.. the way I percieve it is that sometimes eating or not eating is not directly emotional; it can be, but sometimes it can also be indirectly emotional. If you are down about other stuff it could spill onto other parts of your will, at least it does for me sometimes.. if I am upset about something I lose the will to do other things sometimes.. in this case eating the way I should. for the past bit of time, and still, I have been focused on certain aspects of my life that I would like to work on improving but I am still trying to work to get there, that fustration has gotten to me, sometimes it's like why do I try, so I feel like I just want to stop everything.

So it's important to keep perspective. keep on doing what is necessary so that the little steps are made. I dont know if thats what you are going through, but thats whats been going on with me....

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Kimberly~ I have those days, too! On those days, I will eat raisins as my fruit or eat string cheese for my dairy/protein. I have steamed spinach for my veggies or even have low sodium v-8. You can still stick to plan, just eat the lighter options. Good Luck with your weight loss!!! You CAN do it!..

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Thanks everyone for your responses..

Even today, I just don't much feel like I am eating smaller portions of veggies/fruits. Atleast I am eating them I guess..

There is nothing in particular making me not want to eat, I'm just not hungry...

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