Should I use Jenny Craig or Medifast?

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Quick question: Should I use Jenny Craig or Medifast? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. I was originally wanting to get down to 150 pounds, but now that I am almost at 160, I have re-thought it. I think that losing 11 more pounds may end up making me look too bony/sickly. My hubs thinks if I work on toning versus loss at this point, the "bad areas" that I see will disappear..

I, of course, always see the flabby hips and big thighs, but I know deep down that losing 11 pounds will not get rid of it..

And btw. Thanks for being a little hard on me last week. I deserved it...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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I need to do some toning myself so I look better in that honeymoon bikini for Hawaii now!..

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I changed my goal weight. For some reason, I had me going to 115 (I'm 5'2") as the BMI charts put me there. I visited my Doctor and when I told her what I'd been up to dieting-wise, she heartily disagreed with my goal weight. Based on my body type, she felt 130 was good and healthy, but wouldn't hold it against me if I strove for 125. But, anything more and she'd get mad. OK, OK...I get the message.

And, I'm that much closer to goal. Yay!!!.


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Right now I'm sticking with my goal at 160....when I get there I may wanna lose another 20 pounds we see once I cross that bridge but right now...I have a ways to go LOL..

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Me - but in the other direction. When I started MF, the thought of breaking under 200 was hard to process, much less actually making it to 140. Now that I KNOW I can do that - I will probably actually end up shooting for 125-130. I do not want to be at a goal weight where I gain 5 pounds and I'm overweight again. But all of this is just blabber until I'm actually at 140 and can make that decision. It's hard to anticipate how you'll feel!..

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So far I've changed my goal twice. First I thought 150 would be good for me, then my sisters and mom said they thought it would be too thin. So I moved it up to 160. Talked to my health coach last week and she says I should set the goal at 150. She says I probably will gain a little back during t&m.

So really I don't know what to shoot for I'm 5'8". I'm just playing it by ear...

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My goal weight is 10lbs heavier than it should be but I am also taking the wait and see attitude..

One of the best things about this process is that I know I can lose more if I need to...

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I didn't change original goal weight with 5/1,,,but after 4 yrs maintaining that, I am trying to get 10 pounds lower. I am not allowed ketosis though (per Dr.) so I am going it on my own,,,,,not sure my body is happy trying to lose more,,,,so I may just stay happy where I am...

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Many years ago when I first decided to lose weight my goal was 170, when I reached that I realized I could easily lose more. So now that I've gained it all back (ugh) my goal is 160 and see how I feel from there. I've heard I can go to 140, but I don't feel comfortable with that idea. I like my curves thank you very much!.

So 160 and we'll see...

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I have been overweight for so long that 155 is just kind of an off the top of my head guess. Dh doesn't think that I have 55ish left to lose but I just don't know myself. I do know that the highest I am willing to consider is 160 because that would have me inside the healthy BMI for my height. I told dh that there is no way I was going to lose over 100 pounds and still be considered overweight. I do know that I won't get lower than 145 though. I got there once in HS and it didn't look good on me at all.

All of people say that you will know when you get to the right place for you. So if you think 160 is the place that works for you try it out of a little while and it you want to lose more you know you can always come back on 5 & 1...

Comment #10

I'm close to 6' tall and in my late 20's 165 was a good weight for me. Not too thin and looked good in and out of clothes. Even though it's 25 years later that's what my current goal. I have a good size frame and can easily go to up to 180lb and still look good...

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Goobermonkey what made you pick your original goal? Have you talked about it with a physician? For a height of 6 foot one 150 lbs seems quite low. Toning up may help you achieve your desired body more than losing more weight, but only you can decide. It certainly can't hurt to try out 160 for awhile and begin toning and see how you look and feel. Good luck!..

Comment #12

My goal was originally 150, until I went to see my doctor. He said with my bone structure, that 160 would be more doable for me. So I changed my goal to 160 and I'll revisit the doctor at that time to re-evaluate it again.....

Comment #13

When I started Medifast I picked a goal number that was right in the middle of the normal BMI range, just as a starting point. I started at 262.8 and anything in the 100's seemed so far off as to be near impossible. Now that I'm down 80+ pounds, I'm being told that I may have to rethink my goal weight. I would love to get down to 134 but when I really think back to my thinnest/most fit ARMY (teenaged) days, I was 143 and looked anorexic. I figure as I get down toward 150'ish, I can take it day by day and see what works. I would like to get into a size 8 or even a 6 tho', so that may end up being THE goal..


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I have changed mine so many times I can't count. I would love to be 120 but I also want to be a maintainable weight. I have looked at pictures of my height and weight and polled all of my friends and classmates. Finally yesterday I settled on 135 and I am not changing it again until I get there and maintain that for awhile...

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I started at 248, and I chose 190 as my goal, just to see if I could break the 200 barrier. As I got closer to 200, I felt I could and would continue on the program. I selected 175 as a new goal to get more than "just" into "overweight" from obese BMI. If/when 175 looks close, I may revise my goal again. I have had some very nasty rebounds when I got close to a goal but could not reach it, so I don't want to set my bar too high, or in this case, too low..

This post will tell me if I managed to make my ticker's appear...

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Back when I thought I was 5'8 I set my goal at 160. I have a medium frame and large breasts and didn't think I could look good much lower. Well my health coach and I took my height the other day to see what it actually was and I'm 5'7. So I set a wait and see goal of 140lbs. I may or may not go for that weight. I will decided once I get to 160 with how I look and feel.

I had a friend who did "boot camp" for working in a prison and lost alot of weigh and toned ALOT. She actually just about had a 6 pack except for this one pouch of fat around her middle that had very little to do with her working out cardio wise or dieting. It was just a matter of her toning that area to get the muscle to take over the fat..

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I'm 5ft 4.75inches. I really was concerned about losing enough. So I opted to set my goal weight at 120. I'm almost halfway there and I wonder how long it's going to take to actually get there!..

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