Should I take a Medifast break?

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Hi! I have been staying off the boards for a while, but still very much on plan. As an increasingly slow loser, I find it a bit dispiriting to read about how others lose consistently. So I have been soldiering on. But every offical weigh-in day, I have to play "scale games" to log a loss ... weighing 10 times and taking the lowest, etc. In the past 4 diligent weeks, I've lost approx.

I am wondering if taking a short, controlled break from Medifast would help me to get the losses rolling again..

Understand, I am not missing any "real" foods, I am not planning to indulge (this has nothing to do with the holidays or any special circumstance or event), and am not tired of the Medifast foods (just had the cinnamon sticks for the first time - yum!). I simply need to start feeling like I'm on a diet again, if you know what I mean. I'm not even halfway to goal and, truthfully, it is hard for me to justify the expense if there is little loss..

While there is a danger in escaping the warm security that is the 5-and-1, would taking a break help jump start losses again? Would it help me to get back to losing about 2 lbs a week? Has anyone ever done it? I'm not looking to start controversy or to advocate cheating (I haven't cheated once in 4 months); I am just wondering if anyone else has tried this. Please feel free to contact me privately, if you'd rather..



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No. A "break" is not the way to go..

You can try carb-cycling, where you eat in the 800cal/80g carbs range for 3 days, then the 1000cal/100g carbs range for 3 days. I'll also bump Tarahh's thread on "Why am I not losing?" to see if it gives you any ideas..

But people do lose more slowly as they get smaller. There's just less low-hanging fruit, you know? Hang in here!..

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Maybe try the infusers to revv up your metabolism?..

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If your still getting 3lbs a week that is great good...

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Oh wait, was that in total or per week?..

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Hello Jan,.

It sounds like you are losing at about the same rate as me (26 ish pounds since Sept 7)...I hear your frustration..

However, thirty pounds is phenomenal. I think that the 2-5 lb average can be disheartening if you have less to lose. However, if you average your loss over the fourteen weeks that you have been OP, you are averaging about 2 lbs a week.

You will hit slower timesI had two weeks with a zero and a one pound loss. I loss three pounds this past week (weigh in was yesterday) and an additional pound between yesterday and today! Last week, I did switch to the 4&2 to accommodate greater activityI don't know if that might account for the loss..

It seems that I have read lots of posts from people who go off program without transitioning and gain it back. Now, these reports might not be representative, but they "scare" me into submission!.

I have posted a thread that I started yesterday...take a look:.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk further.

Good luck..


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Looks like that was in total. She's still losing 3/4 of a pound per week, so it's not a stall. But I can empathize with wanting to speed it up.....

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Heheh love that..

Thanks for the carb-cycling info. That was new to me. I log every bite at My Plate so could easily monitor..


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I was a very slow loser and had minimal losses many weeks. Just wrote my wt. on my calendar and went on my merry Medifast way. For me this was no longer just a diet but a plan I could follow as I slowly changed my behaviors to one that includes food as fuel only and not the answer to life's every crisis or celebration!!.

Many folks have done well with carb cycling as well as going on the 4/2 for a while.......I did 4/2 while on a cruise and did quite well.........

Best wishes on your continued success!!!.


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OH! I can't believe that I didn't notice this!.

You are also coming off a big loss month! I wonder if your body is wondering what the heck is going on? That might explain it!.

Pasted from your signature:.

Fall semester.

Week 1-4: (-7) (-4) (-.5) (-2.5) = -14.

Week 5-8: (-1.5) (-1.5) (-2) (-.5) [-5.5] = -19.5.

Week 9-12: (-2.5) (-3) (-.5) (-2.5) [-8.5] = -28.

Week 13-16: (-0) (-2) (-1)..

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Could be. I just know that I've either stayed the same or have been gaining this past week. I lost what little progress I'd made and am now at a net gain for the week. Sumthin's gotta give...

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ANY loss is a good loss. After my first 2 weeks, I averaged .5-1 lb a week. The original poster does not mention if there is a medical condition or medication that could be contributing to slow losses...

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Thanks. No medical issue that I know of, no, but I do have a dieting history that stretches back 40 years. My body is probably trying to find a way to maintain on ~900 cals a day. I thought a metabolic jump start might help to disabuse my body of that notion..

I know I should try to focus on making today a good OP day, instead of worrying that this will take me a year to finish at this rate. I think 5 degree mornings make me grumpy...

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If you've been doing things that didn't work long-term for 40 years, just think how powerful your "in control of what I eat" muscles will be after a year on 5&1!!! *ducking*.

Sorry, I just had to say it. I'm sure you'll get moving a bit faster again soon. But hey - even slow losers get to goal!..

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Ho boy they need to be!!! I've lost a ton a few times just to gain it all back and more. Oh that horrible feeling....

Thanks for the bump. Re-read that great slow losing thread and will concentrate on water, which I tend to sub with Crystal Light more often than not. I don't pee all the time and have never had ketosis symptoms. The former, I can affect..


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Depending on how much, the Crystal Light could be keeping you out of ketosis. There's carbs in that there sweetener!..

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Bye bye beloved CL decaf iced tea ... we must part ways while I experiment. Hello icky icky plain water ... make me love you!..

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I have been through 2 or 3 phases where I lost a pound or so a week or even less some weeks. It tends to come in cycles. I lost 3 this week but have probably only lost 5 all month. I think I did the 3 this week because I have been exercising daily. Hang in there, it will happen. Our bodies will lose when they feel like it, not a lot more we can do than stay OP...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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