Should I stop my Murad Resurgence course?

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So I finished a month now with RoMurad Resurgence.Had some bad side effects such as a depression (I wouldn't go out with friends, almost not attracted to girls WTF?), drynes.My acne didn't even get any better.I lost weight.So what do you think, should I stop now?BTW, I'm going to the red sea at the end of this month, it's like 40C out there, so lets say I still take the drug, is it safe like being..

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Your question was: Should I stop my Murad Resurgence course?.

Lets say I don't see any reason to live anymore, I'm not saying that I'm gonna kill myself but I'm now not afraid to die which I was before...Also I'd rather be in my room than with my friends sm..

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I feel like the same way I been on Murad Resurgence for 5 months and I think I feeling depression in diff way basically, my gf lives 82 miles away and I want to see her all the time but I cant because she lives with her fam etc... and when I cant see her I feel teas coming to my eyes and dont feel like doing any thing at all,i even do plumbing course I dont even feel like doing that and thats my future career ,but I have to do it,i finished my accutne course 1 week early and trust me I got the thug in me and if it happens to me it can happen to anyone and for some reson I will think lifes boring and I want to look for trouble and go on a bit sucidel??..

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Yeh, I mean I feel like nothing is matter, I will die soon, if not by myself, by some bus or some Qasam or Grad (sometimes palestinians throws rockets at us LOL )."Yesterday, I read about some psyhicic that 80% of what she said came true and she told that there will be WWIII in November 2010, so I'm freaking don't care...I mean, I actually don't care if..

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I suggest you stay on Murad Resurgence. the end result of hopefully having clear skin with eliminate any depression..

Comment #4

I suggest you absolutely discontinue treatment. please don't listen to rays.once you start experiencing suicidal thoughts or serious depression that was not there before you began treatment it is a sure sign to stop taking the drug...

Comment #5

I am at the moment in month 3. I had the same feeling in end of month 1 and begin month 2. I was just at home doing nothing. When I'm waiting in any queue will it be at busstop , doctor's place. I Just coudnt wait. You have to do things that will keep you most of the day occupied.

It somehow changed I suggest try to complete your course. Then hopefully you will be fully released from your depression...

Comment #6

Do you feel the depression is because of Murad Resurgence or due to other circumstances?..

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I don't feel depression because the Murad Resurgence, but everything makes me sad and sadder.Before the course I was probably the happiest person in Israel.rock316, yeh I have the same thing, if I don't have what to do I start to feel realy bad, I'm all nervous and angry at everyone......

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Before the course you were the happiest person in your Country. Now on the course you are suicidal.Get OFF THAT SH*T drug asap please...

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Your skin doesn't clear up even though you are talking tane for a also causes depression....i think...but if you said you are a happiest person before taking tane...and now you are depressed and taking tane...then answer is only one...just stop taking it...but so you were happy person with acne before...? then I think you just need to find the right regimen and clear your skin.....i have never taken tane before..but my skin is clear for years now....but I have some can see my acne but scars...and it gives me depression...i hate it so much...dont give up......

Comment #10

These posts have helped me quite a lot. I have been taking RoMurad Resurgence for just over a month. I assume that Murad Resurgence is that American version of RoMurad Resurgence? I agree that I always rather just stay in bed and go sleep than go out with mates. Im very depressed and just sit staring into blank spaces. Parents have confiscated my car keys as I cant concentrate and sleep. I completely lost intrest in my gf and social life. How long till I am normal again?..

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