Should I sign up with Nutrisystem?

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My husband and I are both thinking of signing up with NS. I have about 20 lbs to lose and he has about 50-60 lbs to lose..

We did the online chat thing, looking for a link to the results kit that comes with the first order. We are also looking for the meal planner (for diabetic men's and women's) online. Online chat person said we had to place order first to see these documents.

Can anyone help us? We'd really like to sign up but would like to see these documents first or at least know what is in them.

Thanks in advance...

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Your question was: Should I sign up with Nutrisystem?.

Sorry, I just realized I'd misread your original question, thinking you were wanting to know what the meals were, not the plan. Here's a link to the grocery store item add ons. That should give you a good idea of what you'd be adding in addition to the provided meals.

On my plan (woman's basic, less than 100 pounds to lose) we add a protein or dairy for breakfast and a fruit. Lunch adds 2 vegetables and a protein or dairy. Afternoon snack is a fruit and a protein or dairy, and dinner adds 2 vegetables, plus either a 3rd vegetable or a fruit, and a fat...

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Thank you for both replies..

Your second post provides the kind of information we are looking for - i.e. what gets added to each Nutrisystem meal at each "eating occasion", as they refer to it. We will both be signing up for the diabetic plans but I would imagine the add-ons are pretty much the same..

Do they send you this information included with your order or is it online somewhere?.

Thanks again...

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It is sent with the order, but once you sign up, it can also be viewed in the area where you log your meals for the day. I would guess the diabetic plan varies slightly from the basic plan, but the link I gave you to the grocery shopping guide should still be the same. Good luck, and welcome!..

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Also check out the diabetic forum if you haven't already.


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The men's program is slightly different. They get to add 2 carbs in a day and the order they add some of their foods is different. They also get two dessert/snacks a day instead of only one that we women get..

Once you order you will be able to see an online journal under the My Program>Overview tab at the top of the page. It will show you what you add in (fruit/veggie/protein/dairy/fat/carb (for the men)/NS entree at each meal/snack.

I would guess the reason you can't reach this online right now is that there are slight differences in when you eat different add ins between the different programs (basic, seniors, diabetic, vegetarian as well as between the men and women's programs).

The grocery list (found in the tips and recipes tab at the top of the page gives you a good idea of what can be chosen for the differnt food types. And as a woman you will occassionally need to add in a carb when it is called for in the Nutrisystem entree... such as the chicken patty, the hamburger patty, the sloppy joe, the tuna salad to name a few. You just won't be adding these in regularly..

Welcome to the Nutrisystem community. This a a great program and the support here on the discussion boards is a huge help in learning and staying on the program.

Wishing you and your husband much success with your weight loss journey...

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Thanks, all, for the very warm welcome. We will check out the diabetic forum today..

We both were actually able to sign up for accounts without having placed an order yet (We hope to place the first order today)..

After signing in, I did find the meal plan page which details the add-ins (That's what I call them, anyway. Is there an official term I should be using?)..

Thanks to all again!..

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