Should I pop cysts during Murad Acne Complex?

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Ok...this is going to be gross, sorry. I am having a problem believeing the doctor saying not to pop the cysts on my sons forhead. He had two HUGE ones that were there like two months. They started out real hard and under the skin. We left them alone. But there comes a point when they are thin and watery like after three weeks.

In fact one was just redder and growing it seemed. You could see it filled up and feel it under there. Last night I barely squeezed and BAM, all this pus, liquid and lots of blood came out. Then I ran my finger up it again and tons of more blood came pouring out. It was like this sac filled with it.

We put polysporin on it.What I question is....There is NO WAY that would of gone away on it's own. People/doctors say not to touch but theres just no way. it would of taken three more months for that to liquid to disappear. So, what really causes the scar. I feel like a huge inflammed cyst sitting there is whats streatching and causing the scar.

I feel like getting the junk out can only heal it and cause the skin to go back down. Is this making any sense??? I can understand a scar would form if you were squeezing the crap out of it over and over. But literally I barely pressed it together and it was all over. How would that have gone away. I hope I did not cause him to scar.

What is your take on this? I know from personal experience that I dont scar when I get a cyst and squeeze it. I hear so many things.Thanks!..

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Your question was: Should I pop cysts during Murad Acne Complex?.

I know what you mean. They totally suck. I get them too , not just my son, and I'm almost 40! It seems like it never ends. There is no purpose for it. I do feel bad for popping them last night but I'm seriously telling you there is NO WAY those would of cleared up. They were full of yuck! I have been putting neosporin on them all day.

Food, stress? I took him off of dairy and that has helped. I just cant believe in his 7th month of Murad Acne Complex this is still going on. He has one month left so I will wait and see how it goes. I pray he doesnt need a second course...

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Please. Whatever you do to help your son out, keep your hands away from his face! Picking at cysts or any spots only exacerbates them and can lead to further and deeper infections. It may very well be that picking at them in the past caused them to become worse. Taking as little time as ten minutes to research the harmful consequences of this will convince you to leave well enough alone...

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Eh, I had a cyst on my cheek for the longest time, I popped and drained the shit out of it, put some neosporin and a band aid on it, and then it was gone the next day...

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Iliad-I'm sorry...I dont agree. He never had them here before so They never got worse. In fact, This was done last night and they are pretty much gone tonight! Best thing I did for him. They didnt move for a month until I got that junk out!..

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I agree somtimes you need to pop or squeeze to avoid scarring, the problems with squeezeing come when you have to do it really hard and damage the skin through doing it, if it's possible to burst it by squeezing it gently then I suggest do it, get it all out of there and then leave it alone let it heal over and everyones happy..

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Thanks acne-be-gone,It's nice to have someone agree with me. I agree that you should never "Go to Town" and squeeze them to death! The one my son had, I barely had to touch and it exploded. HA! That would never have gone away. You would think it sitting there that long would cause the scar!!..

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I've got a lot of cysts on my face right now, but i'm putting my faith in Murad Acne Complex, i'm only on day eight. But it's the cyst itself that causes the scarring. They go so deep and once they hit the tissue, the deep stuff, that's when a scar is likely to occur...

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I use to pop them all the time, embarrassingly. They were just too itchy and painful and I could not focus with throbbing cysts under my skin. In my experience I HAVE scarred, however I'm not sure if this is because I was on Murad Acne Complex or not. I noticed I only got noticeable acne scarring while on Murad Acne Complex and thereafter (and this wasn't due to popping, more so to cortisone shots that ate away at my collagen + tane making my skin way more prone to scarring). Beforehand I use to pop them, and there wouldn't be anything left to show for it, except dark purple marks that faded. Now that I've taken Murad Acne Complex twice, I've accumulated a good deal of scarring, and red marks that still haven't completely faded after 2 years.I wouldn't do it until the cyst is 'right'. Or it has come to a head or whatever...

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I agree that leaving the cyst along causes scarring. I'm weird with scarring. In my experience I find that I only scar when I leave a cyst or spot alone. If I pop it I don't get a scar. I had noticed my skin doing this but wasn't 100% sure because I ALWAYS pop them. Then about 2 years ago I started to get a cyst in the tip of my noseFor some stupid reason I decided it would be best to leave it alone and run it's course.

Worse still, it left a scar on my nose, the only scar on my face. I can see it every time I look down, it drives me mad. I'm really conscious of it.A few weeks after I felt another cyst bubbling up under the skin, only this time it was on the bridge of my nose. Of course I was scared of getting another massive scar on my nose and looking like Rudolph for a month. This time however after a few days I decided I was going to pop it no matter what.

I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed like crazy until I actually tore open the skin and dug it out. The was a big gaping hole on my nose when I was done, and of course I thought I'd made a huge mistake. Wrong, it had healed completely in 2 days. You can't even notice that there was ever anything there at all. It's the same on my shoulders.

Maybe I just heal quickly...

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These are the most honest answers! I do agree....I popped several cysts since this original post and they are completly gone. When they are ready, it's best to get the stuff out. They heal so much faster.Thanks to everyone...

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Cysts don't have heads so what you squeezed was not a cyst. If it barely took squeezing, it should be fine I guess but if you have to struggle, even a tad, I would say leave it alone. I know it's frustrating but scars are permanent, ya know?..

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I squeezed twice on my cyst, the first time it reduced the active cysts. However and now I still have a red bump on my jaw! I cant get rid of this!!..

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Ok I'm new too this so I have this cyst on my leg I couldent even walk or sit!!! I popd it so it doesent really hurt but like this watery stuff wont stop coming out it's like watery blood! I dont know how to stop it can some one please help me??ok I'm new too this so I have this cyst on my leg I couldent even walk or sit!!! I popd it so it doesent really hurt but like this watery stuff wont stop coming out it's like watery blood! I dont know how to stop it can some one please help me??..

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I don't scar when I pop my zits my zits either. This one girl in my class was hating saying all this mess about popping zits will make it worser. But I thought it was funny cuz my skin is now clear and hers is covered with zits...

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DON'T TOUCH IT! I have so many scars from trying to get rid of cysts myself... like indented scars that look like chicken pox scars...DON'T!..

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My derm injected my cysts with something. They went away next day. You should ask about it. It doesn't hurt either.....

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Cortisone shot. Hurts like a m*thereffer...But the cyst goes down in a day or two..

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I agree that sometimes you just have to drain a cyst when it's 100% ready. I wouldnt mess with it unless I know it's ready to be popped. It's better than having a cyst that will last 4+ months that will scar anyway...

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Having fair color African American skin COMPLETLY SUCKS with Acne. The Scars are litterally BLACK against my brown complexion. The pimples are way mmore noticable and the scars.... =/..

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Yeah, though I still haven't learned my lesson with whiteheads and keep picking at them, I learned the hard way to not mess with cysts. my face is fucked up for life. tell the derm to give him cortisone shots next time, they're my only saving grace..

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I recently just started getting a huge cyst under my eye.. every month I get one. frustrated and annoyed.. I popped it! worse thing to do! so after this never popping again.. however, I put zinc oxide on the cyst turned scab.. and no scarring no cut! zinc oxide definitely saved my skin.

If youre like me and cant help but pick your pimples/cysts I recommend putting zinc on it. however, the best thing to do is to keep your hands off your face.. lesson learned....

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