Should I join Nutrisystem?

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I am thinking of signing up and ordering the 7 day plan as a good start. I am not sure I understand the plan though. On Nutrisytem, you are supposed to eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 1 snack, and 1 dessert? Correct? So it seems that you are eating lots of mini meals throughout the day. Any tips for someone "on the fence" about the program?.


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Your question was: Should I join Nutrisystem?.

The Nutrisystem program is designed with the Glycemic Index in mind. You eat at least 5 times a day (some of us break our meals up into mini meals and eat even more frequently). The idea is to keep the metabolism going.

With NS, you get three prepackaged meals and one prepackaged snack a day (on the women's basic plan). You add to these fruits, veggies, dairy and protein that you buy on your own. The food comes with a meal planner telling you how much and when to eat the extra added food..

IMO, Nutrisystem is the best. I have lost almost 60 pounds so far. The food is decent (much of it is pretty delicious), and it is convenient. The program teaches you how to eat in a healthy way, so that you have changed your lifestyle. I'm never hungry and rarely feel deprived, since there is so much flexibility and choice in the program...

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Thank you, Pam....

By the way, I saw your before and after look fabulous!..

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Thank you, Kim. That helps. I guess I did not realize that I will still have to make a trip to the market and combine these with the Nutrisystem food. And it sounds like I won't be clueless when I go to the market since the meal planner will tell me what to purchase. Sounds like a no-brainer...just what I need!..

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This program really works... the hardest thing for me was the butt kicking I gave myself for thinking about it too long..

Everyone is worth being at their healthiest weight and for many of us, we need to relearn portion sizes, what foods are good fuel for the body and understand the foods that are just adding calories but not adding value..

Please check out this thread filled with people who have become "losers" thanks to the help with NS.

Keep your mindset positive about the future negative numbers, the pounds will come off..everyone is a little different so just "know" it will work for you too if you are honest with yourself and make sure that you work the program..

Good luck...

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It really is a simple program to follow. Eat the food listed in the planner and mark it off as you go. A no-brainer!.

You also don't have to count calories (though lots of people do). So if you hang around the message board and see lots of calorie counting questions, don't panic, it's just people who want more detail.

If you want an idea of the types of foods you'd be adding, here's a link to a suggested list:.

On the women's basic plan you add 3 dairy/proteins a day, 4 or 5 veggies, and 2 or 3 fruits, and 1 fat a day. You only add carbs once in a while when you choose certain entrees to eat (like the burger)..

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Ditto what Pam, Kim and Kelly said!!.

Honestly, I never dreamed I would lose almost 60 lbs in 6 months, but I have. I have followed the program to the letter and believe it or not, it has been really easy (for me). I got organized and figured out everything that I needed to eat, picked the foods that I could stick with, and committed 100% to following the program. I pack everything up at night for the next day, and when I'm done eating, that's it. I spread my meals out like Pam. I eat something every hour or two..

Come to the boards every day. I believe, as do many others, that it is critical for success. I have learned so much from the great Nutrisystem community..

Best of luck to you!..

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Thank you for your comments. And congrats to all on your weight loss accomplishments!..

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I agree 1 billion percent.. the boards/community are fantastic.

Pam to me is Royalty.

There are so many inspirations!.

I also am with you with the easy part.. why I didn't do this sooner is my only regret...

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Thank you..

I think I actually enjoy food more now that it doesn't control me..

I am not sure about you.. but the first thing and the last thing I thought about in my day/night was food....not anymore...

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Definitely have to add in about how easy the program can be, but I have to add that I consider the food to be quite good as well, and even if you don't like it, there are an lot of recipes to make them tastier as well. Plus, thisprogram teaches you an lot about proper portion size and healthier eating..

But definitely give it an try, you'll more than likely never go back...

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If your READY and SERIOUS then join!! You won't be sorry, unless you don't follow the plan...

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