Should I exercise while on Nutrisystem?

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Hi....I just started to incorporate exercise into my Nutrisystem journey. I am canoing on our lake with my husband. We've only gone out 2 x's so far and we've gone 2 miles each time. I'm loving this workout and I want to continue but I got on the scale today and gained 2 pounds. I have been on program as far as eating goes and drinking all of my water. It's just frustrating to see the numbers going back up.

Can anyone give me light on this subject?.



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Your question was: Should I exercise while on Nutrisystem?.

Thanks for the reply CareBear.....if that is the case, that I need to add more calories because of working out, I wonder how many more calories I should add, and what kind of food. I don't want to add to many and defeat what I am doing with NS. Currently I am around 1,200 calories. I am finally able to exercise after not being able to for 2-1/2 years due to a back injury. After canoing the past 2 days, I am sooooooo sore (upper body) that I can hardly move my

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I have been on several diets before and have worked out quite a bit. The rule of thumb is that, when you exercise, expect to see the pounds go on the scale, except that it is muscle mass, not fat. A friend in body building told me she was quite heavy as far as the scale was concerned but wore a size 4 or 6 ( I don't recall exactly). You will often see the effect following a day or two without exercizing, the pounds will come off the scale again. At least that is how it has played out with me. The other thing is that you should add protein and water in order to maintain energy...

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I did a weight loss challenge at the gym this winter with personal trainers and it was based on a 1200 calorie plan but was based on food groups...and for every 30 minutes you worked out you added a food group of your choice which was typically about 50-70 calories...Not sure what Nutrisystem says about this though...I know how you feel...I worked out for an hour yesterday and didn't add anything because I didn't want to be counter productive...maybe we'll get some answers!..

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Understand that I'm new to the program, too, but as I understand it, the program is designed to be done in conjunction with exercise, so I wouldn't add additional foods beyond the general guidelines already set out. I suspect the weight gain you saw is temporary and over time will even out. But I'm not a fitness or nutrition expert, so take my advice with a grain of sodium-free salt!..

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Do not add calories because of exercise! You'd be shooting yourself in the foot. In rare cases that might be needed, but not for what most of us do!!!!! Seriously..

Sometimes when you first start working out, you gain a bit of weight due to fluid retention in your sore muscles. But it is temporary..

Keep doing what you are doing, and stay on plan. You will be successful...

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Also keep in mind that your weight fluctuates daily, even during the day...

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