Should I do Medifast again?

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I want to start by saying I am more than embarssed and ashamed to be back to square one again. I did Medifast, successfully, from Jan. 2010-May 2010 and lost about 50 pounds. Between July and now, just five months, I've gained 45 pounds back. I'm really shocked that this has happened and it makes me think I didn't "really" learn the skills I needed the first-go-round. So, maybe this time will be different.

Thanks in advance...

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Welcome back! I am soooo glad you are with us again. I just posted my own "I'm embarrassed but I went off-plan for a couple months" post a week ago, and let me tell you - a week from now, after being on plan, you're going to feel amazing, in control, on top of the world. You can read a little more about my issues in my blog if you're looking for someone in a recent return mode.

I think you're right on track with considering what you need to conquer this time that you didn't fully absorb the first part of 2010.

I'm so proud of you! Keep on visiting and chatting with us...

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Welcome back!.

I am proud of anyone who has the courage to come back. This is the place to be. I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been OP. To date I have lost 55 pounds and am thrilled.

I was thinking of going off for the holidays, but you guys have helped to remind me to stick with it and not go backwards and most importantly... transition.

I am looking forward to making goal in the next few months and am going to have to remind myself to come to the boards more often to stay motivated!..

Comment #2

Welcome back.

You have done can do it again...

Comment #3

I wish you all the best! Congratulations on being willing to start over!..

Comment #4

Good luck! I think you'll do great this time!..

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Thanks everyone! I'm really excited to restart. I have some leftover food that I will use, and I'm placing my big order on the 22nd (payday! ). Thanks for your support!..

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I am sorry that you feel the way you do, but you are back to conquer. We all fail and we all get back up!!! We need you here! I am glad you are here! If you did that great the first time, just think how you will do this time!!! You already have the knowledge of the plan, so you will be acing it and losing weight in NO time. Very shortly you will feel thinner and back in control..

I bet you can teach us a thing or two also!!!!..

Comment #7

Welcome back! It's always tough to return and admit a "relapse" (I've had to do it myself), but I am glad you are back and trying again...

Comment #8

Welcome back. I doubt there is a person here who hasn't had to lose weight more than once. Good luck!..

Comment #9

Welcome back! Nothing is a mistake if you learn from it. Just learn, make life long changes and call it all blessed. You got this and you know it truly could be worse, most people will lose and gain all their weight back and some more, this shows your commitment to your health. No looking back only forward. Congratulations on this first wonderful step...

Comment #10

Life is all about 'learning' with 'no regrets' and many times it takes 'repetition' in many of life's situations not only in learning how to eat to live to really get understanding and know how; so no need to be embarrassed and I'm so proud of you that you returned to learn more until healthy eating becomes your way of life permanently! We are in training and I wish you continued success b/c you are successful already b/c you are BACK! YAY YOU!.

I , too, restarted on 3 Dec 2010 and am 100% OP NO BLT's thus far and I continue!.

We are WORTH IT!..

Comment #11

I'm so proud of you for coming back and getting back on the plan!.

I am always curious about people who gain back quickly whether or not they did the Transition stage. If I understand it correctly, on Medifast we lower our metabolism and have to ramp it back up slowly through Transition.

I know from past experiences that I regain the quickest when I get into a bingey mode. I find something that I have to have and eat so much of it each day, it's almost like an obsession. Even on Medifast I see myself doing this with Medifast foods! So I'm forcing myself to have variety and learn to enjoy different foods rather than getting all of my enjoyment from my "favorite". The key for me is learning that I can be satisfied on Medifast through modaeration. I don't need to have a pan of brownies to satisfy my sweet tooth. I can really enjoy one small Medifast brownie instead..

From what I've heard the old-timers say, one of the keys is to stay on Medifast until you feel like the lessons have been learned. As long as I'm still obsessing about certain foods, I'm not ready to tackle the next stage..

I hope this helps a little. No matter what, be proud of yourself for coming back to a successful plan and for making the change as many times as you need to until you get it right! We are all or have all been in your shoes..


Comment #12

Welcome back Allie! You can do this!!.

If I had a Nickel for every pound I've lost and regained, I'd be one very rich woman!!.

And just think ... by starting back now, you're also avoiding the holiday weight gain most people experience!.


Comment #13

Wahooo!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! We're so glad that you decided to re-commit for yourself!.



Comment #14

Welcome back!! I have lost and gained a million pounds, so I completely understand where you are coming from!.

So it seems like you nailed the problem right on the head in your original post It sounds like you didn't go through T & M, which is probably why you gained it all back. Don't beat yourself up! Just live and learn. I'm nowhere near maintenance but from what I've read about it, it's a long process. I think we all need to go through the process in order to get our minds and bodies ready for real food only without going hog wild and gaining. Best of luck to you!..

Comment #15

One of my friends did the same thing as you allie. she came back and did even bettertoo second time around and has kept it off.

Good you are back good luck..

Comment #16

Thank you all so, so much!! I'm still pretty frustrated with what happened, but I know the only way to change it is to re-start..which I've done! Looking forward to doing this journey with all of you...

Comment #17

You have no idea how much I understand how you feel. I had lost 35 pounds (not on MF) I was at my goal for a long time and in the last 2 years I have gained 30 back. I have done Medifast over ands over...and fail each time. I just can't get myslef together and get more and more depressed, and angty. So, you are not alone...

Comment #18

Forget about being embarrassed. The important thing is you're back and on plan. Can't go back, you can only go forward from here. Best of luck to you!..

Comment #19

No reason to be embarrassed around here! You are in good company with the many many others who have no doubt lost weight and gained it back. The last (oh I hope the very last!) time that I put back on all the weight I had lost, I spent a very long time telling myself that there was no point in trying to lose the weight again because I'd just put it back on. When I look back on that now, I see it was pure despair, which I think many yo-yo'ers experience when they find themselves at, or even past, their previous highest weight. The fact that you aren't despairing about your weight gain to that extent and instead are actively doing something about it is a great accomplishment. So congratulations and welcome back!!!!!!..

Comment #20

Welcome back! It took me much longer to realize I needed to come back. So proud of you for coming back so soon. Way to go! So happy you are back on board. We're all in this together...

Comment #21

No worries I am back at sq 1 right with ya...

Comment #22

Welcome back...Remember....

Winner's never quit and quitter's never win...You are a winner!!!!.

You are here and fighting back! AWESOME!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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